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message 1: by Hazem (new)

Hazem | 933 comments Mod
In the film series, Fudge is portrayed by Robert Hardy.

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great to know

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message 4: by Hazem (new)

Hazem | 933 comments Mod
it will help recognize Robert hardy in the movies..

message 5: by Lavanya, Magical Muggle (new)

Lavanya | 356 comments Mod
Okay, I don't want anyone to take offense to this in any way. However, a research examined the Fugde-administration and compared it to the Bush-administration, and discovered that the two were highly similar. I just thought I'd throw that information in there, and let you make whatever you want out of it.

message 6: by Hazem (new)

Hazem | 933 comments Mod
no ones complaining lavanya !.. anyway great information...

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