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Emma | 39 comments Name: Luna Black
Age: 15
Year at camp: 2
Godly parent: Hermes
Claimed? Yes


Written description: Luna's eyes are a stormy blue color. Her hair is a significant orange color that goes down a little past her chest. It has a small natural wave. She isn't very tall at 5'2. Luna's teeth are almost perfect, they are white and straight. Her skin is very fair.

History: Luna was born in Denver, Colorado to Hermes and Grace Black. Grace lived with her until she was 6. She figured out something was wrong with Luna and left her on the door step of a run down orphanage in a small town a little outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The orphanage was any kid's worst nightmare. They fed you hardly anything and made you steal for food. Luna lived a miserable life here until she turned thirteen. A satyr found her and brought her to Camp Half-Blood where she has been ever since.

Family: Grace Black: Age 45, lives in Denver, Colorado, Very depressed.

Personality: Luna is not very shy. She is usually happy and outgoing. Luna is very good at making people laugh. She is always very kind and caring, though when it comes to battle she is fierce and scary.

Weapon of choice: Dagger

Fatal flaw: She trusts people too willingly.

-Getting betrayed
-The orphanage where she stayed in Wyoming

-hand to hand combat
-Running fast
-Making friends

Other: Has a soft spot for animals.

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Emma | 39 comments Thanks!

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