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All the President's Men
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.Week 20: Bottom of To Read List > All the President's Men by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

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Veronica | 70 comments I have really Goodreads for a bit over a year so my tbr list doesn't go too far back.this book had been in my shelf forever and this is the perfect time to finally read it. The Watergate scandal had always intrigued me do I hope this lives up to my expectations.

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Jeanie (lewisia) | 28 comments I hope it does too, Veronica.

I'm British and remember Watergate very well. I'm not sure how much coverage we got on our TV channels over here as events unfolded but I remember being fascinated by it all, much more than I was by our own political scene.

I saw the film/movie 3 times (was in love with the younger Dustin Hoffman) but never read the book. Managed to order a copy from my local library a couple of weeks ago and have read it for one of my other week's challenges. I loved it!

Veronica | 70 comments I loved this book! Watergate has always intrigued me and this blew my mind. Crazy to think that all of it really happened. I am definitely going to read more about it. Now to watch the movie when I get a chance.

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