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message 1: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) | 66 comments Mod
Do you have a religion?
What lead you to your beliefs (or lack of)?

message 2: by Wren (new)

Wren  (wrenreaders) I am eclectic Wiccan, I primarily worship and work with Celtic deities, especially Cernunnos. However, I have very agnostic tendencies because I understand that there is no real proof for any gods or goddesses or deities, so I'm not like a religious zealot or anything.

I find it much easier to be friends with agnostics and atheists than other religious people, I guess because there are so few who believe what I do, and the majority believe in christianity (I grew up christian and now I cannot stand anything to do with it due to traumatic experiences) and religions similar to christianity.

I started practicing Wicca after I realized the bible I hd been raised to believe in was full of contradictions, had some extremely disturbing stuff in it, and I started to question the beliefs I had been taught.

I found Paganism, and as a result Wicca, to be similar to what I believed in (don't fear your deities, there is no hell, if it harms none do what you will, etc).

Mishelly loves  (mishellyloves) I'm a bit weird. I grew up Catholic. my grandmother sent me to Catholic school for a year. I was taught by nuns. it's pretty amazing having that experience. I always love it...part of me. but I've always studied wicca and pagan religions. that's what I am, and have been always even if life gets in the way of practice.

message 4: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) | 66 comments Mod
That's really cool Wren, I found Wicca back when I was in high school and though I practiced it for a while in the end it just wasn't right for me. I am a practicing witch and I have had "pagan" tendencies, even though I don't call myself a pagan anymore.

But certain deities have gotten my attention in the past and I do work with some of the Fae or little folk.

Michelle, that seems to be a common origin I find in most pagans or Wiccans. A lot of people came from some sort of organized religious background and then found their own path.

I guess that makes me a bit different. I was raised agnostic. :)

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