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lilly  Whitten I recently went to see paper towns in theaters after reading the book about 5 times. If it were just a movie or if you saw the movie without reading the book it might have been better. This might be because after going through this story 5 time,the movie seemed rushed. When little Margo said all of the strings broke in the man they never brought it up again. In the book it was a huge reacurance. I went with my friend who had never read the book. She liked the movie more than my other friend and myself. (Both of us read the book multiple times.) Even after seeing the movie, Paper towns is still one of my favorite books. It is actually my favorite John Green book.

Dramapuppy Yeah, the movie definitely changed a lot. The ending kind of unvalidated the whole point.

lilly  Whitten Yeah. It annoyed me that in the book, everyone but Q realized Margo was like everyone else. They just said I don't know what Margo is doing but it must be amazing. His whole reason for life was Margo. He trusted she would come back because of him. Also the fact that the sister knew Margo was OK and didn't tell Q when they went into Margo's room.

Natalia I went to the cinema to see Paper Towns with my younger sister, both read the book of John Green and were hoping to find a faithful adaptation, to our surprise and disappointment was not. And I'm surprised that John Green is permitted.
I have nothing against the actors, because Nat and Cara did very well, they are excellent Quentin and Margo, what bothered us is that we took many things that were important in the book: when Quentin was given the identical car to their parents, when they go the second time into the abandoned house and they find Gus with his friends, when Jase party, he call "Margo" to Becca and the relationship between Ben and Lacey. Which they removed many details that would have made the film even funnier. Compared with The Fault In Our Stars, which is much more faithful to the book.

Emma I honestly thought that the ending to the movie was better because it gave you more of closer then just ending but other than that the book was better then the movie ( like always ) and I was very pleased with how it turned out. There was something that Hank Green said about the movie and that was that the movie was based on normal/standard people and the movie movie is a good standard movie and agree with him a lot.

Natalia Emma wrote: "I honestly thought that the ending to the movie was better because it gave you more of closer then just ending but other than that the book was better then the movie ( like always ) and I was very ..."

I like much better the ending from the book than the movie, sorry.

Autumn I actually preferred the movie. The book was alright but it was no An Abundance of Katherines, which I loved. I really liked the movie because I feel like Q was cast very well (even though I am still not completely sure about movie Margo) and because I liked the little changes they made. I liked that Angela went on the road trip too and I liked the ending of the movie better.

lilly  Whitten I was just surprised that John Green said he liked the movie better than the book.I was extremely surprised.I went to see the movie with my friend and ran out of the theater.I was disappointed.

Rachael I actually thought (on this occasion) the film was better than the book.
I wasn't impressed with the book and I actually think the whole concept has absolutely nothing to do Margo but everything to do Q. He built Margo up to be something that she isn't and he realised that, actually, she isn't what he thought she was. The whole adventure got him out of his comfort zone, gave him experiences that he never would have put him self in, had it not been for Margo, but that changed his out look at the end and he realised what were important.

Angie Carrillo I actually did also prefer the movie ending rather than the books. The movie was pretty good compared to book . Although, i Believe the book was better. I love how they included Ansel in the gas station scene ! That was the best ! It was the first my bf read a book and then saw the movie and he was extremely upset. He was wondering why they left out scenes and asking 20 million questions , so he wasn't a huge fan of the movie. All in all, in my opinion , both were pretty great

Alizée The book is not my favorite from John Green. I thought the end was frustating, although I understand why it was made that way.

I went to see the movie and really liked Quentin. I believe he was well cast. It felt strange to a world-class model playing Margo but she was kinda nice. Sure, the movie was rushed but the screenplay was actually good. And I liked the end. The prom part reminded me of the Perks of being a wallflower :)

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Helen Rhys The book was amazing. The movie was AWFUL. Such a let down, I'm not saying that the movie needs to be exactly like the book, but at least the essence of Quentin should've remained, the whole feeling of his idea of Margo. It felt lazy, like the whole cast was tired.

Cheshire Cat [Heidi]~ We're All Mad Here ~ I liked the book, and the movie was ok, but they changed too much stuff.

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