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Yes,well predictably enough one of the questions I was left with after finishing this gem of a book, was who should play the roles.
Am honestly not sure,but would loove for this to be adapted.
Because of all the content in the book, it might fit best as a tv series.
Fancast,ideas guys?

Maria For Feyre:

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ooo. I like it :D

Jacob Lily James as Feyre; Nikolai Coster Waldau as Tamlin; Henry Cavil as Rhysand.

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Feyre and Rhysand are good but Tamlin isn't......Lily James is only 27 while Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is, like, 45! That's disgusting! Even Chris Hemsworth is a better candidate for Tam!

WinterRose Agree with Jacob - I love Lily James for Feyre.

And I also like Chris for Tamlin. :D Rhysand is tougher, but I like Matthew Daddario and Daniel Sharman.

Nikita How about this casting for Feyre, Tamlin, Lucien, Rhysand and Amarantha?

Lily James – Feyre

Drew Van Acker – Tamlin

Noel Fisher – Lucien

Douglas Booth – Rhysand

Katie McGrath – Amarantha

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WOAH! Everyone except for Lucien is PERFECTO!!! I have looked and looked and looked but NO ONE is good enough for Lucien...

WinterRose I feel like Dylan O'Brien would be amazing as Lucien.

getteraa Maria wrote: "For Feyre: "

Omg who is she?? /faints

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Alee The woman in Maria's original image is Clara Alonso. She is a Spanish born Victoria's Secret model. Whilst I agree her look is spot on, I worry her acting ability may not be up to scratch. Because the rights for the movie have actually been optioned, there is a very real possibility it will be a movie in the next few years. I hope they do not make the mistake they made with Twilight series - pick people not only on their appearance but on their acting ability.

Nikita Alee wrote: "The woman in Maria's original image is Clara Alonso. She is a Spanish born Victoria's Secret model. Whilst I agree her look is spot on, I worry her acting ability may not be up to scratch. Because ..."

me too

getteraa Maybe its only me who feels this way, but I do not really like the idea of this particular series to become a new "mainstream" movie. Hollywood is so out of ideas, so I can see this totally happening, but there`s more than 75% chance that they will f this up. And I do not want to see that happening, no one deserves that.
Yes its nice to see a book coming to "alive" but wouldnt it be better to imagine things once in a while? I guess I`m scared. Hollywood doesnt know how to translate good books into good movies. We already have so many examples of this.

Sitha What about Ian Somerhalder as Lucien? Since the beginning of the book I imagined him as Lucien.

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Anum Nikita wrote: "How about this casting for Feyre, Tamlin, Lucien, Rhysand and Amarantha?

Lily James – Feyre

Drew Van Acker – Tamlin

Noel Fisher – Lucien

Douglas Booth – Rhysand

Katie McGrath – Amarantha

just love the cast you chose especially for Amarantha

message 16: by Anna (new)

Anna Lima Feyre: Saoirse Ronan (but brunette -duh-)/Sophie Turner
Tamlin: Alexander Ludwig/ Chris Hamsworth
Lucien: Toby Regbo (but redhead -duh-)
Rhysand: Ian Somerhalder / Douglas Booth / Chace Crawford (Soooo difficult >.<)
Cassian: Robbie Amell
Azriel: Alex Roe
Morrigan: Ashley Benson
Amren: Bae Doona

message 17: by Zahwa (last edited Jul 29, 2016 12:27PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zahwa tamlin: chris hemsworth
ryhsand: henry cavill
feyre: not sure
lucien: Domhnall Gleeson
amarantha: charliez thorne

Maria Oh wow!! Some great Choices here.. Although I imagined most of them older.

Can I put on in for Feyre?

Ivana Banquero #love

Olivera Some really great picks! :)
Here are my personal favorites:
-Bradley James as Tamlin
-Toby Regbo as Lucien
-Lily James as Feyre
-Eva Green as Amarantha
-Sean O'Pry as Rhysand

3Cmonster After considering everybody else's choice I came up with this fancast:
Haley Lu Richardson as Feyre
If you don't know the name, she plays Krista in The Edge Of Seventeen and I think her appearance matches Feyre's really well.

I agree with Nikita about Drew Van Acker as Tamlin.

I also agree with whomever mentioned it first about Matthew Daddario as Rhysand, but that is not possible then I would also really appreciate Ian Somerhalder, because I think that he also has this dark aura around him (probably from Damon Salvatore)

A lot of people also mentioned Lucien and I thought Eddie Redmayne would embody him perfectly. Honestly, I think it would be really funny seeing him and Feyre quarrel like they did in the beginning of the book.

I have not yet decided whom I want to see play Amarantha, but Nina Dobrev and Barbara Palvin are my top candidates.

I think that Nesta and Elain also deserve a place here since they will play an important part in the books to come.

Sophie Turner as Nesta, because I really pitied Feyre when Nesta bullied her in the beginning of the book and thought that it would at some fun or comedy to Nesta if she were Sophie Turner, because i) she would be like the bitchy Sansa Stark in the first Season of Game of Thrones and ii) as previously mentioned Nesta is important and she will also grow along with the series so putting Sophie Turner in that role would kind-of reflect Sansa's way from bitchy Sansa to badass Sansa in GoT.

Finally, Lily James should be Elain, because I think that the cute girl she plays in Downton Abbey would reflect Elain's character.

I hope you like it<3

Nikita I have a new fancast list. Sad to say that it's completely different from the list I gave before but I think these would be great as far as appearance and acting. Hope you like it.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Feyre

Dominic Sherwood as Tamlin

Chris Wood as Rhysand

Sam Claflin as Lucien

Eva Green as Amarantha

Aidan Turner as Cassian

Tyler Hoechlin as Azriel

Crystal Reed as Amren

Emily Vancamp as Morrigan

Cara Delevingne as Ianthe

Claire Holt as Nesta

Daisy Head as Elain

message 22: by Abby (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abby Loubert getteraa wrote: "Maybe its only me who feels this way, but I do not really like the idea of this particular series to become a new "mainstream" movie. Hollywood is so out of ideas, so I can see this totally happeni..."

I agree with this quite a bit because I also don't want to see them make a horrible movie when it's such a great book. However, I have seen some books come to the big screen that ended up being great like the Narnia movies, harry potter, and hunger games. I personally would love to see this series come to life so long as they do a good job with it. I feel like sometimes people judge the movies too quickly, I do agree there have been some really bad book to film adaptations but the movie is never going to be exactly like the book. I don't think we would enjoy the movie as much if it was EXACTLY like the book because we already know everything that will happen and film adaptations are a way for us to relive the book again.

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Tiff I think this would make a great TV series if done right. I think the CW network could do wonders with this. I'm just not sure there's any way they could fit enough of the story into a short series of movies to make it any good. I could definitely see it being picked up for one or the other though with the lack of Hollywood imagination at the moment, and the popularity of ACOTAR itself. *fingers crossed*

message 24: by Di (new) - rated it 4 stars

Di Mant I don't care about the rest of the cast, all I want is Ian Somerholder as RHYS <3<3<3


irene Domhnall Gleeson as Lucien tho !!!!!!!

message 26: by Millie (new)

Millie Roberts Idk why but I always imagined rhysand as Sam claflin bc he reminds me of finnick and I've always pictured rhys with a British accent

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Holly Mae Definitely can see Lily James as Feyre. I think Taron Egerton would be a good Tamlin and Bill Skarsgård would be a great Rhysand.

Courtney Ian Somerhalder as Rhys

Jenny In my mind I saw the following people when reading:

Feyre: Alexandra Daddario

Ryhs: Henry Cavill

Tamlin: Alex Pettyfer

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YES! Aidan Turner as Cassian... I have literally never been able to see certain people as characters on fancasts, but... YESSSS. His accent and everything *faints*

Image result for yes gif

Noeleen Mahoney Im really worried about this series becoming a movie. I loved the fallen series as a teen and they made a huge mistake turning that into a movie. It was awful to watch. The vampire academy was ok but they couldve turned that into a tv show also. Im very worried, hopefully Sarah J Mass stays very close to the making of it and keeps the readers in mind.

message 32: by Sophia (new) - added it

Sophia I think there are some very good suggestions here (personally love Chris Wood as Rhys). I am a little worried about some of them. I think that with such three dimensional characters the cast needs to be actual actors. A ton of models have been suggested due to their beauty, but when I look at their photos all I see is a face. They don’t seem to have any expression or depth. This may not be true for all of them, but I want the cast to do this book justice.

message 33: by Julianna (new)

Julianna Hackathorn Alex Pettyfer? Oh, no. No no no.

message 34: by Gem (new)

Gem Am I the only one who thinks that Brendon Urie would make a good Rhys...? I dunno, I just feel like he could pull it off really well.

message 35: by Sophia (new) - added it

Sophia Ok so I’ve already put in my two cents, however I’ve recently been really into broadway and it’s made me think that Derek Klena would make an AMAZING Rhys. He is an extrodinatry stage actor ( I absolutely loved him in Anastasia), and I think physically he resembles several fan arts that I’ve seen (albeit paler than most). He would totally make a good “villain” in the first movie.

message 36: by Natasha (last edited Sep 10, 2018 08:24AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Natasha Sowka Okay so I've been thinking about this probably way more than I should have ever since I read this book. I totally agree on Derek Klena. I don't know how well he could portray the cold, snarky, dark lord side of Rhys, but he definitely looks the part.

Like I said I've thought through this way to much. So here is my ideal cast. Feel free to tear it apart.

Lily James as Feyre:

For Obvious reasons including the fact that I think she would absolutely slay the part. My other pick would probably be Saoirse Ronan

Sam Clafin as Tamlin:

I dont know why but I can only see him playing Tamlin. He has a very regal air about him that I absolutely love for Tamlin.

Casey Deidrick as Rhys:

A little bit more obscure but I LOVE his look for Rhys and he's really good at playing those sort of arrogant but lovable characters. Plus I think he would look perfect with Rhys' tattoos.

Kristine Froseth as Nesta:

One of the model types but I saw her in a movie the other day and she shocked me with her depth and emotion in some of her scenes. I couldn't get her out of my head for Nesta.

Elle Fanning as Elain:

Do I need to explain this one? I also love how all three of the Archenon girls look together.

Chris Wood as Cassian:

I think we can all agree he needs to be in this movie but I always saw him as more of a Cassian.

Ben Barnes as Azriel:

A little bit of a lighter build from the other boys so I thought he would be perfect.

Jennifer Lawrence as Mor:

My Mor changes constantly but right now this is what I've got. I'm not sure if her look is perfect enough for Mor but I think she could definitely nail the character.

Natalie Dormer as Amren:

I actually had her pegged as Mor for a while but now I'm convinced shes an Amren. She has a really unearthly look about her that I just love.

Sophie Turner as Amarantha:

I might have made a mistake choosing someone so young to play Amarantha but I think it would be a really good juxtaposition with how evil she is. And it would make sense how she is able to lure the lords into a false sense of security and steal their powers. I don't know if that makes any sense but oh well.

Stephanie Schmieder Thomas Beaudoin with the right haircut and no beard for Rhysand. He's a Canadian actor apparently.





message 38: by Nara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nara Lily Collins could make a pretty good Feyre

message 39: by Abbey (new)

Abbey Ingram Can I just say that for some reason, not sure why, but in my head, Lucien (and the entire Autumn court) has always been black. So is Azriel.

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