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What Tattoo Would You Want?

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Anna I'm gonna pitch in on the discussion because I'm far too over excited.
So, not to reduce the great mythical upheaval or human trauma to a meer fashion statement but if you were to be tattooed, what would you wish it to be? (And yes, I'm aware that if the T.A.T really were after you for such a thing, you probably wouldn't be given a sample book and asked to pick one out.)
As you ought to know by now, the tattoo wouldn't just be an asthetic thing. If it came down too it, what myth would you like to be? I've thought long and hard about this and I honestly can't decide. While it would be awesome to be a Siren or a griffin or a nymth, I feel that's a bit of a cheat so I'll also throw a winged horse into the mix as I'd love to be able to fly in the air and on land (besides, think of all the innuendos one could come up with when offering people rides). I'm not sure what that tattoo would look like though; I'd like to think it was a little more creative than a horses head. And no, just for the record, this has nothing to do with My Little Pony.

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Abi Kirk The tattoo would be a horseshoe in front of a wing, I think.
For my tattoo, I'd like to have a sun disc, with horns protruding out of each side with an Anhk beneath. This would represent Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of joy, music and love to name a few.

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