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Claim a character and put in this info:

Preferred Name:


Date of Birth (optional):




Titles (King, Queen, President, Country, Peasant etc.):

Occupation (Job):


Skin Colour:

Eye Colour:

Hair Style:

Hair Colour:



Abilities and Powers (optional):

Equipment (optional):




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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 4 comments Preferred Name: Kazuto Kirigaya

Age: 18

Race/Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation (Job): School

Build: Slim

Skin Colour: Peach

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Style: https://www.google.com/search?q=kirit...

Hair Colour: Black

Clothes: https://www.google.com/search?q=kirit...

Personality: Kirito is someone who is not good with words, and can be quite direct. This is due to him not having many friends and closing others off because of his love for computers. As such, he can come off as a rude person to others. Sometimes, he actually seems to enjoy angering and teasing people as well. Also, from time to time, Kirito can be quite overconfident thinking he can do things others can not.

Equipment (optional): https://www.google.com/search?newwind...

Friends: Agil, Klein, others from SAO.
Family: His sister and mother.

Enemies: N/A

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Accepted and thank you for joining :)

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Accepted and thank you for joining :)

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Accepted and thank you for joining :)

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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 4 comments Yep!

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Invite your friends so more people can play :)

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Is this where we can claim original anime characters?

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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 4 comments Yes.

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Do you mean as in OC or an already made character like Naruto?

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already made

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Okay then.

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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 4 comments My own opinion, SWORD ART ONLINE IS THE BEST AND SO IS KIRITO!

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[Name:] Gumi Hearth
[Nickname:] Gumi thank you, nicknames are quite peevish
[Age] 16
[Blood Type:] O
[Star Sign:] Aquarius
[Date of Birth:] January 20th
[Theme Song:] Tokio Funka by GUMI



[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] Single (personality will explain why)
[Crush:] Kaito and Len
[Race:] Unknown, however is believed to be Oriental
[Religion] Religion is binding, in her opinion, and she hates people pressing it on her
[Species:] Vocaloid

(view spoiler)
[Hair:] Short and wild green locks that seen to have a life of their own. She has a hard time 'taming' them to look presentable
[Eyes:] luminous green that have been reported to, supposedly, glow in the dark. Gumi wouldn't know. She can't exactly see her eyes in the dark. They are said to change with her mood, like, for example, if she's down they would tinge slightly blue. If she was angry, they would tinge slightly red, etc.
[Weight:] 45kg
[Height:] 155cm
[Scent:] Paint and new paper
[Scarring or Markings:] a tattoo on her left shoulder
[Clothing Style:]

(view spoiler)


Gumi appears to be an attractive, funny and smart young adolescent and very few men don't turn to stare after her and even fewer stick around once they get to know her. She can be extremely unpredictable and she knows it. She simply likes 'tickling' peoples brains and seeing them confused. She is extremely complicated and this is most of the reason she hardly has any permanent relationship bond with people. They usually get frustrated with her and give up. She can be bold and outgoing. She's bubbly and can be quite chatty when she's in a good mood. She can be extremely 'strange' at times and weird. She is extremely extroverted and loved to express this through her actions, words, and apparel. She loves bright, noisy and constantly moving environments. So it confuses people when she is said to be somewhat timid and prone mistakes when under stressful situations. She is rather simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly, her intuition is very sharp, surprisingly courageous, and she has been considered a wise judge of circumstances and danger.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
- Is extremely ticklish
- Loves people playing with her hair
- She quietly purrs in her sleep

- Can sometimes be too happy
- Extremely innocent and sometimes doesn't know mature things (view spoiler)
- Extremely stubborn
- Can sometimes be too kind for her own good

+ An optimist
+ Excellent strategist
+ Smart both academically, philosophically, and contextually
+ Bright and colourful
+ Can cheer even the most evil, gloomy and cold people with simply a smile

[Favorite Things:] (view spoiler)
+ Green and neon orange
+ Hugs (she considers herself a pro
+ Carrots
+ Paint
+ Smiling
+ Steampunk

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 7/10
[Friends:] All other Vocaloids
[Enemies:] Not many
[Family] Gakupo ~ Brother

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"When you trust someone and get to know them, you eventually learn about their wounds as well"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Name Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Full Name- Mei Tachibana

First Name-Mei (pronounced as May)-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)
Middle Name-Haruka-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)
Last Name-Tachibana-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)

Nickname- Just Mei

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Age Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Age Appearance- 16
Real Age- Unknown
Date Of Birth- December 25th
Place Of Birth- Unknown
Time Of Birth- 4:00 am
Zodiac Sign- Capricorn (view spoiler)
Birth Stone- Turquoise Zircon or Lapis lazuli
Birth Flower- Narcissus or Poinsettia

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Biography Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Heterosexual
Species Human
Relationship Status- Taken by Yamato

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Physical Appearance Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
(view spoiler)

Full Physical Description-
Mei is a young teenage girl with fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She is pretty in a cute, petite, mousy and adorable way. She is quite thin and appears to slump over slightly. Mei rarely smiles. Her hair is short with a hime hairstyle, but she sometimes allowes it to grow out to the point where it's slightly shoulder length.
Mei is usually seen wearing her school uniform, but when hanging out with her friends or working at the bakery, she has some casual clothes she wears as well

"You got a death wish, pal?"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality Traits ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Relationship Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Father- Kuro Tachibana
Mother- Sakura Tachibana
Siblings- None
Allies- Open
Enemies- Many
Friends- Open, though it's hard to earn this title
Pets- Marshmallow, her cat (view spoiler)
"Shut up and go away"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Preference Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Being alone
Being with her cat
Working at the bakery
Her family

People with no respect for a girl's personal space
Intrusive people
People who try to be her friend

"Isn't the sunset pretty? I love watching it dip below the horizon"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Strengths/Weakness Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Being straight to the point
Telling the truth
Sure of herself
High self esteem
Doesn't care for labels or discrimination

Extremely flustered when it comes to love
Can't lie
Comes under pressure form the people she admires extremely easily
Too quiet and reserved and when she does come out of her shell she's too straight to the point and gets angered easily

"I don't care what they say. So long as I appear decent in the eyes of those I admire"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Mei is someone who has learnt that some people can be quick to betray you and that you're better off without anyone. She seems to distance herself among everyone else, so she won't get hurt. Overall, she does get embarrassed easily, however can be extremely assertive when she wants to. Her personality began to change ever since she moved from the local middle school to the high school for VIPs. She became more cautious and distant from the people around her, which gave her a shy and easy-to-push-around aura. However she has proved to be the opposite as many people who have crossed her path know. Despite this change in her personality, Mei continues to be as clumsy, observant and honest as she was in the beginning. Mei helps people who are in situations similar to the ones she has experienced and tries to give out advice every now and then. She is extremely confident and is willing to express what she has to say without any fear of labelling or discrimination.

"I hate this class. Everyone's so stuck up. Why can't they just leave me alone?"


◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Other Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Special object- An amulet from her father http://celticcharms.co.uk/images/IMG_...
Adoptive parent's company/career-Hairdresser

"You have to let your burdens go once in a while. Let your tears stream. No one but you knows how hard it is. Everyone else thinks you're fine. Let them think that. They don't deserve to know how you really feel"

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"I wish I could be more like Kazehaya kun...."

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Name Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Full Name- Sawako Kuronoma

First Name-Sawako
Last Name--Kuronoma
Nickname- Sawako, Sadako


◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Age Information◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Age Appearance- 16
Real Age- 17
Date Of Birth- 31 December
Zodiac Sign- Capricorn
Birth Stone- Ruby or Garnet

Kazehaya: "Sawako"
Sawako: "Yes?"

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Biography Information◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Heterosexual
Crush- Shouta Kazehaya
Relationship Status- Taken
Species- Human

"Why won't I stop crying?"

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Physical Appearance Information◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
(view spoiler)
Full Physical Description-
Sawako is constantly mistaken as "Sadako" from "The Ring" due to her long, straight jet-black hair and pale skin, which makes her look like a person that can sense spirits from above (aka ghosts). Her hair has been straight and cut since she was a child. It is also noted that when she first encounters Kurumizawa, she wishes to have curly hair. She is quite small, due to her father being very short. During Ayane and Chizuru's first visit to Sawako's house, Yoshida notes that Sawako's lips and figure looks like her mother's, and most of Sawako's other features are inherited of her father's. Her smile is rumored to bring good luck, due to its rarity and the fact that it is beautiful to look at.

Dressing Style-

Sawako usually wears her high school uniform with a blue jacket during fall and winter, and during summer, she just wears a short-sleeved dress shirt. Her skirt is longer compared to other girls, since she does not pull up or cut the skirt like most of the high school girls do. During their second summer vacation, however, Ayane helps Sawako with wearing her uniform a bit differently, moving the skirt up a little more, and wearing the bowtie loosely instead. When not at school, Sawako is known to usually wear dresses instead, but wears a t-shirt and a pair of pants during the school trip to be more at ease when walking.

"Yes, right away!"

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Personality Traits◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Relationship Information◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Siblings- None
Allies- Ayane, Chiziru, Kazehaya
Enemies- Kurimi
Friends- Ayane, Chizuru, Kazehaya
Pets- None

"No closer!"

Sawako is known to get nervous easily, giving her a creepy look due to nervousness. In reality, she is a shy person who really wants to make new friends and be more open with her class. She is always seen doing chores, as noticed by Shota, but he realizes Sawako does it because she wants to, and doesn't want others to be troubled. Sawako is a caring girl, as seen when she avoided Ayane, Chizuru, and even Shota, to protect them from the rumors. She is a bit oblivious however, as she was yelled by Shota that avoiding others wasn't right, and that she was already friends with Ayane and Chizuru after Chizuru told her herself. She also does not realize Shota loves her at first, mistaking his confession as a rejection of her feelings. Sawako works hard in everything she does, as seen when she fought back the girls from Class-A who insulted Ayane and Chizuru.

After noticing her feelings for Shota, she begins to become more nervous around him, in fear of her own greediness. However, later on, she works hard on trying to confess her feelings to him, which leads to them getting together. After they start going out, Sawako tries to become a bit more bold, as when she tries to hold Shota's hand, and when she tried to change the look of her uniform to impress Shota, and also begins to love Shota even more, after hearing more about his own feelings.

People say she is scary, but she really isn't. In reality, Sawako is a rather caring and kind person. One episode, close to the beginning, she smiles like any normal human would. Ayane and Chizuru get surprised fast. People think she can curse people, until Pin says she is an exorcist, which really, she can't do any of them.

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(Based on the anime))

"I'll smash that bastard Sho's face in and then he'll be the face of nightmares, not magazines"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Name Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Full Name- Kyoko Mogami

First Name-Kyoko
Last Name-Mogami

Nickname-Just Kyoko

Ren: "Good morning Kyoko"
Kyoko: It's Tsurga san! the Demon Lord of the Night
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Age Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Age Appearance- 17
Real Age- 17
Date Of Birth- December 25th

"Who does she think she is!?"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Biography Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Heterosexual
Crush- Ren Tsurga and Shouta Fuwa
Relationship Status- Single
Species- Human

I don't think I'll be able to smile that way at anyone again. Not after what he did to me
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Physical Appearance Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
(view spoiler)

Full Physical Description-
Before Kyoko found out that Sho was only using her to do house-maid work, Kyoko had long black-colored hair. Her hair was always up in a ponytail, as she was always working three part-time jobs at the same time because of Sho. But when her hair was down, it became really messy and wavy. She also did not care about her appearance at all, shown as she did not use make-up or buy anything for her self. She usually wore her uniform for her work or casual clothing she had before they arrived at Tokyo.

After her makeover, she cut her hair down to her neck and dyed into a chestnut colour. She also changed a bit of her clothing. Instead of her old clothes, she bought new clothing such as skirt and jacket.
Usually, she wears her bright pink Love Me jumpsuit while at LME. When she has work to do, she wears a top with a white jacket paired with skirt and boots. She is seen always using a bag given to her by Taisho's Wife.
Kyoko's appearance changes drastically during her roles. Many people say that she looks much different in her roles than how she is in real life, to the point that she becomes unrecognizable to other people and even to the people that personally know her. Her appearance also changed drastically during the Dark Moon party, she was wearing a long dress, a long chestnut-colored wig and light make-up.

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality Traits ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Kyoko: "Well if 'forgive me' worked, Sho, then hell wouldn't exist, would it!?
Sho: *I swear someone'd burning holes in the back of my head*
Kyoko: *tralalalala, nothing to see. Just an innocent and non-vengeful girl minding her own business*

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Preference Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Fantasy themed things
Playing with Maria
A good challenge
Showing up Sho at every opportunity that comes her way

People who are weak
People who don't care for anything

"I lost my ston...oh good Tsurga san, you found it"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Strengths/Weakness Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Looks (with makeup)
The stone Corn gave her

Looks (Without makeup)
Sho Fuwa (She condsiders him a bastard)
Ren Tsurga's 'Divinely smile' (He negative demons don't exactly like the aura it emits)
Never having known the love of a family
Has completely rejected her ability to love

"So, Sho how does the defeat and shame taste? Bastard"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Kyoko is a kind and hardworking girl, and always put others before her. She did everything to please others around her. She is very clever, although she's still a little bit dense and naive. She manages to pass the High School Entrance exam with the highest grades, 100%. She believes in fairies and always dreamed of her "prince charming" (Sho) to marry her before he broke her heart. Kyoko is also a perfectionist, once she does something, she won't stop until she feels that it's 'perfect'.

Kyoko and Sho back thenAs a sixteen year old she was still hard working, having three jobs at once to support Sho, and also very intense and very emotional when it came to Sho. When she realized Sho's betrayal and her little vengeful demons were released, Kyoko became very quick to anger when Sho is mentioned, although most people believe that this is because she's his fan.
Kyoko is initially conservative; she doesn't like seeing people without their top on, even the people who are close to her, like Sho or any gestures relating to that. But, she became less conservative for the sake of acting, in order to reach her goal to be Japan's top actress and to be more famous than Sho.

The most important change in Kyoko is that she has lost the ability to love after Sho's betrayal. Although she can still feel the love for a friend (such as Kanae), she ruthlessly squashes any romantic urges. She remains completely oblivious to Ren's affections despite others (such as Yukihito and Kanae) pointing it out. She remains firm in her belief that no one could possible be romantically interested in her, and that love is "a prelude to despair and disaster".

When putting her mind and energy to acting, she can become any character she wants, and the personality can stick with her even outside of the role, as shown when she plays Mio. She can also pull off heartless facial expressions even when she isn't in character in hopes to deter someone.

Kyoko shows that she has an incredible talent for acting, with Chiori even referring to her as "butterfly" or "fairy" as her talents are so fantastic. Kyoko gradually becomes more absorbed in acting as a passion and gets conflicted over what she wants, revenge against Sho, respect from Ren or an acting career. She has a strong sense of determination and caring which she applies in her work and life.

"He destroyed my pure heart. Just like the playboy he is. I despise him"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ History ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Kyoko was born and raised in Kyoto. Her mother was mostly indifferent and cold towards her. On tests her mother would only acknowledge Kyoko if she got a perfect score. Often, her mother would leave her at a nearby Ryokan managed by Sho's parents. When Kyoko was six years old, her mother left her in the care of Sho's parents. Up to now, her mother's location is unknown and it is implied that she had abandoned Kyoko.
When Kyoko was 6 years old, she ran away to a nearby place in a forest and met the 10-year old Kuon Hizuri. She thought Kuon was a fairy because of his foreign features and befriends him.

Her relationship with Sho was actually the cause of why she never became friends with anyone else since the other children in their school and neighborhood were jealous of her relationship with Sho.

Kyoko practically lived to please others. She worked hard at the Ryokan to please Sho's parents and she always tried to get 100% on all her tests in school to please her mother. She often cried over her cruel and indifferent mother who, no matter what she did, could not be pleased.

Knowing she made Sho feel uncomfortable by crying in front of him, Kyoko usually left for a secluded spot nearby the Ryokan to cry. This is where she met Corn/Ren whom she believed to be a fairy prince. They had only known each other for a few days when Corn/Ren had to leave. He left her with a blue stone and he told her she could put all her sad feelings into the stone.

After finishing middle school, Sho asked Kyoko to follow him to Tokyo so he could realize his dream of working in showbiz. Kyoko, who was deeply in love with Sho, followed him putting herself, as always, secondary to his wants, leaving her regular high school dreams behind her

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Gumi is accepted and I LOVE Tokio Funka :P About to read the other one.

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Mei is accepted. Btw, how many characters do you want? XD You seem like an extreme RPer

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I am making Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun and that will be my last

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Sawako and Kyoko are accepted

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Okay. I hope I didn't come across as rude. You can make as many as you like. :)

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nah man, It's okay

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

the XD face made it seem genuine

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Okay then ^-^

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Do you guys want to propose some ideas for locations or want some personal places?

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Do you guys want to propose some ideas for locations or want some personal places?

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Do you guys want to propose some ideas for locations or want some personal places?

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Do you guys want to propose some ideas for locations or want some personal places?

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Do you guys want to propose some ideas for locations or want some personal places?

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Waffee | 25 comments Mod
Do you guys want to propose some ideas for locations or want some personal places?

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Do you guys want to propose some ideas for locations or want some personal places?

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