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Barbara Palvin as Little Red Riding Hood/Ruby Lee Edwards

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L I T T L E - R E D - R I D I N G - H O O D

R U B Y - L E E - E D W A R D S

P A N S E X U A L - T W E N T Y

Broken is probably the best way to describe Ruby Lee Edwards.
After all, she just found out that in her other storybook life she
killed her boyfriend. She was a murderer, a wolf, a beast and
nothing would convince her otherwise now. She still craved
human affection, but she refused to endanger another person.
Not like she did Peter. She got her fill through hookups now,
casual and frequent. It temporarily filled the void in her heart
with heated kisses and skin touching. None of it made up to what
Peter was.

She still couldn't believe she was the wolf. The evil one in the
fairytale. She didn't feel evil. She just felt... numb. Lost in
thought over what happened. It was a big shock to her. Sure, it
appeared she wasn't being blamed for it, but that didn't stop her
feeling like a horrible person. Now that the good were fighting
the evil, she was torn. Before, she would have gone for good in
a heartbeat, but now she wasn't so sure. She probably deserved
to be on the villain side. She didn't know, so she flitted inbetween.
Villain, hero, male, female, other gender, it didn't matter.
She wasn't picky. You looked good; she'd do you. She's known
as the best girl in town for it, but she never lets her fall for
you. Hearts may be broken, but not hers. Her heart is surrounded
by a ten foot thick wall and she isn't letting anyone inside
it's walls.

She used to be super friendly but now she is less friendly and
more focused on the sexual aspects of life. However, she still
manages to get on with most people. Well except for... him.

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W E N D Y - D A R L I N G

B R E E - W I L L O W - B E N S O N

H E T R O S E X U A L - S I X T E E N

If her classmates were to choose a single word to describe Bree,
it would most likely be fabulous. She is your stereotypical,
beautiful blonde girl that is the most popular kid in school.
However, it is the Bree that they don't see that is the realest. She
is kind, loving and caring towards her brothers, not at all the
ditzy, don't care girl that her classmates see. Yet that is the side
of her that all the other kids see and want to be like. Why,
Bree doesn't know, but she's too afraid to be anything other
than what she has already shown them. After all, she might not be
so popular after that. She needed her friends. Badly. They made
her forget the responsibilites she was given, the duties she had.
She didn't want to end up being all sad and lonely like some of
the people she knew.

Bree's history is... interesting. Her family took in a young
boy called Bae once upon a time. Many things happened between
then and now. A shadow began visiting them, which Bree spoke
to with delight. Bae warned her not to, but she didn't listen. She
was really disappointed when she learned the shadow wanted a
boy, but she felt so pleased when he took her to his home to see
all of the magic.

The shadow was not all that it seemed. It was actually a young
boy, around the same age as her. He told her such wonderful things
and she was soon smitten with him. He taught her all about the
magic and everything that happened on the island. Although she
really wanted to, she wasn't allowed to be around the other
children as much, but she did manage to make a kind friend in Wes.
He was always very kind to her, but he told her that Pan was
actually lying to her and that he was manipulating her. She didn't
want to believe that was true, so she got very angry with him.
However, the more she thought about it, the more it seemed true.
One day, Wes came to her incredibly injured. Bree was extremely
worried, but she would never tell him what was wrong. She was
finally sent home, back to be with her brothers. They moved to
Storybrooke just before the curse happened, instantly
forgetting everything that had happened. For a while, she lived
a stopped life, not that she realised. Until finally, the curse
was lifted and she remembered it all.

That was when she knew. She had to go back.

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