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Gemmell, Feist, Eddings

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message 1: by DAD (new) - rated it 5 stars

DAD My most favourite suggestions
David Gemell: LEGEND - absolutely phenomenal reading (make sure it's the 1984 'LEGEND', later published 1988 'Against the Hordes' -not the following chronicles of 'Druss the Legend' 1993-96)
DAVID GEMMELL, without any hesitation is my most adhered to & loved author, & in saying so, I recognise the fact once you read any DG novel it can be said you have read all of his books(but not a flawed or repetitive story line),DG writes to a very stringent concept, upon reading his work, you respect his amazing story telling, belief in strength, virtue & integrity of his characters, He leaves you with something to take away to make you, yourself, a far better person - human-being, than you were at the 1st page of each book ...RIP, a tragic loss to literature

David Eddings - The Belgariod: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardry, Enchanters' End Game .. Once again, can not find a flaw with this series, I remember hating the fact I got into it in it's early days, having to wait for it's next publication (Yes I do have all it's original releases with their original art concept)
This was a set of books I would loan out to both Non-readers in general, never alone Fantasy fans, every reader became an advent fan, like myself, could not put them down & (reader or not) was pounding on my door to get the next volume with-in a day or two, given the time they could shut out the world & lose themselves to this incredible story built on characters you feel you carry with you for all your life as one of your own .. CHECK IT OUT
as for his next series "The Malloreon" YAWN
& since then, again, for me ... has not wowed me
-Rift War Saga:Magician(out-standing),Silverthorn, A Darkness at Sethanon
Didn't really get into the "Empire" series so much
Krondors Sons:Prince of the Blood, Kings Buccaneer (also worth eye-ballin) as for the rest .. nyah
some of the "Serpent War" Saga Had it's moments

Brent One of the first fantasy novels I ever read was waylander I can remember thinking this guy is the coolest he kicks arse.i left school when I was 14 and did a apprenticeship and all I looked forward to was getting home and reading the latest gemmel book.he was my favorite author for many a year.rip David gemmel thanks for taking me away.

Aaron Hodges David Gemmell was probably the author who inspired me the most to write in my late teens/early twenties. Such great writing, particularly the characters. I think his depiction of Druss in Druss the Legend is just fantastic - gotta be one of the few books that made me cry at the end!

I also liked David Eddings when I was younger, but found his books a bit simple in later years (especially his final series)

message 4: by Pat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pat I absolutely loved Legend. I gave a lend of it to a few of my friends in college and they were obsessed with him after that. I wasn't so mad about The King Beyond the Gate, I enjoyed it but not one of my favourites. I liked the 2 Waylander books too.

message 5: by Joe (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joe Lindley Legend was the 1st fantasy novel I ever read after LotR & it showed me that fantasy doesn't have to be about elves & dwarves. I then went on to reat The King Beyond the Gate, another classic, & afterwards the Jon Shannow books. But Legend still remains my favourite

Jen Is there another author somebody could recommend who is comparable to gemmell, Feist and eddings? All amazing storytellers

Bicky DAD wrote: "My most favourite suggestions
David Gemell: LEGEND - absolutely phenomenal reading (make sure it's the 1984 'LEGEND', later published 1988 'Against the Hordes' -not the following chronicles of 'Dru..."

What is the difference between the various editions of LEGEND.
To a very large extent i agree with your assessment of Geddings and Feist though I enjoyed the Empire books. And of course Gemmell is it, though I could have done without the Shannow books.

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