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001 - Bullying, disrespect, and unkind comments towards other members will automatically result in three warnings and being banded from the group. Please, stay kind to other members. Words hurt.

002 - Mod applications will be posted if we need mods. Do not ask to become one.

003 - The amount a person should write should be a least a paragraph longer. No one sentenced roleplays! This is an advanced roleplay and we want people who can write long detailed paragraphs. Let your imagination flow!

004 - Sex is not allowed. Please skip it! If you must, take it to private chat but if Goodreads contacts you, it is because of the new policy. I strongly recommend skipping it. If the other roleplayer does not want to do this, respect their wishes. If you are having someone forcing you to do this roleplay, contact one of the mods immediately.

005 - No power play. You can be defeated! Everyone has a weakness! (Mine is balloons..hey! I had one pop in my ear when I was little and it hit my face! Don't judge!)

006 - Your character that you created must be approved by a mod. If it is not approved, please let us know! This character must be finished as well.

007 - Cursing, in roleplay is fine. As long as it is kept to a minimum. No f bombs every single sentence. Outside of roleplay, well, I would try not too. As long as it is kept to a minimum.

008 - Please contact the other person before killing off their character. It is respectful and you don't want to, again, god mod.

009 - If you want to change something about a cannon character, please give me a heads up. I will see if this is okay or if you should keep it.

010 - You will be removed from the group if you are not active. You will have one week to post your claimed character or you will be removed. I do not want this group to die. If you are leaving on vacation, please let me know or another mod.

011 - Have fun!

Please post a verification that you agree to the rules.
Note: Rules may be changed at any time. I will post announcements if they have been altered.

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message 3: by maddie, #HenryistheAuthor (new)

maddie | 218 comments Mod
Maddie agrees to these rules

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 16 comments RONIA THE GREAT HAS READ AND AGREES TO THE ABOVE RULES

message 5: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 134 comments Ilsa solemnly swears she is up to no good.

(Okay, fine, I agree, but I'm not sure I agree that I'll be removed if I'm not that active, though I'm sure I will be. (Active, not removed))

message 6: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) I, Kikki, do solemnly swear that I'm up to no good....oh wait, this isn't a HP group XD I meant to say that I promise to follow the rules lol

message 7: by Jess (new)

Jess I Jess, do solemnly promise to protect the worlds inhabitants from forces of ev... Oops wrong group gimme a moment *runs to different group* yup ok here it is I Jess do promise to follow the rules

message 8: by Morgan (new)

Morgan kelly

message 9: by layne (new)

layne Layne Marie~

message 10: by мαr ♚ (new)

мαr ♚ ~ Мarιlyn

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