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Jude (gowebsgo) | 75 comments Mod
Please use < spoiler > tags when talking about spoilers that happen further than the first chapter, just in case, please!

This discussion revolves around Sarah J. Maas' book/series Throne of Glass.

Shiny | 100 comments Firstly I just want everyone to know that I am a HUGE fan and that I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! There's no words to explain how much I feel for this book!!!

Emma (casualion) Me too! It's my second favorite series of all time (Percy Jackson is first). I love, love, love Celaena and how she always has some sarcastic/witty comment to make.

Shiny | 100 comments Yeah I know!!! Especially with chaol!!!!!!! Have u read all 3 books????

Zoë | 85 comments Yeah me too I love characters that have a sense of humour it makes the book more fun to read!

Emma (casualion) I have read all 3 books and can't wait for Queen of Shadows to come out September 1st!

Emma (casualion) My favorite character so far is Rowan.

Emma (casualion) It's going to be so funny when he and Chaol meet.

Shiny | 100 comments I know!!! I ship Rowan and Celaena in a friendly way!!!!!!!! I love how he's so reserved and quiet!!! Kinda like chaol at the start!!!! And my heart literally broke at he end of crown of midnight!!!!!!!!

Shiny | 100 comments And I feel SO sorry for dorian too!!

Shiny | 100 comments And I feel SO sorry for dorian too!!

message 12: by Emma (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emma (casualion) Yeah, I don't see why people ship them as a couple. That would never happen, plus he's like 400 something.

Shiny | 100 comments I know rite!!!

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Zoë | 85 comments I really like Rowan as well! But Chaol and Celeana are definitely the main ship!

Shiny | 100 comments If anyone disagrees they will suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiny | 100 comments I just can't imagine chaol with somebody else and it would kill me!!!!!!!

message 17: by Zoë (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zoë | 85 comments I don't think Chaol could see himself with someone else!

Shiny | 100 comments I don't anyone could!!!!

message 19: by Emma (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emma (casualion) He can't see himself with anyone else because he said/thought: "And because she was young, and so damn clever and amusing and wonderful, wherever she made her home, there would be some man who would fall in love with her and who would make her his wife, and that would be the worst truth of all. It had snuck up on him, this pain and terror and rage at the thought of anyone else with her. Every look, every word from her... he didn't even know when it had started."

Shiny | 100 comments I'm mentally crying now!!!! It's so cute!!!

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Emma (casualion) He's going to really freak when she comes back with Rowan.

Shiny | 100 comments Yeah!!! I have a feel that they will get together in queen of shadows!!!

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Emma (casualion) Have you guys seen the thing on Sarah's blog that where if you pre-order Queen of Shadows and email some person you get the buttons for free? They were SO cool!

message 24: by Zoë (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zoë | 85 comments Which buttons?

message 25: by Emma (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emma (casualion) Go to Sarah J. Maas's page here on Goodreads. Right below the box with all her information is her blog posts. 'Queen of Shadows U.S. Tour Dates' is the name of the one they're in. Just scroll down a little bit on it.

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Emma (casualion) So Queen of Shadows comes out tomorrow! Who else is excited? I went totally fangirl on my friends at the end of school today and was telling them how it ended and they were just like, "Emma, we're not listening to you." I already knew and they said it in a nice way but it was kinda funny. I've got to pre-order the book today so that I can get the buttons that come with it.

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Zoë | 85 comments Haha it is exciting but there seems to be so many books coming out around now so there's so many to be excited about! I'm probably going to wait for my friend to get it though and borrow it off her because I don't have any of the earlier ones in the series!

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Emma (casualion) Yeah there are a lot coming out. And the only one I own is The Assassin's Blade. It would take my library like a month or two to get it in and I would have to tell them and I just can't wait that long.

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Zoë | 85 comments Aww well I suppose that means you have to buy it! My friend should be getting it pretty soon so I don't think I'll have to wait long!

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Emma (casualion) I just ordered it and I don't know if I got the buttons or not but I'm still really excited and it'll be here like next week or something.

Shiny | 100 comments As long as CHAOL and celaena at least meet each other I'm happy!!!!

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Emma (casualion) Yeah, me too. (view spoiler)

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Emma (casualion) I finished Queen of Shadows today in like 3rd period and it was awesome! If you haven't read it yet, obviously don't read this, but it's not really that big of a spoiler since we all knew it was going to happen anyway, and I'm going to stop babbling now and just say (type?) it now: (view spoiler)

Shiny | 100 comments Oh I'm gonna buy this book like next week!!!! Hopefully fingers crossed!!!! Oh I'm so excited!!!!

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