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Ayunda (ayundabs) ((OK, I'll start))

King was running on the field. Every five minutes he glanced at Tiny and Olive to make sure they were okay. King is a very good father.

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siyao (siyaoi) | 143 comments Mod
Tiny watched her father run. She wished she was as sleek and shiny as him one day.

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Ayunda (ayundabs) "Why are you looking at me like that?" King asked Tiny when he stopped near them.

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Ayunda (ayundabs) ((umm, sorry, got to go. i hope tomorrow i can be online))

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Tiny bowed down. "I am sorry, father. I wish to run like you. I am simply observing."

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Ayunda (ayundabs) ((Never mind))

"Well, of course it's OK for you to observe, Tiny," Olive said and glared at King. "Come on, let's have a race!"

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((lol ;) ))

Tiny bounced up and down. "Yes, yes."

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Snow raced forward, her hooves pounding on the ground

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Heather trotted over to a patch of suculant grass

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 Araceli Fox grazed contently.

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Tiny ran around the field frantically and tripped over Fox.

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 Araceli "Whoops. Careful, little trecker." said Fox as he looked up at Tiny.

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Ayunda (ayundabs) "Sorry about Tiny," King said to Fox.

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Sam ((Are they wild or in a fence?))

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Ayunda (ayundabs) ((ask icefire. What do YOU think?))

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Snow looked around

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Sam Sparrow ran through the meadow.

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Ayunda (ayundabs) Olive caught up with King and Tiny. "Tiny, see where you're going!" she said.

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Snow pranced around. She heard some thunder

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Madhins  Dandi ran up to snow ((dandi loves to tun alot!)) "I think the storm is spose to pass very quickly" she said

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Madhins  this is here:
[image error]

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"There's no storm clouds though...." Snow said, looking up
((Oh, I have to say this. All the RPs are linked. Like a horse can be captured here and be taken to Medivel RP))

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Madhins  ((LOL KOOL!!))
"Well i feel like running" and klee dashed off

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Snow realized what was happening. She ran fast. "EVERYONE RUN!!!!!!!" she yelled. "THE HUMANS ARE COMING!!!"

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Madhins  Klee snickerd "i cant believe those horses the humans ride on would rather be in their hands thin out in the wild!" she said as she ran

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Madhins  ((oops said meh vamp. name.....))

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Snow gallopped forward

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Madhins  ((cofused))

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 Araceli Fox wheeled around and galloped away, looking back to see that there was no one being left behind.

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The tracters rumbled towards the herd

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 Araceli Fox nieghed loudly, running faster

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Dapplenose | 167 comments Mod
Heather raced on.

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Snow saw a foal was being left behind. She dart back and help him along

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 Araceli Fox skidded to a halt and looked back at Snow for a moment. He didn't want her to be left behind.

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"Run Fox!" Snow nighed and hurried the foal along

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 Araceli "Not till you and the foal catch up too!" called back Fox.

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The foal ran and Snow followed.

The tracters rumbled along. Snow could see ranchers inside

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 Araceli "Go!" Fox nudged the foal along and stuck close to Snow as soon as they reached him.

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Snow raced forward. "Come on!" She said

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 Araceli Fox followed closely.

((G2G, bye!))

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Madhins  dandi ran on leading the human-horses away from the herd. They got closer and all the sudden her neck was cought by a rope a human had cast. she struggled and kicked but was brouth down, as others cast their ropes.

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Snow turned and raced back. She reared and slammed her hooves on a human.

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Madhins  dandi got up again when she saw now had come to help her, the grip on her neck loosend and she broke free.

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((Hmm, I might have Snow be taken))
Snow screamed and slammed down on another human

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Madhins  dandi reared up on her hind legs setting off a visiouse snarl she knocked of a horse who had charged at her leaving the last of the humans running for his life.

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Madhins  dandi laughed

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A human lept on Snow and gripped her mane.

Snow tried despratly to throw him off, but he hung on tightly

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Ginger Sparkstar (numberoneHarryPotterfan) A beautiful paint walked into the meadow. Her name was Ocean. Her beautiful face was striken with terror as all the humans turned and stared at her. Her foal, who was all white and named Bird, huddled behind her. "Mama, who are they?" asked Bird in her small voice. Ocean barred her teeth. "Horse hunters." she muttered, then reared up and neighed for Bird to run into the forest.

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Snow reared and rammed straight into the men. They closed around her and dragged her away. All of the humans left

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