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H.J. Lawson | 2 comments Hello,

If you had a gun, would you shoot to kill? Find out what Jada did... for free!

I'm looking for some reviews for the my War kids series! Three books in total complimentary review ebooks copies provided.

Please send me a GR message, add message below or email me at

War Kids (War Kids, #1) by H.J. Lawson Survive The Day by H.J. Lawson Survive The 9nite by HJLawson

About the series

After chemical warfare was initiated, what was once a quiet town in Syria is now the hot topic of news reports around the world.

Fourteen-year-old Jada has never seen death before, but once she opens her eyes in hospital, it becomes her grimacing shadow. What death didn’t know is that Jada was born a survivor.

When soldiers attack Zak’s school, all of the children’s precious innocence is stolen and those who survive are forced to grow up fast.

Jada and Zak’s lives would have never crossed paths if it weren’t for their search to find their kidnapped fathers. The two uncover the truth of what is really happening, and come to a deadly conclusion.

Reviews on the book

"This book was excellent. It was thought provoking, timely, emotionally gripping, and well written. The current Syrian Civil War serves as the backdrop to a coming of age story that leads to discoveries about oneself, love interests, and parents. Be sure you have enough time available to try and finish this in one setting. You aren't going to want to put it down." - Erin Tipping (Librarian), NetGallery Review.

"I had goosebumps and I cannot remember anymore how many times I had to stop reading to wipe away my tears. A great and very powerful book that will help us see and feel how it is to be in the middle of a war, not only as a victim but also as a fighter. Heartbreaking, though-provoking and an eye-opener. I'm excited for the second book and will definitely recommend this to my fellow readers." - Kath Quiambao, NetGallery Review.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Bongiorno | 3 comments Hey I'd be interested in reviewing the series. What does it entail?

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Sarah Walton | 1 comments Hello, I am also interested in reading and reviewing this series. I also sent an email.

Kachuu (kachu) | 2 comments Hi, I'd love to read and review your books!

H.J. Lawson | 2 comments Thank you for the interest in my books, just entails leaving a review on Goodreads & Amazon. I will email you copies of book one, happy reading.

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Michael Bongiorno | 3 comments Sorry I won't have time. You don't need to send me the first book. Thanks

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Charlie Wilcox | 24 comments Perfect summer reading!! At last my 3 novels are available at I assure you they are well written! Please check them out, hopefully buy them, REVIEW them, click like on good reviews, FORWARD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! I write to be read and need to establish an audience of readers. My immediate goal is to get 100 reviews on each book on Amazon which moves me up in their algorithm when people search. Help me create a buzz! Not being a celebrity, I need all the help I can get. Anybody know Taylor Swift???

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