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5 More Days Till Beg for Mercy are you ready?
Jan Kinder Jan Aug 13, 2015 11:13AM
Mercy made a bee-line to the back entrance of the beach house and hurried up the outside flight of stairs that led to their bedroom. A bedroom he’d not slept in, except last night.

In a blind fury, she went through her drawers and found that sexy white bikini and matching sheer shawl. Yanking it out, she stormed to the bathroom and got in the shower. Turning it as hot as she could stand, she washed her hair and scrubbed at her body, feeling like ants were all over her.

“Ralph’s a nice guy… I’m sure you’ll do great… in anything you ever do.”

Mercy clutched her chest and gasped on pain, a sick sob wrenching out of her. Her stomach heaved, threatening to empty. She braced a trembling hand on the wall and clenched her eyes tight then her jaw.

Fuck him! Fuck that bastard.

Just who did he think he was, who did he think she was? One of his sluts to fuck and throw away?

That was not happening, motherfucker! She finished her shower, then ripped the brush through her hair. You want to play with me, Mr. Sade? You want to fuck with me? I can play, I’ll show you play.

Mercy finished dressing, her makeup and hair done to slutty perfection. She made her way down stairs, hearing loud chatter mixed with the kind of laughter she longed to experience. How had things turned so bad so suddenly between them? What had she done? Was she not the same woman he remembered even though she remembered everything, she was pretty sure? Was she missing pieces of herself she wasn’t aware of, but he was?

She paused on the stairs making out Bo, Liberty, her dad, his mom... She listened for Sade then heard Ralph.

Jesus, fuck, not him. She didn’t like him one bit. He was sweet, and cute, and would make a nice friend, but that was it. Sure, he’d probably like more but with Sade giving him the death stare, he didn’t even attempt any semblance of going there with her. Why did Sade act like he cared but didn’t care? Obviously he was torn about something with her, but what! If she were to think logically and positive about the situation, she would say he was suffering from shame and guilt of what he wanted and couldn’t have with her and therefore sought to remove her from his life… to protect her.

If she were thinking emotionally, she would say it was something she was doing wrong, or different than she used to and he just wasn’t that into her anymore and didn’t know how to exit the relationship now. The way he’d broken down in front her, she was leaning toward the shame part. Now he was pushing her away in hopes that she would do the job for him.

Well, on both those fronts—fuck. That. He’d have to work to get rid of her and she wouldn’t let him go easy. She’d go with the logical reasons for now and if her emotions got in the way, she’d deal with it then. She had feelings too. Needs. Hurts. He didn’t get to call all the shots, especially when he wasn’t thinking straight.

Her stomach got sick at thinking about the other option—the he wasn’t that into her anymore because she changed option. If that was the case… oh God, please let that not be it.

Bracing for a joyful act, she breezed into the kitchen where the action was. They were packing, she realized at a glance.

“Look who decided to wake up,” her father called.

Mercy let out a jovial laugh and sashayed to her dad’s open embrace, hoping Sade was hanging around in some corner.

She briefly flashed her peripheral at exiting the hug. “And I wasn’t sleeping, I was getting ready.”

He hugged her again and whispered in her ear, “I’m glad to hear you’re coming even though Sade is staying behind.”

“Yeah,” Bo said, peeking his head into their conversation space, “no Sade or Liberty, looks like we’re the party.”

“Liberty’s not going?” Mercy’s heart raced, along with instant negative thoughts.

“She’s not feeling good,” Bo whispered. “But if you ask me, she’s scared of the deep blue and is too proud to admit it.” He winked and leaned further in, kissing her on the cheek.

“How’s my precious girl,” Sade’s mom cooed, coming in with a kiss on Mercy’s forehead. “I’m glad you’re still coming, I need a girl to keep me company.”

Fuck, shit.

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5 days

5 more days!! Can't wait!!!


Can't wait for more Mercy

I can feel Mercy's anger and I hope she lets Sade have it :)


Can't wait... These teasers are killing me!!

5 more days!! Can't wait!!!

5 days is too long!

I can't wait for this, so excited.

This book has already gotten to me and I can't wait to see where it leads!!

countdown's close now! can't wait to find out what happens next

Beg For Mercy cannot get here soon enough!!

These next 5 days are going to have me begging for Mercy now!!

5 More Days!!!! I can't wait!!! I'm so excited!!!

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