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Tornado 2 observations

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message 1: by Adite (last edited Aug 14, 2015 05:33AM) (new)

Adite | 4 comments Hey Everyone! Just thought I would start a discussion since it's a brand new platform. And since The Tornado continues to rage on, why not drum up some action over here as well?

My observations so far about Tornado this year:
1. It's way bigger than last time. That goes without saying.Everyone is blogging and shouting about it on Twitter and Facebook. And the core team is hard at work. So three cheers to you guys!

2. I have noticed a modest spike in the sale of my books even though my book hasn't come up yet in Tornado. And I think it is due to Tornado. So I am one happy puppy!

3. I noticed that there has been a spurt in the number of downloads for the first chapter of both my books (from Goodreads). And that has coincided with Tornado 2.

I'm truly excited at the way Tornado is turning out to be a wonderful platform for authors.

Would love to hear your thoughts and observations.


message 2: by Ruchi (last edited Aug 14, 2015 08:19AM) (new)

Ruchi Singh (ruchiwriter) | 1 comments Even I have seen the above trend :D, though my moderate would be a little more sedate ;)

message 3: by Adite (new)

Adite | 4 comments With a blog tour going on simultaneously, it will perk up! :DRuchi wrote: "Even I have seen the above trend :D, though my moderate would be a little more sedate ;)"

message 4: by Rubina (new)

Rubina (rubinaramesh) | 1 comments Mod
Why thank you Adite. We hope to create awareness in every genre. Here we can also start a discussion about the books readers like and what more they want to see.

message 5: by Sundari (new)

Sundari Venkatraman | 1 comments This is simply awesome! I have a view from the top - as an author and a promoter :P
I am loving it
1.There's so much action for one - 15,181 entries on Rafflecopter as Day 9 begins. That's just amazing!
2. There's so much of positive energy and love floating around; a Tornado of spreading the word; camaraderie between authors, bloggers, book lovers.
3. And YES, my book sales have spiked right from the beginning of Tornado Giveaway.
We still have a long way to go and that's what makes this all the more exciting :D

message 6: by Adite (new)

Adite | 4 comments So true, Sundari. It's been a lot of fun and it promises to get even better! :D

message 7: by Deepti (new)

Deepti (deepsmenon) | 1 comments Hi Friends,
You can't believe what a gala time I am having, sharing, blogging, chatting, reading and enjoying the virtual food thoughtfully offered by the members. I do hope I am lucky enough to be an author on this whirl next time around! :) Meanwhile, I have learnt to twitter, create spotlights and look up the rafflecopter! :) Here's to the organizers who are all wonderfully efficient, and to all us little squirrels who rush around to do their bidding happily! Love it all!

message 8: by Adite (new)

Adite | 4 comments There are a number of readers groups on goodreads. And I'm sure many of you are members on those. It might be a good idea to post about Tornado there. I just posted in a few groups.

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