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message 1: by John (last edited Jul 12, 2009 01:53PM) (new)

John Karr (karr) | 5 comments I am seeking an editor for a collaborative project at Hol Art Books. Probably more for structure and line editing than content.

Hol Art Books has posted my modern-day Vincent van Gogh novel, titled The Painter's Dream, as a viable project for publication. I changed the names and geographic setting to gain a measure of distance from the real Vincent, but it is based on the final year or two of his life, and then fictionalized.

Hol Art undertakes such works as collaborative projects, and now it needs an editor, first off. Other open positions are designer, publicist, book store sponsor, and possibly a translator.

Compensation comes from sales.

From Greg Albers, publisher of Hol Art books:

"At Hol, publishing is a highly participatory and collaborative
process. Authors, editors and readers freely submit book projects for
publication, and they build their own small publishing teams to help
with development. When the team’s book passes a peer review process,
Hol prints it, markets it, and gets it onto the shelves. And with a
percentage of sales, everyone — the author, the publishing team, and
Hol — gets paid as the book sells, for as long as it sells."


John A. Karr

jkarr a t mindspring d o t com

message 2: by John (new)

John Karr (karr) | 5 comments Hol Art Books has approved my editor and designer, and now I need a Publicist who'll work on a commision basis (proving difficult to find), and a Bookstore or Museum Store Sponsor.

Now that the core team positions to create the product are in place, these awareness-raising positions of Publicist and Bookstore Sponsor will complete the collaborative team.

The Publicist is responsible for the promotion of the book through the press and other low- or no-cost means. The Publicist sets up and manages Author interviews and readings, they handle reviews, they work with the Editor to write press releases and other marketing materials, and they help define, find and capture the book’s best audience online and off. While Hol manages marketing functions for the list as a whole, it is the Publicist’s job to market the specifics of their individual book.

Bookstore Sponsor:
Rather than providing financial support, Bookstore Sponsors act in an advisory role, bringing an invaluable perspective to the team. Sponsors can be managers, buyers or other full-time employees of bookstores. They play a key role in developing the initial book proposal (defining the target audience and examining competitive titles) and they help ensure that the book the team produces is one that readers will want to buy. Sponsors often further support the publication by hosting a special event—such as an author reading, publication party, or other similar promotion.

An Important Note: Like other team members, Sponsors are involved in the publication process form the beginning. Unlike other team members, however, Sponsors are not paid a percentage of the book's sales, but rather are given a significant discount on copies to sell in their store, plus an additional discount on all other Hol books.

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