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Is this really the cat's meow?

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For those who like to explore the underpinnings of life organization, is this really, really good? Or having used a Franklin Planner for years, am I going to be underwhelmed?

Is Covey the way to organize LIFE, people?

message 2: by Stephanie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 10:56AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Stephanie I worked for FranklinCovey for years. I adore the book and I think it's worth reading. There's quite a bit of detail in there that the planner wouldn't cover.

Have you started reading it yet?

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No. I have a CD of Hyrum W. Smith's _What Matters Most_ and _7 Habits of Highly Effective People_. I'm going to start with Smith, because it's shorter and he's the GRANDFATHER of the Franklin Planner ... well, other than Ben himself.

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Margaret Don't let the size of this book discourage you. There are a lot of short sections within the chapters, and it seems as though it is not meant to be read continuously.
I have just recently started it, and I have found the topics covered have been very helpful and conducive to positive analysis of the self. It seems good so far. I would recommend you pick this up and give it a try!

Becca I read this over a period of a couple months. I kind of let it sink in chapter by chapter - it gives you too much to think about to read it fast. I've been to a Franklin Covey Class and I can't do the Franklin Planner thing. I'm just not disciplined enough - but I really learned about what my "center" is and what I want it to be by reading this book. I've written a personal mission statement and instead of making silly "loose weight" New Years Resolutions I'm really feeling good about change in my life because of this book. On to the 8th habit book which I got for Christmas! Enjoy.

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L A cliche cradled in a sub-sublime, yet somewhat sloppy, solipsism. A book destined to become a legend in its own lunchroom

Greg Davenport Great book! IF you apply what you read. Read it slow enough to think how you will integrate what you are reading into your life.

Kris Candia such a great self help... i've been reading this over and over again. each time has different self realization.

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when I am getting bored at work then I read this book again and again to recover my brain again to do more better than before...LOL. :) It really help to improve myself at the office or even at home. Following the direction for 21 days is really work. It's a great book to manage our bad habit.

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Anne Personally, having used the planner for 2 decades, and having started on Smith's 10 natural laws, Covey's 7 Habits rings cliche in my ears. Too many buzz words and too much BS for my taste. Now that I have read more than one of them, and find they are all the same, I avoid them. I suggest reading Smith's The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management. The tone is much more realistic, and thoughtful. It covers the points necessary to make appropriate goals and plans without the hub-bub of corporate mumbo-jumbo getting in the way.

Trekscribbler Meh. I thought Covey was a little full of himself back when it all was the rage. It's a good read; it's just endlessly re-emphasizing over and over again the same basic lessons.

Raymond Great book, simple to read and gives various examples of how a principle affect our lives. Though seem as common sense, but Stephen has made it easily understood and to follow.

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Nina I ended up just skimming through the second half of this book, reading just the anecdotes. It doesn't really have any relevance for my life as I work from home, but I am sure it could be very helpful to those in other professions.

Valorie I need to re-read, its been a while, but I don't remember it giving the impression that it was for a successful career so much as a successful life. I loved it and thought it very useful. I didn't, however, think it was for organizing anything.

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Dave Wine Read most of Covey's books and really believe they help me. This one is good and should be read a chapter at a time to let the content sink in. ENJOY.

Steven Amott This book needs to be the foundational book of every business library. Better than that, it needs to be at the foundation of every library in general.

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