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First books on witchcraft?

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message 1: by Sylvia Beckett (new)

Sylvia Beckett Davidson (sylviabdavidson) | 56 comments Mod
Do you remember your earliest reading material? Post them below and get this conversation going!

message 2: by Alex Sumner (new)

Alex Sumner | 8 comments The first book on Witchcraft I ever read was Spells And How They Work which also established Janet & Stewart Farrar as my favourite authors on the subject. I think my ten year old mind was corrupted by seeing them on television fielding questions by some fundamentalist Christians on some early evening programme on BBC2. ("How do you justify yourselves when the bible says 'thou shalt not suffer a witch to live?'" "Um, we're pagans not Christians, so we don't actually pay attention to what the bible says." etc)
Spells And How They Work by Janet Farrar

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris | 42 comments Sounds excellent, I'll have to check it out (after my tarot binge)! Wish I could add more to these convos but my occult library has only just begun :/

message 4: by Dale (new)

Dale Richmond | 19 comments My first witchcraft books were Wicca for Beginners Fundamentals of Philosophy & Practice by Thea Sabin and Sons of the Goddess A Young Man's Guide to Wicca by Christopher Penczak . I read these books with so much awe and excitement.

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