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☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Roleplay Idea

Two Twin Girls. A New School. New Boys. Switch places.

Twin A has a crush a boy, but is not confident. Twin B suggests a switch to help her with the guy, but things get out of hand. They are complete opposite personalitites. From the clothes they where to there favorite color. Will they get caught? Will the boys like them still, when they realize the girl they fell in love with has a complete different name?

•Detailed-3 to 5 sentences
•This is a double. We both would get a girl and a boy.

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Okay, so are you Twin A or B ?

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments I dont mind you can pick who you want to be

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I'd like to be Twin A

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Okay cool. What ones do u want them to look like the first pic or second

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☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Cool so the charry could be like name personality and anything else u want to add in?

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Nah, let's just do Name, Age and Personality :)

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Do you want to make yours first?

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Could you make yours first?

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Do u wamt to make the guys charachters when we come to it or now?

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☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Name: Sutton
Age: 16
Twin B
Personality: Outgoing and spunky. She is the life of the party, and just loves to have fun. Her passion is meeting new people, and trying to be friends with everyone.
Style: cute and sophisticated

First Name: Dylan
Last: Matthews
Age: 17
Personality: A fun loving guy. He loves sports, and little kids. He is kind to everyone, even the people who hate him.

Physical Appearance

(view spoiler)

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Name: Alexander-Mason
Age: 16
Twin A
Personality: Intelligent and Sporty. She loves running around the track and she really loves spending time getting fit. Her passion? Her passion is to become an pro football player with lots of friends, she rarely has time to make friends, but she has many friends now.

Name: Rodney
Last: Charles
Age: 17
Personality: Cheeky and Charming. He can be super cheeky and he loves making jokes around people, using his charm he can charm his way through any tough situations. He is often labeled as everyone's best friend.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments do u want to go first or shall i?

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Could you?

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments sure i will soon, just been busy

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton rubbed her lips together spreading the pink gloss around her lips. She pulled parts of her brown hair back into a side braid. This was her first day of school, since her parents moved to this town. She glanced over at her twin sister, Alexander, and smiled softly. She pulled on some dark, blue skinny jeans, and pulled on a floral crop top. She put her notebooks in her pink victoria secrets bag. Sutton smiled and turned toawards her sister, "Ready for today, sis?" she smiled showing her straight white teeth. She was super excited to make new friends, and maybe even a boyfriend would be nice.


Dylan groaned as he got out of bed, to the annoying loud sound of his alarm clock. He slammed his hand on the off button. He sighed as he pulled some jeans and a t-shirt on quickly. He threw his soccer gear in his bag, His team had a game tonight versus Victory Hill. He was definitly not excited about this game, because the other team somehow always beat them. He ruffled his hair back with some gel, and then sprayed some cologne on to cover up the fact that he did not shower the night before.

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Alexander sat on her bed, clad in camouflage neon yellow skinny jeans, she wore an green undershirt and an white tank top with two inch straps, she then to cover her shoulders, wore a black letterman jacket that used to belong to their father. " I really hate school Sutt, I mean why, why do we have to go?" Alexander answered as she brought out her iPod and iPhone.


Rodney jumped into the shower ten minutes before his alarm went off, when he came out, his mother came into his room and turned the alarm off. Rodney sighs, " Another day another death," Rodney mutters as he changed into his normal attire, dark colored jeans and a black shirt with black shoes and a silver necklace. He sprayed some light smelling cologne on and he ran an hand through his hair.

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☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton sighed and turned to her sister, "How do you not like school? I mean ya I don't like the studying part either, but there are cute boys, and opportunities to have so much fun. Also sports, I love playing soccer every year." She said as she took a swig of her water. She always had to stay hydrated for soccer practice, games and tournamnets. Sutton could hardly wait to try out. She did not worry if she would get accepted, she new she would, she was one of the star players at every school she atteneded. All the guys on the team would usually get a crush on her just because of how she played.

Dylan grabbed his book bag and soccer gear, throwing it into the back seat carelessly. He waved goodbye to his mom, who stood on the porch watching him quietly. Dylan never really had time to talk in the morning. He started the car, and backed out quickly driving to school. He always broke the speed limit, or else he would be very late. He parked in his usualy spot, and rushed off to class in a hurry, He only had two classes today, perks of being a senior.

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"Oh yeah I forgot the sports, I can't wait to play football with the boys, i love Football," Alexander answered as she looked at her sister and smiled, " I also can't wait to run th track, play sports and take tests and study and all of that, but I hate school because people there are sometimes stupid and can get us in trouble," Alexander added as she looked back down at her phone and sighed softly.

Rodney kissed his mom on the cheek, he grabbed the toast as it popped up and he grabbed a bagel off his plate, ruffling his younger brothers hair he smiled. Rodney then left the house with a small tin of cream cheese in his hand along with his breakfast, hugging his father quickly as he passed him, he smiled and reached the car, he grabbed his car keys from his bag. Rodney got into his car and he pulled slowly out of the drive way and into the street, he then sped off to school.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton smiled lightly, "Ya I know what you mean. We always end up pretty popular though." she bit her lip softly. "I hate not knowing who are real friends are. I rather have two or three real friends then all those fake people pretending." Sutton then grabbed her bag, "So anywayyyy, you almost ready for our first say at yet another new school?" she said as she glanced around the room seeing if she forgot anything that she may need.


Dylan smiled, and stopped when a group of girls came up to talk to him. He was pretty popular with girls. Some would call him a player or a ladies man. Dylan never dated any of them though. They never interested him, they all seemed the same. He wanted someone kind, and intelligent. Which would seem easy enough to some, but that combination seemed to be getting rare these days.

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Alexander sighed softly and she stood, she brushed herself off and she checked her hair in the mirror, she then fixated her attire and smiled when she found she was ready, " Yeah I'm ready to go," Alexander says.


Rodney pulled up to the school and he was then surrounded by a group of football boys, he laughed slightly, " God I mess up one bone and suddenly I'm famous," Rodney says as he began signing stuff for the boys, they were younger then him, ninth grade.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton smiled back at her twin, "Lets go. Do you have the keys to the new car mom and dad gave us??" she said with a slight squeal. She still could not believe they had gotten a car for their birthday.


Dylan chatted with them for a bit, before he saw one of his friends Rodney, who was surrounded by a bunch of freshies. "Hey bro." he said as he held out his hand for a fist bump. Even though they played different sports, they were still pretty good friends.

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Alexander held up the keys, " Of course, I never lost them, and I never leave them any where, now, have everything?" Alexander asked, she was wearing and old beat up backpack, she never minded the dirty old beat up backpack, she loved it actually, despite the fact it smelled of fish water.


Rodney smiled and stopped signing things for a few seconds and fist bumped Dylan, " Greetings," Rodney says as a joke, he went back to signing things, he then ruffled a few of the boys hairs and shooed them away.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments "Ready as I'll ever be." Sutton said as she did a quick hair check in the mirror to make sure her curls will still in place. "Lets rock n roll." she said with a giggle as she picked up her bag and walked out the door.


Dylan grinned, and watched as the younger boys walked away slowly in a group. "Getting more and more popular are ya?" he said with a chuckle.

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Alexander followed closely behind, she smiled lightly and texted a few of her friends, who were from previous places around the US. Sighing she couldn't wait to get to school and meet all the boys and all the girls.


Rodney chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head, " yeah, a little I guess," Rodney replies as he looked around and saw a crowd of girls. " Speaking of getting more popular," Rodney says as he pointed to a crowd of girls.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton smiled, as she slid in the passenger side of the shiny, red car. She still could not believe that her parent's had bought this car, and that it was a convertible. "Lets go." I said as my sister started to drive. I turned the music up, and sang a long.


Dylan smiled, "Ya I guess, but there not my type, and they don't just want to be friends." he said as he looked up. A red car pulled up. "Woah that a cool car," he muttered to Rodney. He was one of his best friends.

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Alexander drove off to school, she didn't even buckle her seatbelt, she drove into the school parking lot, she looked for a spot before then pulling into one, next to Rodney's car.


" check out the babes inside the car," Rodney says as he cat whistled to the first girl who got out, meaning he cat whistled at Sutton and then Alexander, he looked at Dylan and smirked, " Maybe those girls are different," Rodney suggested.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton sent a glare in the direction of the whistle. "How rude." she said as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. She then walked in the front door, wandering around looking for the office.


Dylan shrugged, "They look alike, maybe their twins." he said with skeptic in his voice. "That is interesting." he said as he watched them walk inside the building.

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Alexander smirked and turned to Rodney, " I wouldn't cat whistle at women with your boyfriend right next to you!" Alexander called out as she walked in with Sutton, she grinned slightly.


Rodney was about to say something, but he laughed when she disappeared, " Good god she has quite a mouth on her, she's perfect for you Dylan," Rodney laughs. He didn't mind what she had said either, cause to be honest, everyone knew he was bisexual.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton laughed at her sister's comment. "Good one, you always know what to say." Sutton then pointed, "I think that is the office." she pointed to a room that had a sign over the door that read Office Sutton then turned to Alexander, "I hope we get a lot of classes together." she hoped, but she knew it would not happen since Alex was smarter anyways. A lot of people were already noticing them, and whispering.


Dylan chuckled, "Maybe but I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Maybe you can try asking her out." he said as he watched them disappear into the school. "Maybe you will get lucky, and have a couple classes with them." He said with a chuckle.

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" I always have good combacks, and anyways, I hope so too," Alexander says as she walked at her sisters side, she smiled and waved at a few people who waved and smiled at them, she was approached by a jock, but she turned him down right away. " if my sister doesn't have a boyfriend, then I won't have a boyfriend," Alexander says to the jock before heading into the office, holding open the door for her sister.


Rodney smiled, " I'm not particularly ready for an relationship either, kinda not over my old ones just yet," Rodney says with a small smile. " I don't think I'll get classes with the mouthy one, she seems to smart for any of the ones I'm in," Rodney says, " but I hope you get a few classes with Mrs. Mouthy," Rodeny says.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton smiled, her sister always had her back, and that's what she loved about her. After several minutes the secretary finally handed them a school manual and both of their schedules. She looked down algebra 2, anatomy, composition, and United States history. There were a study hall here and there too. The basic class each average junior would take. She knew her sister would be in all the smarter class. "What is on your schedule?" She said as she looked over at Alexander.


Dylan chuckled, "Maybe, but I don't think she would be interested in a boring guy like me." He said as he checked his watch. They still had a couple minutes before class started anyway. He was never in a hurry to get to class, but he still liked being punctual. He glanced around the school some. It seemed like it would storm, maybe the power would go out, and they could go home. Dylan hoped it would.

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" Calculus, Chemistry, Crime and Law, Anatomy, Composition, and lastly United States History, I also have a free period after lunch and a study hall before lunch," Alexander replied. " Oh, dad signed me up for Baseball, Football, Soccer and Basketball," Alexander added.


Rodney smiled, " Your not boring, your just unique and different, from her of course, you know I think she's going to be in a few sports here, who knows, she might be in baseball," Rodney says with a smirk.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton smiled, "That's good we have at least three classes together." She said happy now she knew she would see her sister some during the day. "I'll play soccer, basketball, and I think I'm gonna try out for track this year. I had fun helping the team at our other school." She said as she hooked in schedule in her binder. "I'll walk you to class, it looks like the room our close anyway." She said as she picked up her bag and threw it over her shoulder.


Dylan grinned, "Maybe we should get to class, what do you have first period. I think I have Calculus." He said as he picked up his book bag from where he dropped it. He kind of wondered what she would be like, but he did not want to get to interested in any girl. He scolded himself and tried to remained focus on the conversation he was having right now.

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Alexander nodded and looked at her sister, " Let's go then, I don't want to be late for my first class on my first day at this school," Alexander says leading the way, they had gotten a tour of the school over the weekend, so she remembers where the classes were.


Rodney nodded, " Alright, let's go Mr. Smarty pants, let's go," Rodney says, he picked up his bag from the back seat of his car, he slung it over his shoulder and he looked at Dylan with a smile. " I have Algebra 2, great, I get the worst teacher ever in the world," Rodney groans.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton nodded, and followed behind. She followed behind Alexander, not really remembering everything they saw on the tour over the weekend. "I think this is my class" she said looking at her schedule again to see if it matched with the number on the door.


Dylan laughed, "Well I'll see ya at lunch man." he said as he gave him a high five before walking away. Dylan walked up to his class, and sat in the back of the class where he normally sat. He liked this class, but he was not over exuberant like other students were about this class.

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Alexander smiled, she hugged her sister, " Well have fun sis, ever need any help with this class, don't be afraid to ask, I'll always help you," Alexander says as she let her sister go and walked away, she walked straight into Calculus and sat in the back, now she was a nerd, but that didn't mean she liked being called on in class, she always sat in the back so that it reduced her chances of getting called on.


Rodney chuckled a little as he walked away, he walked into Algebra 2 and sat near the front, he wasn't an nerd, but he loved being called on and told that it's the wrong answer. He's weird guy, he knew that, but He didn't really care.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton sat in the back. She never liked having the center of attention on her. When the teacher finally walked in to start class, he took attendance. When he got to her he smiled, "Class it looks like we have a new student joining us today. Her name is Sutton. Everyone give her a warm welcome." Sutton turned beet-red as everyone in the room turned to look at her. This was the kind of thing she hope would not happen.


Dylan sighed as he pulled out his book, notebook, and a pencil. He looked up to see the new girl walk into the class, it looked like the one Rodney said would be there. He sighed he did not know how that guy could predict things like this.

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Alexander sighed softly, she brought out her phone, but some kid snatched from her and told on her, " Hey, little prick! Give me my phone!" Alexander snapped, she stood and jumped on the jock, bowling him to the ground, and she wrestled him for her phone back.

The teacher just calmly watched, he only got up when it got to real violent wrestling, but she wasn't being violent anyways, he watched carefully in case the jock decided to get grabby.


Rodney groans, " Hey teach, why don't you give her a break, she just moved her for god sakes, this is her first day, leave her alone and do your job," Rodney says, he has had her for over a year now and he hated the teachers guts.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton looked down at her desk when the guy stood up for her. The teacher just sighed as he handed her the textbook for the class. "Well Miss Sutton looks like you got yourself a fan already." he said to the class to call out Rodney. Sutton blushed, and flipped to the page that was written on the board as she tried to avoid eye contact with the guy in the front.


Dylan watched as the new girl tackled a football player after he took his phone. They were wrestling on the ground while the teacher just sat there and watched. He chuckled slightly. This girl would probably be a handful. She was feisty, and as Rodney would say had a mouth on her.

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Alexander finally snatched her phone from the jock, she then stood and brushed herself off, " I'm sorry Mr. Brooks, I will never do that again, unless he does it again," Alexander says apologizing to the teacher. After that, a male student next to Dylan, offers to switch seats with her so that it would never happen again.

Mr. Brooks smiled at the male, " That's fine, Alex, you may sit next to Mr. Dylan from, now on so that, that will never happen again," Mr. Brooks says.

Alexander nodded and moved, glaring at the jock as she walked over to the desk beside Dylan.


Rodney groans, " Your the worst you know that," Rodney muttered to the teacher, he began writing whatever was on the board, he sighed and shook his head.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton looked down at her book, the guy probably regretted saying anything at all now. When the teacher started teaching, she looked through her bag for her notebook for this subject and a pencil. "So Sutton do you know the answer?" he said as he pointed to the problem on the board. She looked up at him from looking in her bag, "Uhh.." she said as her face started turning beet red for the third time that day.


Dylan looked at the girl when she sat down next to him. She was really pretty, in a different way than her other sister. She had an attitude radiating around her, and it was something that he liked. "Hey we're on page 136." He said with a half smile, knowing the teacher wouldn't care to tell her where they were in the book.

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Alexander nodded, still pissed off at the Jock, " Thanks," Alexander mutters, she flipped to the page, she sighed and went back onto her phone, she didn't even mind who she was around but she swore to her mother grave that she was gonna murder that jock.


Rodney growled, slightly, " God, leave her alone!" Rodney yelled, he was pretty sure the calculus class next door heard him, " She's not gonna know the answer if you don't give her enough time to work on it!" Rodney yelled.

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 560 comments Sutton wanted to crawl under a desk, after the situation. The teacher stopped,"Well Rodney if she was not looking through her purse she would know the answer. If you raise your voice one more time you will get a detention." He said as he turned his back to write the next problem on the white board. Half the class kept glancing back at her most of the period. So much for siting in the back to not draw attention she thought to herself as she wrote the assignment off the board down. She felt bad for that guy almost getting in trouble.


Dylan chuckled when he heard his best friend yelling in the room down the hallway. He wondered what the stupid algebra teacher was doing now. He remembered when he had class with him, the teacher was a jerk.

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Alexander smirks a little, " Sounds like your friend is having an disagreement with his teacher," Alexander says to Dylan, she smiled and looked over at Dylan before looking at the class, who seemed a little scared.


" First, Mr. I'm so old I don't know what a backpack is, second stop calling on her, can't you see she's already embarrassed enough, and thirdly, give me a detention, you've already told me many times, and you still haven't given me one," Rodney mutters as he stood up and handed Sutton his notebook and pencil to use to copy the stuff on the board, " Keep it until you find your notebook," Rodney murmurs to Sutton.

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