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Missoula - Meeting Recap (Aug. 12th)

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We had a great turnout last night at the book group. Almost all attending had read the book and some schlepped it along on vacations. Although sensitive topic there was a lot of thought, insight and feelings shared at the meeting. As Mark pointed out in reading it he found that there was so much in our society that is broken in the handling of these situations and the victim is made to feel extreme guilt and their lifestyles put into question. Heidi pointed out and asked if there is a presumed entitlement that comes with men who have attained some sort of status and power. While Janet felt that a lot of people in today's society just seem to take what they want regardless of any consequences. I pointed out that it is inbread into our DNA/Psyche that the woman did something wrong and deserves punishment (using 2 examples - one Biblical about Kind David's daughter Tamara being raped by her brother. And the 2nd example from Greek mythology of Medusa being beautiful and a priestess in the temple of Athena - when raped on the temple steps she was punished and turned into a monster because it was her fault for being so beguiling). We as a society need to change the way we think of rape - it is not about sex it is about taking something away from another. The victim should never feel they deserved this.

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Melody was the advocate for this months book and unable to attend - here are her bullet points and thoughts.

* In a perfect world I would report if I were attacked.
* They talk about how many women have been attacked that people don't know about- I don't know anyone (that I know of) who has been. Makes you wonder.
* I got chills as Allison was screaming over phone that she had been raped.
* What gives anyone the right to force themselves How do men twist and justify it in their minds
* Is there a better way to investigate rape allegations w/o making the accuser feel like they're the guilty one? I get that it's difficult to prove if it's a he said she said.
* It was hard to read hear the comments of people judging whether or not bo was guilty and that it can't possibly be true
* The argument that women cry rape bc thy wanted to cheat on their boyfriends is terrible
* It was frustrating hearing the detective saying she thought zeke wasn't guilty and that he was completely innocent bc he was crying and "seemed" credible. She said it over and over she thought it was a misunderstanding
* How warped and twisted the guys turn th picture of how th assaults happen especially "the moaning" defense
* The guy who took the jeans after he attacked the girl "It was my fist time having sex so I took the pants as proof" was BS.
* Why do the female detectives keep telling the guys not to worry about prosecution
At least the university president took the Kaitlyn case seriously and found the guy guilty
* I was really surprised when they mentioned false rape allegations 2002 lb poly Brian banks. I went to LB Poly and if it was the summer of 2002 then I had just finished my freshman year. I ad no idea about any of that. Poly is large school diverse and football is huge. Although I myself never went to a game :)
* So much reverence by the prosecutor pabst for the life of the accused being ruined but not for the victim.
* I respect the dean for investigating each of the incidents once he became aware of them. The university appears to do more than the courts are
* I found this article that talked about Bo Donaldson being allowed to transfer to that boot camp program that was mentioned.
* Toward the end the football coach testimony was annoying. Avoiding direct answer to the judge questions
* Glad the hearing board upheld donaldsons sentence.
* Love that the judge sentenced him to the full sentence. Van valkenbyrg kind of redeeming himself by pushing in beau donaldsons sentencing
* Hard to argue with the number of cases 300 reported and the paltry few that were actually prosecuted. Really annoying that Kirsten Pabst got reelected.

A lot of informations is repeated. School rules about lawyer and Or report to police and courtroom testimony

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