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message 1: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Moran (AuthorKellyMoran) I don't know if this is really anything people like...(I have young kids at home, so I don't get to see movies as much as I'd like)
I just rented Becoming Jane. Story of Jane Austin and the time in her life that inspired her to write Pride & Prejudice. She stated her characters will have the happy ending she never could. I found it very well casted and heartbreaking.
Saw September Dawn on DVD too. Now a work of fiction, the massacre and most of the people they refer to were actual and fact based. I found the book much better.
Finally saw Resident Evil 3. My husband and I love these, he used to play the game. I was surprised they left it an open end again. I thought it was a trilogy, was wrong.
I'm trying to think of others...
Any good sugestions or comments?

message 2: by Fenixbird (new)

Fenixbird SandS | 14 comments Paycheck rented from Netflix, picked out by my son. It was superb! I do enjoy Uma Thurman. This was NOT her sensational role, definitely NOT a Kill Bill or Super Chick (?)...LOL Ben Affleck turned in an exceptional performance in a futuristic sci fi!

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