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M A G D A L I N E C A S T R O ' S R O O M

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Magda stood quietly at the balcony, her hands clutching the meticulously carved railing until the color flooded from them. It was truly the only hint that she was feeling any emotion at all, which was how she wanted it. Despite the fact that she was by herself, as usual, she needn't be weepy or loathing as she knew most of the other selected were. Granted it was likely that some were on the verge of passing out from happiness, but she had a feeling, just from the looks some of the other girls had worn, that not all were so delighted to be in the castle.

Really, she wasn't either, though it didn't upset her. Magda didn't mind the idea of potentially being the future queen of Illéa, but it wasn't at. The top of her bucket list. She'd guessed that being here would be quite like being back home, acting and dressing for the audiences. Plastering on a smile when she was feeling no happiness inside. Really, she would be a natural. Magda stated down in utter silence and noticed that others had made their way into the garden. Disliking the idea a of being caught, she moved swiftly back into her room and sat on the bed.

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Jemima had fled the Entrance Hall as soon as she'd found the opportunity. At first she was blindly jogging through halls, along corridors, passed locked doors, as fast as her skintight dress would allow. Then she paused for a moment and fell against a wall to calm down and figure out where she was. She was at least on the second floor by now. I need to go somewhere quiet, a legit place, like a garden or library, she thought. But of course, other contestants and guests were bound to be found in those places. Jem had find somewhere deserted, somewhere where no one could disrupt her. My room, she remembered.

Jem tried to resurface the layout of the palace from her mind. She'd looked at it a while ago, discovered where the Selected bedrooms were located. And in ten minutes she found them, breathless, her hair falling from its updo. She turned the handle of her bedroom door, swung the door open and found another girl inside, sitting on the bed.

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