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Deep, in the heart of Astin Valley, there were only two types of people. The first, are called Reverians, who are Dream Travelers, they have the ability to travel through and manipulate people's dreams. Then there are Defects: The Defects are half human, half Dream Traveler. And now a war is starting because the Presidents are making these injections. The injections stop the Defects from getting their Gifts (like, powers) because they would be to dangerous if they get their gifts. But now the Defects are becoming stronger, getting their gifts. So the Presidents chose to change them to humans, and so they are building a war.

Keenan Dominic Steyn oh, and P.S. you can't just stop taking the injections, other wise you will get these horrible head aces that last for 10 min, but somewhere in the lab there is a cure, they just need to find it....

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