The Book of Three (The Chronicles of Prydain, #1) The Book of Three question

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This series of books by LLoyd A. was read to me as an 11yr old by an amazing teacher: Michael Waters
(Lavington Public School 1971-2) in our class-room, He characterised all the individuals with nuances, Timbre of voice (Both Male & Female, villain & Hero, creature etc.) absolutely everything that a juvenile imagination needed to paint the image of a majestic story & give it true life in a mind so open to a world made up of the fantastic.
Michael Waters was an amazing story teller, which included other tales such as "Phantom toll booth"
"Machine gunners" & so much more.....
In the limited amount of time I shared with my own amazing children, I attempted to pass on this incredible adventure with the same pinash & gusto, worthy of the 1st telling given to me as a gift, sending me down a path of passion for the written adventure, imagination & worlds, places, people created in our own minds eye
Book of 3, Black Cauldron, Castle of LLyr, Taran Wanderer & The High King.
aka The Chronicles of Prydain

My favorite series growing up.

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DAD A great set of adventures to grow up with, such a pity (Disney, I think) failed in an attempt to animate
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Yep, pretty seminal to my love of fantasy and my growing up in general.

I liked the first two, but not the third. I think it lost it's momentum.

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Brandon Harbeke The third book sets up a lot of pieces for the fifth book to use, as does the fourth. I like all of the books as their own stories, but the finale was ...more
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