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So is there a movie actually happening or is it one of those mean rumours which shatters the heart of those in the fandom?

Ilana i've heard rumblings about Elizabeth banks potentially directing it, so i guess it's not just a rumor - there's something to it. i just don't know how much of 'something.'

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Yeah- I heard about Elizabeth Banks. Will she really be a good director though?

Ilana i'm on the fence about that one. she directed the 2nd pitch perfect movie and it was ok, but it was more humor than drama which i think we'll need in Red Queen.

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Yeah. I'm a Pitch Perfect Fan but I don't know if she can pull it off.

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But if am not mistaken, that was the first film sahe directed, it takes some time to get things right guys. I think she could do a great red queen.And movies take time maybe she will make this in a few years and will by then have done a few movies.

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I hope so. I just want this to be really good.

Taylor I hope they do a movie. I'd probably cry at the end though, from that betrayal ;(

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That betrayal was so uncalled for! It did make me like Cal more though therefore resulting them being my ship. XD

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TAMA YUUUUP it'll possibly be made into a movie i think its going to be amazing

Taylor Tabitha wrote: "That betrayal was so uncalled for! It did make me like Cal more though therefore resulting them being my ship. XD"

You're so right. It seemed too good to be true that the prince would be joining the rebels, but I still didn't see it coming.
Cal and Mare forever <3

Reading Corner Victoria Aveyard said there would be, I'm so excited!

Mariah I had not heard that rumor until now but oh my goodness im so excited!!! This book was so discriptive and well written that I think a movie will be amazing. If it is directed by Elizabeth Banks then it will have the funding it needs and will be great!!!

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Bill Khaemba Elizabeth Banks, mmmhhhh i am on the fence about this one, love her don't get me wrong but we need a much more serious director to blow our minds with all that is happening in the book. We don't expect a musical we want action.

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That's what I thought. Banks is too relaxed

Karlene Lulu I really really hope this doesn't get made into a movie . . .

I have such a vivid image/picture of the setting and all of the characters -- I'd cry if the movie ruined it for me. Which it would. There are no actresses and actors that would suit these roles.

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That's what I thought...

TheBohemianBookworm I am excited it will have a woman director. I think it's great a female led novel will be directed by a woman. I think it will be easier for her to relate. I am going to stay open minded and give her a chance. :)

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