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Name: Kiki Grace
Age: 15
Gender: female
Faction: Candor


Written description: (fill in everything below)
Hair color: raven black
Eye color: icy blue
Skin tone: pale
Distinguishable marking: (no one under 13 allowed to have a tattoo)

History: Never ever fit in Candor. Plus she never really has been good at always being truthful. Even though Kiki tries she never came close to being Candor. She discovered that lying is easier to her than being truthful.

Personality: Kiki always needs to be the center of attention. Her style defines her personality with her raven black hair and icy blue eyes. Even though she is fashion obsessed she cares for her family just as much. She has a cold side just like her looks but she also has a soft side.

Family: Tammy Grace(mom, age 42, Candor)
Margo Grace(sister,age 20, Candor)
Dan Grace(dad,age 45, Candor)
Max Grace( annoying little brother, age 5, Candor)

-losing her family
-Her family

-Not being the center of attention
-Being wrong

-Her family
-Her looks

Other: People think Kiki should be in Dauntless because of her edgy since of style

Weapon of choice: A dagger small but mighty. Even though small it's mighty.

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