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Elizabeth (Alaska) | 11834 comments Travel the United States: Read 10 books, each set in a different US State or Washington, DC. The setting will be more than 50% in the designated state. Travelers may start their trip in any state. The state setting must be clear within the work to count, but locations within that state may be fictional. *A note to our international readers: As an alternative to book setting, author's state of birth may be considered on a case by case basis.

Land Cruisers will travel in such a way that each state visited is contiguous to the preceding state. Thus, you might start your trip in California, then travel to Nevada, Utah, Colorado, etc. (Ferry rides are available to/from Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine - see below.) This map may be helpful in planning your trip. This reader will receive a 10-point bonus for states 4-8 and a 15-point bonus for states 9-10. Land Cruisers will receive a 100-point completion bonus at the end of their trip. Itineraries do not need to be pre-approved, but there will be a thread where you can share.

Flight-seers need no itinerary and may travel to states in any order. This reader will receive a 10-point bonus for destinations 6-10. Flight-seers will receive a 50-point completion bonus at the end of their trip.

A few notes:
I. You cannot claim regular style points for any book you read for Travel the United States (nor do the TtUS tasks count as combo style points for Reading with Style's 10 and 20 point tasks).

II. All books read for this sub-challenge must be at least 100 pages, based on the most popular English-language print edition.

III. Please be aware that cookbooks, illustrated guides, and graphic novels are not allowed for the sub-challenge. Also, books designated as "YA", "Assignment", or "Juv" by the Brooklyn Public Library with a Lexile score less than 800 are not allowed.

IV. You can complete Travel the United States twice, but you cannot visit any state more than once. You must complete your first itinerary before starting a second one.

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 11834 comments Ferry trips: (You may travel to/from the listed states. Example: Washington to Alaska to Oregon; California to Hawaii to Alaska)

Alaska to Hawaii, Washington, Oregon or California
Hawaii to Alaska, Washington, Oregon or California
Maine to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut or New York (in addition to being contiguous with New Hampshire)

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