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[Name:] Gumi Hearth
[Nickname:] Gumi thank you, nicknames are quite peevish
[Age] 16
[Blood Type:] O
[Star Sign:] Aquarius
[Date of Birth:] January 20th
[Theme Song:] Tokio Funka by GUMI



[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] Single (personality will explain why)
[Crush:] Kaito and Len
[Race:] Unknown, however is believed to be Oriental
[Religion] Religion is binding, in her opinion, and she hates people pressing it on her
[Species:] Vocaloid

(view spoiler)
[Hair:] Short and wild green locks that seen to have a life of their own. She has a hard time 'taming' them to look presentable
[Eyes:] luminous green that have been reported to, supposedly, glow in the dark. Gumi wouldn't know. She can't exactly see her eyes in the dark. They are said to change with her mood, like, for example, if she's down they would tinge slightly blue. If she was angry, they would tinge slightly red, etc.
[Weight:] 45kg
[Height:] 155cm
[Scent:] Paint and new paper
[Scarring or Markings:] a tattoo on her left shoulder
[Clothing Style:]

(view spoiler)


Gumi appears to be an attractive, funny and smart young adolescent and very few men don't turn to stare after her and even fewer stick around once they get to know her. She can be extremely unpredictable and she knows it. She simply likes 'tickling' peoples brains and seeing them confused. She is extremely complicated and this is most of the reason she hardly has any permanent relationship bond with people. They usually get frustrated with her and give up. She can be bold and outgoing. She's bubbly and can be quite chatty when she's in a good mood. She can be extremely 'strange' at times and weird. She is extremely extroverted and loved to express this through her actions, words, and apparel. She loves bright, noisy and constantly moving environments. So it confuses people when she is said to be somewhat timid and prone mistakes when under stressful situations. She is rather simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly, her intuition is very sharp, surprisingly courageous, and she has been considered a wise judge of circumstances and danger.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
- Is extremely ticklish
- Loves people playing with her hair
- She quietly purrs in her sleep

- Can sometimes be too happy
- Extremely innocent and sometimes doesn't know mature things (view spoiler)
- Extremely stubborn
- Can sometimes be too kind for her own good

+ An optimist
+ Excellent strategist
+ Smart both academically, philosophically, and contextually
+ Bright and colourful
+ Can cheer even the most evil, gloomy and cold people with simply a smile

[Favorite Things:] (view spoiler)
+ Green and neon orange
+ Hugs (she considers herself a pro
+ Carrots
+ Paint
+ Smiling
+ Steampunk

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 7/10
[Friends:] All other Vocaloids
[Enemies:] Not many
[Family] Gakupo ~ Brother

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((It's cool that Gakupo's her brother! XP))

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((Who do you think Kaito should have as family?))

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((I'm not sure. But Gakupo is Gumi's actual brother. No joke))

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"Here and reporting for duty, sir!"


[Name:] Mito Jūjō
[Nickname:] Mimi
[Blood Type:] AB
[Star Sign:] Capricorn
[Date of Birth:] January 1
[Theme Song:] None at the moment
[Age:] 16


[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Crush:] Mito: *activates porta* Another question like that and you're toast!
[Race:] Oriental and 1/10 Irish
[Rank:] Third General


[Hair:] her red hair has grown to knee length which she wears in a ponytail with a purple hair tie
[Eyes:] large purple eyes
[Weight:] 47 kg (104 lb)
[Height:] 163 cm (5'4")
[Scent:] Jasmine
[Scarring or Markings:] None
[Clothing Style:] Her uniform consists of a long-sleeved black tailcoat with light green details and two rows of gold buttons on the front and shoulder epaulettes, which have a fourragère passing under and around her side. She wears a pair of white gloves along with an armband on her left arm, and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. Instead of the standard female skirt, Mito opted for the trousers seen with the male version of the uniform along with a pair of black shoes.(view spoiler)

"Stay on you're toes. Slacking will get you killed"


Mito is the classic tsundere Ojōsama. She is well-bred, gets riled up easily, and is attentive to etiquette and station. She is also quite stubborn. Despite being a rank under Sayuri Hanayori, she refuses to recognize her leadership. Being of high authority doesn't matter to her. She believes that she should he the first general. This personality trait is the reason she is only the third seat general. She is headstrong and has plenty of attitude to spare, however she believes that when fighting, if you don't work as a team, you die. She can be blunt at times. She is compassionate and loyal towards anyone who is close to her. She can snap easily and has a fierce and fiery temper when she does. Everyone thinks twice about what they say to her for this reason.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] She can't stand imperfections
-She pays too much attention to every single detail
-Has to learn to be a bit less blunt
-She has a few stubborn bones
-She sometimes feels regrets when killing mutants

+She understands that mutants are dangerous imperfections
+She is a loyal teammate
+She can be compassionate

[Favorite Things:]
+A good sparring fight
+Talking to the other generals
+Taking good care of her porta

"Seriously> Why do the mutants run when they're going to die anyway?"

{Other Details}

[Stability:] 9
[Interesting Facts:] She loves arguing with snide comments
[Friends:] Sayuri Hanayori, Open for more
[Enemies:] Open
[Family:] TBRP'd
In this she is pictured using her port which is in the form of a sort of 'hand glove' that transmits the energy of a spell into every strike, inflicting devastating damage.
[Power(s):] Mito excels in spellcast techniques transmitted from generation to generation in the Jujo family, which enhances her physical ability in combat. Also, her porta enhances her in speed, agility and brute strength.

"Why is Sayuri using such a powerful spell? That loyal idiot"

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「Name」: Hatsune Miku
「Alias(es)」: Miku (only by her Vocaloid friends)
「Date of Birth」: September 17
「Age」: 18
「Gender」: Female

"I'm sooo innocent"

「Alignment」: Monarchy
「Species」: Vocaloid
「List of Abilities」:

✧ Sound Manipulation
✧ Can manipulate the vibes in her surrounding
✧ Can hear from far distances
✦ Released robotic form (view spoiler)


「Sexual Orientation」: Heterosexual
「Relationship Status」: Single
「Blood Relations」:

✧ None (being part robot and all)

「Eyes」: Neon blue
「Hair」: Aqua
「Apparel」: A modified version of a school uniform and her ever present headphones. She will either be see with school shoes and knee socks, knee boots or her knee boot roller skates that. (All her apparel is either blue or black)
「Scars/Body Art/Piercings/Etc」: Her model number on her left shoulder which is always visible. If she covers it, it will appear on the clothing covering it.



✦ Miku is a happy, go-lucky type of girl who is alway laughing. She doesn't criticise people or judge them on their mistakes. She is quite new to the concept of emotions and being happy is the only one she likes. She loves everyone she meets and is quite childish in assuming that everyone in the world is nice, lovely and all flowers. She is innocent and has a cute and adorable aura that makes it hard for anyone to dislike her. Men seem to be attracted to that quality of hers, and she manages to flirt back without even registering the true meaning of what she's really saying.


✧ Music
✧ Smiling
✧ Riding her roller skates
✧ Singing
✧ Leeks (yum!)
✧ Meeting new people
✧ Parties
✧ Dancing


✧ People she loves being sad
✧ Sad emotions
✧ Love (She isn't programmed to deal with the feeling, so she sucks at it)
✧ Mean people
✧ Crying


✧ Everyone being sad

"Why are you not dancing?"


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Someone called me by my name! That makes me really happy!


[Name:] Yuno Gasai
[Nickname:] Y
[Blood Type:] O
[Star Sign:] Capricorn
[Date of Birth:] January 18
[Theme Song:] The screaming of her victims?
[Age:] 15

You guys are fun to play with! You even paint the floor with my favourite colour!


[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Bisexual
[Relationship Status:]likes to think that Yuki is her boyfriend
[Crush:] Yuki
[Race:] Japanese

You really need to shut up. You humans are all like toasters; defective. Your toast isn't even crunchy

(view spoiler)

[Hair:] A light shade of pink
[Eyes:] pink
[Weight:] 45kg
[Height:] 165cm
[Scent:] No one actually gets to even touch her and make it out alive, let alone smell her
[Scarring or Markings:] none
[Clothing Style:] Black and blood

I think I'm insane. Completely and utterly mad and cluttered beyond repair

[Demon Form:]
(view spoiler)
[Color of Hair/Fur/Feathers/Etc.:] Still pink, however usually ends up bloodstained by the time she's done. Her eyes go from her usual soft doe-eyed pink to an insane glowing red with a glaze of insanity.
[Height/Length:] Still the same
[Weight/Build:] Still the same, petite, curvaceous and innocent as ever
[Unique Artifact:] A bunny tattoo on the small of her back
[Clothing Style:] Still the same, except with more blood.



Yuno appears to be a sweet and innocent young girl, just wanting love and affection. Hardly anyone came near her due to her excessive enthusiasm and possessiveness (and I mean ties-up-friend-in-house-so-that-she-doesn't-leave possessive) towards her friends. She writhed in loneliness and sadness. To the point that she went completely insane. She keeps her true self masked with her innocence and cute appearance. Anyone who has attempted to read her mind or even pry her mental block open, they usually go insane and either commit suicide or ask her to kill them. She is known to use abnormal phrases of speech , such as referring to humans as 'toasters'. However, if you get to know her better, and aren't fazed by her psychopathic bitch behaviour, then she is an extremely kind and loving person. However be aware that you won't be leaving her side any time soon. If you're still confused as to how she functions, click the links below for a better idea*
*Disclaimer: None of the above footage is mine. The animations are extremely graphic therefore please do not view unless you are of or over 13 years of age.


[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
-Completely insane
-Psycho bitch
-Desperate for company
-loves blood
-Gets pissed off easily (Just a note: Do not piss her off if you value your life)

+Her looks
+Assassinations, but she does need to learn how to be more clean ((She asked to be paid in candy, not money))

Everyone hates me. No one likes me. Why? Why do they all like everyone but me? Is there something wrong with me?

[Favorite Things:]

[History:] TBRP'd


{Other Details}

[Stability:] Well can differ from a 1 to 5
[Interesting Facts:] I could list so many that would save your life, however if I did then I would need some saving *Looks over shoulder to see Yanos and her "I'll kill you bitch glare*
[Friends:] Definitely open
[Enemies:] Too many to list.

bye bye! Drop by sometime soon. And don't bring those toasters with you

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"When you trust someone and get to know them, you eventually learn about their wounds as well"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Name Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Full Name- Mei Tachibana

First Name-Mei (pronounced as May)-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)
Middle Name-Haruka-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)
Last Name-Tachibana-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)

Nickname- Just Mei

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Age Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Age Appearance- 13
Real Age- Unknown
Date Of Birth- December 25th
Place Of Birth- Unknown
Time Of Birth- 4:00 am
Zodiac Sign- Capricorn (view spoiler)
Birth Stone- Turquoise Zircon or Lapis lazuli
Birth Flower- Narcissus or Poinsettia

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Biography Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Heterosexual
Species Human
Relationship Status- Taken by Yamato

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Physical Appearance Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
(view spoiler)

Full Physical Description-
Mei is a young teenage girl with fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She is pretty in a cute, petite, mousy and adorable way. She is quite thin and appears to slump over slightly. Mei rarely smiles. Her hair is short with a hime hairstyle, but she sometimes allowes it to grow out to the point where it's slightly shoulder length.
Mei is usually seen wearing her school uniform, but when hanging out with her friends or working at the bakery, she has some casual clothes she wears as well

"You got a death wish, pal?"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality Traits ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Relationship Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Father- Kuro Tachibana
Mother- Sakura Tachibana
Siblings- None
Allies- Open
Enemies- Many
Friends- Open, though it's hard to earn this title
Pets- Marshmallow, her cat (view spoiler)
"Shut up and go away"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Preference Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Being alone
Being with her cat
Working at the bakery
Her family

People with no respect for a girl's personal space
Intrusive people
People who try to be her friend

"Isn't the sunset pretty? I love watching it dip below the horizon"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Strengths/Weakness Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Being straight to the point
Telling the truth
Sure of herself
High self esteem
Doesn't care for labels or discrimination

Extremely flustered when it comes to love
Can't lie
Comes under pressure form the people she admires extremely easily
Too quiet and reserved and when she does come out of her shell she's too straight to the point and gets angered easily

"I don't care what they say. So long as I appear decent in the eyes of those I admire"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Mei is someone who has learnt that some people can be quick to betray you and that you're better off without anyone. She seems to distance herself among everyone else, so she won't get hurt. Overall, she does get embarrassed easily, however can be extremely assertive when she wants to. Her personality began to change ever since she moved from the local middle school to the high school for VIPs. She became more cautious and distant from the people around her, which gave her a shy and easy-to-push-around aura. However she has proved to be the opposite as many people who have crossed her path know. Despite this change in her personality, Mei continues to be as clumsy, observant and honest as she was in the beginning. Mei helps people who are in situations similar to the ones she has experienced and tries to give out advice every now and then. She is extremely confident and is willing to express what she has to say without any fear of labelling or discrimination.

"I hate this class. Everyone's so stuck up. Why can't they just leave me alone?"


◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Other Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Special object- An amulet from her father http://celticcharms.co.uk/images/IMG_...
Adoptive parent's company/career-Hairdresser

"You have to let your burdens go once in a while. Let your tears stream. No one but you knows how hard it is. Everyone else thinks you're fine. Let them think that. They don't deserve to know how you really feel"

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((Based on her personality in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANJmn...))


[Name:] Rin Kagamine
[Nickname:] Rin, Bow-head (only by her brother)
[Blood Type:] O
[Star Sign:] Capricorn
[Date of Birth:] December 27
[Age:] 14

[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] tends to lean toward men
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Crush:] Open
[Race:] Oriental


[Hair:] Blonde
[Eyes:] Blue
[Weight:] 65kg
[Height:] 165cm
[Scent:] Perfume
[Scarring or Markings:] The numbers 02 on her left forearm
[Clothing Style:]


Rin's always after intellectual stimulation, constantly discovering something new, forming new opinions and stubbornly traveling his own way regardless of what other people think. Rin is filled with paradoxes, she is interested in the opposite ends of the spectrum, she likes to be alone yet is a social butterfly. Rin likes to experience both sides and see both opinions as she formulates new ideas with his forward thinking, ACTIVE mind. She is verbally skilled and very witty, observing people and learn how to interact with others through observation. They can be masters of manipulation justifying anything they do or think. As a result, they can deal with any type of personality and adapt to any situation. They welcome change because boredom is their enemy. Anything new is an opportunity to them. They can act as an expert on any topic, they are very good at inflating their own importance, they feel it is deserved because their eccentricity makes them unique. Conventional people beware, Rin likes to shock and deviate from the norm, this is how she lives. She is known to pick at anyone he finds weak or dull-minded. It is simply an easy target for verbal exercise for her, no harm is meant but it might be taken from the other person.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
-Fights a lot with her brother -slightly possessive

+Extremely observant
+Smooth talker
+Her looks

[Favorite Things:]

{Other Details}

[Interesting Facts:] She can't stay anywhere for long periods of time without her brother. She get's uneasy and feels empty. The same goes for her brother.
[Friends:] Ava and Aiden (or IA and IO)
[Enemies:] Too many to list.
[Family:] Len Kagamine

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[Name:] Mikasa Ackerman
[Date of Birth:] January 18
[Favorite Color:] Red like her scarf
[Theme Song:] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfuZq...



[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] single
[Crush:] Unknown
[Power:] 10



[Hair:] Jet black
[Eyes:] grey to pale blue
[Weight:] 63kg
[Height:] 173cm
[Build:] Toned and muscular
[Scent:] her mother's perfume
[Scarring or markings:] a scar on her right cheek under her eye and the mark of her mother's Asian clan of origin.
[Clothing Style:]
A Trouper's uniform



A few years before the Titans breached Wall Maria, Mikasa appeared to be a cheerful, outgoing, yet unusually perceptive child. From an early age, Mikasa was aware of the harshness of nature, witnessing the manner in which predators would hunt and kill weaker prey. However, her innocence allowed her to push these thoughts to the back of her mind, and she continued to live happily with her 'parents'. This illusory peace was shattered when a band of criminals brutally murdered her parents before her eyes in a failed kidnapping attempt on herself and her mother. To save herself and her rescuer, Eren Yeager, Mikasa managed to abandon all inhibition and hesitation, allowing her to kill one of her assailants. Following this traumatic event, Mikasa would gain a generally cynical outlook on life and accept the world as a cruel place where only those who are strong are able to survive.

After the murder of her parents, Mikasa became noticeably emotionally withdrawn and serious, but she still loves and cares deeply for her friends, especially Eren and Armin, seeing them as the last remnants of a family she cannot afford to lose. Her personality as a teenager is very much influenced and molded by Eren, who told her she stood no chance of survival if she did not fight for it. His words continue to stay with her, and her mind automatically recalls them to spur her on when she is close to death. Her determination to protect Eren as much as possible may also have contributed greatly to her phenomenal skills as a soldier. Though she is among the best of the best, she remains humble and refrains from putting on airs or displaying arrogance.

Mikasa has a strong sense of right and wrong, but she is also very protective of Eren and does all she can to advise him to follow what she deems to be the right track. Despite that, she knows well that she cannot always sway Eren in his decisions and makes a point to follow Eren to almost everywhere he goes and stick by whatever final decisions he makes, just so that she can be around to help him out when he is in trouble. The sole reason she enlisted in the military and joined the Survey Corps after her graduation was to keep an eye on Eren, despite the fact that she truly wished to live out the rest of her days in relative peace within the Walls alongside him. She also takes Eren's opinion seriously, so much so that when he once said that her hair was too long, she immediately had it cut, even though a handsome man had just commented that it looked beautiful.
Despite all her blind loyalty, Mikasa is quite stoic and level-headed. Her will is remarkably strong, and she is rarely seen to lose her cool or be at a loss of what to do, no matter how bleak a situation seems to be. Even when she believed Eren to be dead, outwardly she managed to remain so calm that only Armin could tell that she was battling with the pain of losing Eren. However, she is not completely immune to the effects of her emotions. Her strong feelings for Eren, particularly when he is in harm's way, does at times cloud her judgement - sometimes to the endangerment of herself and others. A notable example is the occasion she briefly gave into her grief over Eren's apparent demise and lost the will to live - forgetting her responsibility for the lives of the soldiers she had taken upon herself to lead in the process.


✧ Loosing her master
✧ The Titans eliminating humanity
✧ Eren

✧ Fighting
✧ Talking sense into people who give up on everything
✧ Being a leader

✧ Being alone
✧ Silence
✧ Being with her loved ones

✧ People who harm her loved ones
✧ The Titans
✧ Losing everything she loves


[Favorite Things:] TBRP'd

Mikasa was born to a European father and Asian mother who were unable to have children. Before her parents' death, she lived peacefully with them in the farmlands of Wall Maria. Mikasa underwent a painful scarring ritual from her mother, whom cut into her skin the mark of their Asian clan. Being the last of their race made them high value targets to human traffickers, who killed Mikasa's parents and attempted to kidnap her for the purpose of selling her as a slave to the people in the royal court when she was only nine years old.
She was rescued by Eren, who tricked and killed two of the slavers. He was then overwhelmed by the third trafficker and was on the verge of being strangled. Desperately, Eren urged Mikasa to fight to win. Although she was initially frightened, she came to realize that, "This world is a callous and merciless place," dispatching the kidnapper who was trying to kill Eren. When Eren's father arrived with members of the Military Police Brigade, she was given the scarf by Eren and accepted into his family. This event awakened the fighting instincts and perfect self-control that would later turn her into a formidable soldier. She lived with Eren's family in Wall Maria's Shiganshina District until it was destroyed by the Colossal Titan. At that moment, the three kids, Armin, Eren and Mikasa witness the sudden appearance of a Colossal Titan that breaches Wall Maria. Mikasa and Eren run back to their home to find it crushed and their mother trapped under the debris. In spite of their attempts, Mikasa and Eren are unable to free her, One of their parents' close friends,Hannes, rescued them as a Titan devoured their mother. Mikasa and Eren were placed on a ship just as the Armored Titan broke through the inner gate, letting the Titans inside Wall Maria, witnessing Eren's vow to kill all the Titans as they are transported to safety. Once inside the safety of Wall Rose, Eren confronts a soldier from the army to ask what the cause of the Titans' sudden appearance was. The soilder told them that the Titans objective was to eliminate all humanity and wipe them of the face of the earth.
Five years later, Mikasa and Eren graduated the Army Academy as full fledged groups of the army. Eren was one of the highest ranked in his class and Mikasa had been appointed 3rd seat of the Scouting Legion.


{Other Details}

[Stability:] 10 most of the time, 8 when Eren is in mortal danger
[Friends:] The Scouting Legion
[Enemies:] Titans


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Sakurasou | 79 comments Mod
♚ || ♛╠ "This is just my cherished opinion, but I think that pain is the most effective means of discipline. What I think you need right now is not lecturing, but precept. And since you're on your knees, you're in just the right position to be easily kicked." ╣♚ || ♛
First Name: Levi
Middle Name: --none--
Last Name:Ackerman
Nick Name:Taichou by mostly everyone, Levi Heichou at times. (Heichou means Lance Corporal). Humanity's Savior at one point in the manga.
Meaning of Name:Joined, attached.
Gender: Male

♚ || ♛╠ "You've served more than enough, and you'll continue to do so. The will you leave behind will give me strength. I promise, I will drive the Titans to extinction no matter what!"" ╣♚ || ♛

Birthday:December 25
Birth Time:Unknown
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Theme Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iuuH... and also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=810R_...
Age: 34

Height:160 cm
Weight:65 Kg
Stature:Really short for his height. He's physique is well developed and he's muscular.

♚ || ♛╠ " "Eren, the difference between your judgement and ours is something that arises from the gap in our experience. But not relying on something like that is just fine. Choose. Whether you should believe in yourself, or believe in the Survey Corps, myself included. I myself don't know... I never have. Whether I believed in my own abilities, or whether I believed in the decisions of my trusted comrades, in the end no one ever knew what the outcome would be. So I guess... you have to do your best to make a decision that you won't regret."" ╣♚ || ♛

History: Levi is the son of Kuchel Ackerman, a prostitute who worked in the subterranean city. One day, Kenny Ackerman, Kuchel's older brother, comes to the city to see her; only to find that she is dead. There he finds a young and squalid Levi sitting in front of his mother's bed. Kenny decides to take care of him, but he does not consider himself a good father, so he raise Levi as he could: teaching him knife skills, how to get along with people, and violent behavior. Levi also learned to use his own power. The time passed and Kenny Ackerman ended up teaching Levi everything he knows. One day, in the subterranean city, Levi started a fight which he won easily. On that moment, Kenny decided to leave him behind, as he had made sure that he and Levi were not going to have a pathetic death like Kuchel.
Some time after Kenny left, Levi lived the life of a thug in the underground city below the Capitol, along with his friend Farlan Church. Later, they were joined by Isabel Magnolia. The three somehow stole and trained themselves to use 3DMG Gear, using it to commit various crimes to make money and save up to get citizenship on the surface. However, during one such job, they were captured by Erwin Smith, Mike Zacharius, and several of their subordinates, after which Erwin blackmailed the "Thug Trio" into joining the Survey Corps. While Farlan and Isabel died on their first expedition, Levi went on to become "Humanity's Strongest Solider" and head of the Special Operation's Squad.
Hometown:Wall Maria/Rose/Sina --Not sure which--
Personality: Levi is hard to approach, and never shows emotion. He usually gives the cold shoulder to many, however, he's a respectable captain and many soldiers admire him. He's blunt and swears alot, and he tends to be rude. He has his own philosophies and morals, and is extremely trust worthy. He has the ability to trust in people and himself, and he's pretty understanding. He's considered dark alot, and although he doesnt act like it, he understand people well.
Dressing Style: Levi is most often seen in his Survey Corps uniform, with a white button up shirt underneath along with his trademark white cravat. When embarking on expeditions outside the Walls, he also wears the Survey Corps' green hooded cloak. He usually wears his 3DMG gear over his casual clothing.

Family: Kenny Ackerman (Uncle, Dead),Kuchel Ackerman (mom, dead), great grandfather (unknown, dead).
Friends/comrades:Farlan (dead), Isabel (dead), Petra (dead), Eldo (dead), Gunther (dead), Ulou (dead), Hanji (alive), Mike (alive), Erwin (alive).
Crush: None.

Rank:Captain of the Survey Corps, Lance Corporal.
Type:Survey Corps


~Casual clothing
~Dirty/Filthy things
~Blood (considers it filthy)
~Thugs (ova)
-Filthy things
-Death of comrades (can cause him to go berserk)

♚ || ♛╠ ""Nile, are your brains as hollow as that peach fuzz of yours?"" ╣♚ || ♛

Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:
- Considered "Humanity's strongest soldier"
- Clean freak.
- Used to be a thug.

- Clean Freak
- Short
- High stung
- Hard to approach

-Strongest soldier
-Amazing swordsmanship
-Good at using 3DMG

♚ || ♛╠ "It's clear to me. This guy's a true monster. His Titan abilities have nothing to do with it either. No matter how much force you hold him down with, no matter what kind of cage you shut him up in, forcing this guy's will into submission is something nobody can do." ╣♚ || ♛

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"I wish I could be more like Kazehaya kun...."

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Name Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Full Name- Sawako Kuronoma

First Name-Sawako
Last Name--Kuronoma
Nickname- Sawako, Sadako


◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Age Information◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Age Appearance- 16
Real Age- 17
Date Of Birth- 31 December
Zodiac Sign- Capricorn
Birth Stone- Ruby or Garnet

Kazehaya: "Sawako"
Sawako: "Yes?"

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Biography Information◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Heterosexual
Crush- Shouta Kazehaya
Relationship Status- Taken
Species- Human

"Why won't I stop crying?"

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Physical Appearance Information◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
(view spoiler)
Full Physical Description-
Sawako is constantly mistaken as "Sadako" from "The Ring" due to her long, straight jet-black hair and pale skin, which makes her look like a person that can sense spirits from above (aka ghosts). Her hair has been straight and cut since she was a child. It is also noted that when she first encounters Kurumizawa, she wishes to have curly hair. She is quite small, due to her father being very short. During Ayane and Chizuru's first visit to Sawako's house, Yoshida notes that Sawako's lips and figure looks like her mother's, and most of Sawako's other features are inherited of her father's. Her smile is rumored to bring good luck, due to its rarity and the fact that it is beautiful to look at.

Dressing Style-

Sawako usually wears her high school uniform with a blue jacket during fall and winter, and during summer, she just wears a short-sleeved dress shirt. Her skirt is longer compared to other girls, since she does not pull up or cut the skirt like most of the high school girls do. During their second summer vacation, however, Ayane helps Sawako with wearing her uniform a bit differently, moving the skirt up a little more, and wearing the bowtie loosely instead. When not at school, Sawako is known to usually wear dresses instead, but wears a t-shirt and a pair of pants during the school trip to be more at ease when walking.

"Yes, right away!"

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Personality Traits◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘Relationship Information◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Siblings- None
Allies- Ayane, Chiziru, Kazehaya
Enemies- Kurimi
Friends- Ayane, Chizuru, Kazehaya
Pets- None

"No closer!"

Sawako is known to get nervous easily, giving her a creepy look due to nervousness. In reality, she is a shy person who really wants to make new friends and be more open with her class. She is always seen doing chores, as noticed by Shota, but he realizes Sawako does it because she wants to, and doesn't want others to be troubled. Sawako is a caring girl, as seen when she avoided Ayane, Chizuru, and even Shota, to protect them from the rumors. She is a bit oblivious however, as she was yelled by Shota that avoiding others wasn't right, and that she was already friends with Ayane and Chizuru after Chizuru told her herself. She also does not realize Shota loves her at first, mistaking his confession as a rejection of her feelings. Sawako works hard in everything she does, as seen when she fought back the girls from Class-A who insulted Ayane and Chizuru.

After noticing her feelings for Shota, she begins to become more nervous around him, in fear of her own greediness. However, later on, she works hard on trying to confess her feelings to him, which leads to them getting together. After they start going out, Sawako tries to become a bit more bold, as when she tries to hold Shota's hand, and when she tried to change the look of her uniform to impress Shota, and also begins to love Shota even more, after hearing more about his own feelings.

People say she is scary, but she really isn't. In reality, Sawako is a rather caring and kind person. One episode, close to the beginning, she smiles like any normal human would. Ayane and Chizuru get surprised fast. People think she can curse people, until Pin says she is an exorcist, which really, she can't do any of them.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 5 comments {Reaper King}


You can only disgrace the dead so much..

Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Age: [Unknown]
Date of birth: September 28th
Soul Animal: Dog
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi, mainly gay

Appearance: http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p... (view spoiler)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark blue with weird purple mark in right
eye that glows when giving an order,
red with demon slits when mad or threatening someone
Height: 5'0
Weight: 85 lbs
Clothes Style:
http://www.cosplaycostumesuk.co.uk/im... (view spoiler)

Animal Appearance: http://th09.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i...

Personality: Ciel is an arrogant, shrewd and sagacious fourteen-year-old looking boy, who holds numerous exalted positions: the head of the Phantomhive household, the chief manager of a chain of Funtom Companies, and the King's Watchdog. As the Earl of the Phantomhive family and a distinguished nobleman, Ciel is very strict and proud, accustomed to the luxurious lifestyle; he refuses to abase himself by dwelling in a meager environment for long. Thus, he has considerable difficulty dressing himself and doing household chores if left on his own. He is stern on his orders, especially in the assertion of his authority. Furthermore, Ciel has a relatively cold outlook on life; his principal goal is for those who have betrayed the Phantomhive family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering he did. During his time as a slave to cultists who subjected him to atrocious cruelties, he was branded with a mark he absolutely does not want other people to see. In addition, Ciel possesses unwavering determination; instead of moping around hopelessly, Ciel chooses to die without regrets by working hard to fulfill his revenge, despite his aunt's insistence that he should lead a happier life. He often compares predicaments to games, such as chess, willing to gamble with his life on the line to win them.


No, i wont abandon hate.. If i do, nothing will be left of me..

History: Ciel has lived for a long time, despite the fact he looks 14. Nothings really known of his younger ages, all thats known is from the time he turned 13. He met Sebastian when he was 13, considering Sebastian was always a butler of his family. He knew Sebastian before then, but not really well until his father's last wish before he died was that Sebastian protect Ciel. Ciel has always been childish and arrogant, Sebastian being the only one who could handle it. Ciel has always craved revenge, since both his parents were murdered by an angel and the fact he was kidnapped as a child from ages 10 to 13. His cousin claims when he was younger that he used to always be cheerful and playful but that it all changed when he returned from being kidnapped.
As the years went on, he found it nearly impossible to trust anyone except Sebastian, though he did become friends with a guy named Kari. This guy was one of the rare people who could handle his personality, just like Sebastian. He didn't want to admit they were ever friends, but he did admit it the day Kari was injured badly and he used his magic to heal him, thus making him look the age of 14. Though, he began to have trust issues again the day Kari died. He was being arrogant and fighting an angel so he couldn't get to Kari on time to save him from death, so he often blames himself for Kari's death, though doesn't let anyone know he does. He quickly gathered up Kari's ashes and left with them in a jar, though didn't know till later on that they would be used to save the world, so he was quite upset when they were stolen and swears revenge on whoever took them.
He soon realized his love for Sebastian some years later, though he didn't admit it right away. Since he was once kidnapped, he didn't, and still doesn't, know how to bathe himself, dress himself and feed himself. Ciel has always been the type of boy not to admit things first, so he only admitted he loved Sebastian the day Sebastian kissed him.
Some more years went by before Ciel was in a bad battle. Normally, he'd have Sebastian fight his battles but Sebastian was wrapped up in another battle that he couldn't get to Ciel on time. Sebastian brought Ciel back to life after words though, however, Ciel had lost his memory. Sebastian, not wanting Ciel to deal with the pain of his memories, told Ciel he was kidnapped and just recently saved by Sebastian, just because Sebastian wanted Ciel to be his reaper in training, but everyone knows it was because Sebastian loved Ciel. It was quite sad how Ciel didn't even remember Sebastian and how Sebastian had to gain Ciel's trust and love again, but it did happen in time.
Just recently, however, Ciel had met En and Eri, two lower ranked reapers (lower ranked compared to himself and Sebastian) and Eri had gave Ciel's memories back. In the past, Ciel had stopped Eri from going after a demon guy, knowing it would start a huge war. And to prevent her from going after him again, Ciel took her memories and put En in charge of taking care of her. Ciel, having to now deal with the pain of his memories, made Sebastian make Eri play "The Death Game" and got even with her by giving her even worse pain.


Once something is truly gone, that someone can never get it back again. No matter how much you scream and cry..

Strengths: fighting, not dying and Sebastian (explained threw rp)
Weaknesses: dodging, doesnt give up no matter what and dogs (he loves them XD)


To hate something you used to love is such a painful feeling.

*Too many to count

*His butler/lover/first reaper king, Sebastian (Sebastian does what ever Ciel commands, even if he commands someone dead)
*This Scythe (view spoiler)
*His hellhounds/zombies/evil souls that he controls

*getting his way
*green earl tea
*blood (makes him throw up, sometimes pass out)
*running away from his fears
*obeying rules
*being ordered around by everyone
*being teased for his height

Artifact: http://th03.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i...
These are Kari Heruno's ashes that Ciel kept in a bottle after he died. No one knows exactly why Ciel kept them and would never ask because it would seem to anger him but truth is, he once saved Kuri. He used to look about 29 but used up alot of his magic to heal Kuri which made himself look like a 14 year old boy and have a childish personality. Ciel was quite upset when the Jar of ashes was gone and swears revenge on whoever stole them. It was kept safely in a large, metal case that only him and Sebastian, his boyfriend, knew the combination of. It is said that these ashes will some day save the world, though it would seem that only
royals know how and why that is. Ciel was friends with Kari so once Kari died, Ciel immediately took action and took the ashes before he lost his memory.



If you are crying, fight against it! If you are regretting, walk forward! Only complaining on your misfortune, you're nothing but a common pig!

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 5 comments http://media.animevice.com/uploads/3/...

Then show me those eyes. Not the eyes of those villagers who looked like they've seen a pile of shit. Not the old man's greedy, inflamed eyes. That day. Those eyes. Those eyes that longed only for me.

First name: Alois

Last name: Trancy

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Age: Unknown, stopped aging at 14

Birthday: November 5th

Appearance: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photo... (view spoiler)
Complexion: Perfect!
Eye color: Cyan Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Weight: 100 lbs
Height: 165 cm (5'5)
Clothes style: Same as pics so basically anything fancy and rich looking

Personality: Alois is known as bipolar. He can go from smiling to telling you to 'eat shit' if he just plain doesn't like you. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and when he wants something, he makes sure he gets it. Though of course, when you're as rich as him, why wouldn't you?

Alois seems to have a cheerful disposition in spite of all his hardships. His emotions are quite unpredictable, however, and fluctuate from enthusiastic to angry. He also loses interest in things fairly quickly. Alois often uses harsh and impolite language regardless of whom he is speaking to, such as "bloody" or other swear words.

One of his few consistent traits is his attachment to his butler, Claude Faustus, whose attention he constantly tries to attract. His horrific childhood, which contained no parental figures, is the likely cause of his extreme need for affection and acknowledgment. Although his harsh temper was evident even in childhood, his sadistic streak, bizarre promiscuity, and crude language stem from the sexual abuse he received shortly before contracting with Claude.

Alois enjoys his obtained authority, and utilizes his power rather sadistically. In order to feel dominant, he abuses others and makes them feel inferior for the sake of his own satisfaction. Alois particularly directs this cruelty to his maid, Hannah, by lashing out physically and demeaning her with vile remarks, particularly when he believes that she is trying to take someone else's attention away from him.


Oh, so you didn't want me to come in here and piss with you?

History: Alois wasn't born demon, he was actually born a mortal and was turned demon later on when he made a contract with a demon. He made the demon (Claude) be his personal butler to protect him with his life and get him what ever he desired until he got his revenge on the people who made his life worse when he was younger.

The unofficial story is that shortly after he was born, Alois was kidnapped. His mother, in her deep grief, committed suicide and left his father to search for him alone.

During his time spent abducted, Alois claimed that he was kept as a slave in an unknown village. An event, which occurred within said village, left all the villagers dead and Alois as the only survivor. Alois returned with Claude Faustus and became the head of the Trancy household after his father died under mysterious circumstances.

Later, however, Alois experienced a flashback about his actual past as Jim Macken. As orphans from a village, he and his little brother Luka had been treated unkindly by the villagers ever since their parents died, which forced them to survive as thieves and pickpockets. Jim expressed a bitter hatred of the villagers, and declared that everyone who was cruel to them ought to die.

When a mysterious calamity swept the village and killed nearly everyone, including Luka, Jim was taken in by the head of the Trancy estate for the purpose of pedophilia along with a group of other boys. While in captivity, Jim had heard rumours about a fairy that granted wishes; after following the instructions given to him, he summoned the spider demon Claude. Upon realizing that he had no wish to fulfill, Claude told Jim to call for him again when he finds a wish.

Although Earl Trancy originally despised him because of his "filthy" eyes, Jim set about seducing him and quickly became his favourite bed-mate and subsequent heir. Jim, parading from then on as Alois Trancy, received favourable treatment such as fashionable clothes and more freedom in the mansion. Once he got the guy killed, another demon grabbed him and killed herself just to make him a demon so no one could have his soul. When he awoke, Claude explained how Alois made him promise to stay by his side till he died and since he technically isn't dead, Claude has to stay his butler forever.


Darkness envelopes me, but it is only you i desire

*causing others pain

*attention being token away from him


Why hello, im Alois Trancy. I love playing with emotions and being bipolar. Please ignore the fact that my shorts are shorter then yours and i wear them better, and the fact i even look sexy as a girl and like licking peoples ears

Strengths: Defending and hurting others

Weaknesses: Fighting and pain


How does my blood smell? Do you wish to devour me now?


Shugo Chara: His name is Luka (After his brother)

Crush: Open

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((Based on the anime))

"I'll smash that bastard Sho's face in and then he'll be the face of nightmares, not magazines"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Name Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Full Name- Kyoko Mogami

First Name-Kyoko
Last Name-Mogami

Nickname-Just Kyoko

Ren: "Good morning Kyoko"
Kyoko: It's Tsurga san! the Demon Lord of the Night
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Age Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Age Appearance- 17
Real Age- 16
Date Of Birth- December 25th

"Who does she think she is!?"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Biography Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Heterosexual
Crush- Ren Tsurga and Shouta Fuwa
Relationship Status- Single
Species- Human

I don't think I'll be able to smile that way at anyone again. Not after what he did to me
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Physical Appearance Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
(view spoiler)

Full Physical Description-
Before Kyoko found out that Sho was only using her to do house-maid work, Kyoko had long black-colored hair. Her hair was always up in a ponytail, as she was always working three part-time jobs at the same time because of Sho. But when her hair was down, it became really messy and wavy. She also did not care about her appearance at all, shown as she did not use make-up or buy anything for her self. She usually wore her uniform for her work or casual clothing she had before they arrived at Tokyo.

After her makeover, she cut her hair down to her neck and dyed into a chestnut colour. She also changed a bit of her clothing. Instead of her old clothes, she bought new clothing such as skirt and jacket.
Usually, she wears her bright pink Love Me jumpsuit while at LME. When she has work to do, she wears a top with a white jacket paired with skirt and boots. She is seen always using a bag given to her by Taisho's Wife.
Kyoko's appearance changes drastically during her roles. Many people say that she looks much different in her roles than how she is in real life, to the point that she becomes unrecognizable to other people and even to the people that personally know her. Her appearance also changed drastically during the Dark Moon party, she was wearing a long dress, a long chestnut-colored wig and light make-up.

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality Traits ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Kyoko: "Well if 'forgive me' worked, Sho, then hell wouldn't exist, would it!?
Sho: *I swear someone'd burning holes in the back of my head*
Kyoko: *tralalalala, nothing to see. Just an innocent and non-vengeful girl minding her own business*

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Preference Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Fantasy themed things
Playing with Maria
A good challenge
Showing up Sho at every opportunity that comes her way

People who are weak
People who don't care for anything

"I lost my ston...oh good Tsurga san, you found it"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Strengths/Weakness Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Looks (with makeup)
The stone Corn gave her

Looks (Without makeup)
Sho Fuwa (She condsiders him a bastard)
Ren Tsurga's 'Divinely smile' (He negative demons don't exactly like the aura it emits)
Never having known the love of a family
Has completely rejected her ability to love

"So, Sho how does the defeat and shame taste? Bastard"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Kyoko is a kind and hardworking girl, and always put others before her. She did everything to please others around her. She is very clever, although she's still a little bit dense and naive. She manages to pass the High School Entrance exam with the highest grades, 100%. She believes in fairies and always dreamed of her "prince charming" (Sho) to marry her before he broke her heart. Kyoko is also a perfectionist, once she does something, she won't stop until she feels that it's 'perfect'.

Kyoko and Sho back thenAs a sixteen year old she was still hard working, having three jobs at once to support Sho, and also very intense and very emotional when it came to Sho. When she realized Sho's betrayal and her little vengeful demons were released, Kyoko became very quick to anger when Sho is mentioned, although most people believe that this is because she's his fan.
Kyoko is initially conservative; she doesn't like seeing people without their top on, even the people who are close to her, like Sho or any gestures relating to that. But, she became less conservative for the sake of acting, in order to reach her goal to be Japan's top actress and to be more famous than Sho.

The most important change in Kyoko is that she has lost the ability to love after Sho's betrayal. Although she can still feel the love for a friend (such as Kanae), she ruthlessly squashes any romantic urges. She remains completely oblivious to Ren's affections despite others (such as Yukihito and Kanae) pointing it out. She remains firm in her belief that no one could possible be romantically interested in her, and that love is "a prelude to despair and disaster".

When putting her mind and energy to acting, she can become any character she wants, and the personality can stick with her even outside of the role, as shown when she plays Mio. She can also pull off heartless facial expressions even when she isn't in character in hopes to deter someone.

Kyoko shows that she has an incredible talent for acting, with Chiori even referring to her as "butterfly" or "fairy" as her talents are so fantastic. Kyoko gradually becomes more absorbed in acting as a passion and gets conflicted over what she wants, revenge against Sho, respect from Ren or an acting career. She has a strong sense of determination and caring which she applies in her work and life.

"He destroyed my pure heart. Just like the playboy he is. I despise him"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ History ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Kyoko was born and raised in Kyoto. Her mother was mostly indifferent and cold towards her. On tests her mother would only acknowledge Kyoko if she got a perfect score. Often, her mother would leave her at a nearby Ryokan managed by Sho's parents. When Kyoko was six years old, her mother left her in the care of Sho's parents. Up to now, her mother's location is unknown and it is implied that she had abandoned Kyoko.
When Kyoko was 6 years old, she ran away to a nearby place in a forest and met the 10-year old Kuon Hizuri. She thought Kuon was a fairy because of his foreign features and befriends him.

Her relationship with Sho was actually the cause of why she never became friends with anyone else since the other children in their school and neighborhood were jealous of her relationship with Sho.

Kyoko practically lived to please others. She worked hard at the Ryokan to please Sho's parents and she always tried to get 100% on all her tests in school to please her mother. She often cried over her cruel and indifferent mother who, no matter what she did, could not be pleased.

Knowing she made Sho feel uncomfortable by crying in front of him, Kyoko usually left for a secluded spot nearby the Ryokan to cry. This is where she met Corn/Ren whom she believed to be a fairy prince. They had only known each other for a few days when Corn/Ren had to leave. He left her with a blue stone and he told her she could put all her sad feelings into the stone.

After finishing middle school, Sho asked Kyoko to follow him to Tokyo so he could realize his dream of working in showbiz. Kyoko, who was deeply in love with Sho, followed him putting herself, as always, secondary to his wants, leaving her regular high school dreams behind her

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Mod

♚ || ♛╠ "Symmetry is key. Everything must be esthetically pleasing. That's why I use the two of you as twin pistols in order to preserve symmetry. When I hold you both I'm completely balanced on the right and left. It isn't perfect because your human forms are so different from each other though. Your hair styles and height for example. Even your boobs are different sizes!" ╣♚ || ♛

First Name: Death
Middle Name: The
Last Name:Kid
Nick Name:Kid by mostly everyone including his close friends and partners. He's called Death at times, but not very often. He's referred to as 'Shinigami-sama' by people who admire him or simply by normal people.
Meaning of Name:Literally means 'Death The Kid'.
Gender: Male

|| ♛╠ "No I can't go on like this! I should die! How could this happen? Did I really forget to fold the tip of the toilet paper into a triangle?What If I didn't fold the toilet paper? Something like that could ruin my life forever. I can't be defeated by toilet paper, if I turn my back on this I shouldn't be allowed to live anymore." ╣♚ || ♛

Birthday:March 1
Birth Time:Unknown
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Theme Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX-MA...
Age: Somewhere between 12 and 15, it's unknown for sure.

Weight:120 lbs
Stature:Death the kid has the appearance of a teenage boy, he's extremely thin. He's quite strong though he doesn't look very muscular, and his height can be considered short, though not much people pay attention to it.

♚ || ♛╠ "I'm an abomination! I'm filthy and dirty! And unbalanced! Why is there only one set of stripes?! I'm garbage! Asymmetrical garbage! I deserve to die!" ╣♚ || ♛

History: Very little is known about Kid's past life.H e went to New York in search of weapons, and met the twin notes Thompson. When he discovered the possibility of the two girls turning into guns, he helped defeat the men who chased them. In the anime, the girls from the very beginning were very grateful when Kid, admiring his power, and moved in with his without hesitation. In the manga, however, Kid is amazed by a very different reason, and when he asked the 2 of them to leave new york with him so they could be his weapons, they agreed and left with him, but they actually only wanted to steal his money and power and then leave. Despite this, the two girls started to become attached to Kid, and thus move away from their main idea to live with the Shinigami and begin a new life.
Hometown:Death City
Personality: Kid tends to have an obsessive sort of personality, and as such, he's obsessed with symmetry. He claims it to be his aesthetic, and is forever nagging on the Thompson sister's symmetry, since they aren't very symmetrical. All of his clothing and weapons are symmetrical, and pretty much all of his house too. He is practically haunted when he feels something isn't perfectly symmetrical, and thus, he tends to forget the important things because of his obsession. if someone were to mention his hair or anything unsymmetrical due to him, he immediately goes into a depression state, often kneeling on the ground and insulting himself. Leaving aside his outbursts, obsessive-compulsive, Kid is a serious guy and sophisticated and in battle he can be quite unperturbed when the concept of symmetry does not invade his mind. He cares a lot about his friends and cares for them. He's loyal and brave, not afraid to risk his life for his close ones or even for a simple need for help. he's not too confident and can lose trust in people easily.
Dressing Style: Kid wears a black top that reaches a little beyond his waist, along with a plain white shirt under it. His jacket has 2 symmetrical white stripes at the shoulder blades, and there are 3 stripes on the top front as well. He wears long plain black pants and black dress shoes.

Family: Death, Shinigami (father, alive) Ashura (older brother, dead)
Friends:Liz Thompson(alive), Patty Thompson(alive), Maka Albarn(alive), Soul Eater(alive), Black Star(alive), Tsubaki(alive).
Crush: None.

Rank:Shinigami, Death's son, headmaster of DWMA.

Weapons:The twin guns, Liz and Patty Thompson.

♚ || ♛╠ "You're disgustingly hideous! What the hell kind of thing are you? I've never seen anything more messed up in my life! Do you know nothing about symmetry? Whoever made you should be dug up from his grave, shot, and reburied! You make me violently ill."
╣♚ || ♛

~Anything symmetrical really.
~Anything unsymmetrical
Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:
- Symmetry-obsessed
- Gets depressed easily
- Lord Shinigami's son

- Excellent hand to hand combat fighter
- Strong attacks
- Can match wavelengths with his weapons
- Intelligent and calm

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♚ || ♛╠ "Hey, what color do you want to be?" ╣♚ || ♛

First Name: Mashiro
Middle Name: --None--
Last Name:Shiina
Nick Name:Shiina-san by almost all the characters, and Mashiro by close friends like Sorata and Aoyama, as well as Misaki and Jin.
Meaning of Name:Pure white, Broad-minded.
Gender: Female

♚ || ♛╠ "Basically...in order to keep our secret from Nanami..we'll just have to..cut Nanami up.
Then cutting her up is Plan C."
╣♚ || ♛

Birth Time:Unknown
Zodiac Sign:Unknown
Theme Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZeHC...
Age: 17

Height:162 cm
Weight:45 Kg
Stature:Mashiro's body statistics are B79/W55/H78. She has a slim figure and feminine body.

♚ || ♛╠ Sorata: "Why the heck are you naked under that thing?!"
Shiina: "Don't worry. I am wearing panties."
Sorata: "Panties aren't powerful enough to solve all the problems we've got here."
Shiina: "I believe in panties."
╣♚ || ♛

History: Little is known about Mashiro's past life. Her parents are unknown, she was raised in England. She lived there till she was 17, staying in an art school with her best friend. At age 17, she left England and her career as an artist, and moved to Japan so she could become a manga artist. She resided in Sakurasou and lived there for her entire school year.
Personality: Mashiro is an excellent painter and draws, but extremely terrible in everything else due to lacking any common sense. She is almost completely devoid of emotion, typically wearing a blank expression and speaking in a dreary manner. Having a soft voice, Mashiro is a girl of few words, since at times, she herself is unsure of what to say, let alone think. She is eccentric, as if living in her own world. As a result, she typically reacts to situations in an unconventional manner and operates on very different morals from others. Mashiro can be considered an idealistic person, able to have faith in others quite easily and is quickly convinced of another's potential based on how hard that person is trying to achieve their goal.
Dressing Style: Throughout the series Mashiro is seen in many different outfits but she mainly wears her school uniform. At Sakurasou she wears casual dresses.

Family: Chihiro (cousin), Father (unknown), Rita (cousin and best friend).
Pets:None of her own.
Friends:All Sakurasou residents: Nanami Aoyama, Kanda Sorata, Akasaka Ryuunosuke, Chihiro-sensei, Mitaka Jin, Kamiigusa Misaki. Rita Ainsworth, her best friend.
Crush: Kanda Sorata

Type:Artist, Manga-artist.

♚ || ♛╠ Sorata: "Um...excuse me, Shiina-san, but what do you think your doing?" Mashiro: "Eating Bamkuchen." Sorata: "Why?" Mashiro: "Because I like it." Sorata: "If that excuse worked we wouldn't need police! You have to pay for it! What have you been doing your whole life?" Mashiro: "I've painted pictures." Sorata: "And?" Mashiro: "I've painted pictures." Sorata: "..." Mashiro: "I've pai-" Sorata: "WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU DONE?!" ╣♚ || ♛

~bamboo shoots/food
~When Sorata's mad
-Lack of Common sense
-Can't do anything by herself
-Drawing Manga

♚ || ♛╠ "This area feels weird, it's been throbbing hard since that time. When you told me not to go. When you held me so tight. It won't go away. Your voice is still in my ear. What happened to me? Is this...love? " ╣♚ || ♛

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[Name:] Aradia Megido
[Online Name:] apocolypseArisen (AA for short)
[Blood color:] Burgundy
[Star Sign:] Arias
[Date of Birth:] March 19th
[Favorite Color:] Red
[Title:] Maid of Time
[Theme Song:]
-Hers and Tavros' Theme Song-

-Hers and Sollux's Theme Song-
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPqvT... (These are basically everything she was telling him before she died XD)

-Video for her Death- (Yeah.. Sorry its cosplay.. And it shows other trolls and barely of her and Sollux.. But they're the ones that it shows first, she's in the red outfit and yeah.. But you dont gotta watch this, it basically just shows how her death took place)



[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Straight
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Crush:} Open
[Race:] Trollian
[Species:] Troll

{Appearance:} http://img02.deviantart.net/663b/i/20...

[Hair:] Black, long and wavy
[Eyes:] Burgundy, sometimes white
[Weight:] 124 lbs
[Height:] 5'5
[Scent:] Unknown, smells of roses usually
[Scarring or Markings:] N/A
[Clothing Style:] Black shirt with her Arias sign on it and either black pants or a black long torn skirt with knee high white socks and burgundy shoes


[Description:] Aradia is very kind, loyal and helps anyone in need. Of course, being the lowest of the blood lines, she knows what its like to be hated by everyone and be put in pain and have the fear that if she goes to sleep she could end up dead, so even to people who were cruel to her, she always tried to help them out best she could. Aradia stuck close to her closest friends, Sollux, Tavros and sometimes Nepeta. Sollux and Tavros were low bloods like her so it was easy for her to get along with them but although she had nothing against Nepeta, she distanced from her due to Tavros claiming he was allergic to cats (Or cat trolls, which is what Nepeta is) and claiming if they're around her, cat hair got on them too, and she didnt want to make Tavros uncomfortable. Aradia isnt very stubborn and treats just about anyone like a mother would by healing any wounds they have or even taking them under her care, if they were to need it, which is why Sollux was so fond of her, being that he was blind and she helped him out alot. Aradia is very protective of close friends yet very innocent and too trusting when it comes to strangers, which is what caused her first death. She rarely hates anyone but if she does, since she's so kind to anyone else, its best to stay clear from those people, for they might be bad news.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
*Is deadlier then she looks
*Fights with a whip
*Cant exactly die (Due to already being dead)
*Protective of her close friends


*Too trusting of others
*Cant fight without a whip
*Being a lowblood
*Her fighting skills
*Her kindness
*Her forgiving nature
*Her hiding skills
*Treats just about everyone like a mother would treat their child
*Her abilities with a whip


[Favorite Things:]
*The colors red and yellow
*Her whip
[History:] Aradia grew up on in a far away town called Alturnia. She was born a troll, which in Alturnia is the only place you can find actual trolls. She was born an Aries and the lowest of the blood line, Burgundy. Most trolls dont have parents. They're born from an egg and called a grub, but she was raised by one of her still alive ancestors. Since she's the lowest of the blood line, many of the royal bloods, like the fuchsia blood line, often tried to kill her, so she stuck very close to her ancestor. When she was around 5 is when she finally made some friends, Sollux, Tavros and Kankri. She also met Nepeta, but due to Tavros seeming to be allergic to her, they all usually avoided her. By time Aradia was 14, she had gained a crush on another low blood, Sollux. Yes, Sollux wasnt as low as her, he was a yellow blood, but he was still pretty much a low blood, just 2 blood colors higher then her. However, that didnt last long. Tavros and Kankri went home early but Aradia had to do some after school activities so Sollux agreed to stay after school to help her out. Sollux was blind so its not like he could find his way home anyways, Aradia was the one kind enough to always help him around places when he needed it, so the two were practically inseparable. However, that night, things changed. They were walking home as the sun was setting and decided to go to the forest for a little. Once their, Sollux had broke the red and blue glasses he always wore to cover up his blind eyes and despite having fixed them up and Sollux saying they werent the same, Aradia instead quickly grabed a red and blue fabric and made them into seperate eyepatches and put them over his eyes so he'd feel more comfortable about it. Due to being busy doing that, she didnt know some guys were approaching her. She was very sweet and kind to anyone, so she thought nothing of it and smiled up at them, asking if they were lost. However, they just smirked, grabbed her and stabbed her harshly in the chest with a knife. Now, Sollux couldnt see, but he could smell her blood and hear all that was happening so after having cried over her body, he picked up a blade and killed both the men. However, he couldnt do it without getting badly injured as well and quickly died beside her. Aradia awoke with her wound bandaged up but no one was around her, not even Sollux's body. His blood stain was their and she no longer had a heart beat so she guessed he was brought back to life just like her and has been searching for him ever since, yet is unable to find him yet. All she remembers is when before she died, she told him to forget about her.
She's still friends with Tavros and Kankri and even sometimes talks to Nepeta, but rarely since Tavros is still allergic to her.


{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 5/10 (10 being the worst)
[Interesting Facts:]
*Grew up with Tavros and Kankri
*Barely knows Nepeta but knows enough of her to let people know what she's like
*Protective of just about anyone she meets
*Used to have a bf who died along side her (But he went missing)
*Seems to love Troll Indiana Jones (Hence why she fights with a whip and in the past wanted to become an Akeologist)
[Friends:] Open
[Enemies:] Open
*Ancestor, The Handmaid (No one knows her real name), Dead (view spoiler)
[Weapon:] Whipkind


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[Name:] Nepeta Leijon
[Online Name:] arsenicCatnip (AC for short)
[Blood Color:] Olive
[Star Sign:] Leo
[Date of Birth:] July 23rd
[Favorite Color:] Green and Blue
[Title:] Rogue of Hearts
[Theme Song:] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfsCj...



[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Straight
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Crush:} Open
[Race:] Trollian
[Species:] Troll

{Appearance:} https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

[Hair:] Black, messy, almost to shoulders
[Eyes:] Bright green cat eyes
[Weight:] 95 lbs
[Height:] 5'3
[Scent:] Smells like catnip
[Scarring or Markings:] N/A
[Clothing Style:] Black shirt with her Leo sign on it, grey jeans and a long green jacket


[Description:] Theirs an easy way to describe Nepeta.. She's outright adorable. Due to being a cat troll, she seems to like just about anything a cat would. She's secretly lonely but to anyone who gets close to her, she's very hyper, loyal, furgiving (Spelt it like that on purpose, thats how she would say it) and kind. Much like a child, she's hyper and has a weird obsession where she likes to draw in her room with animal blood on her wall. In fact, in doing so she created a shipping wall. On the shipping wall, she goes around and anyone who look adorable together, she puts them on her shipping wall. She once had Aradia and Sollux on the shipping wall together and its said she still has Tavros and Kankri on their together as well. She needs to have complete care, however. She is usually alone, but she tends to get herself in trouble when she isnt watched carefully. Nepeta's used to being alone so people rarely notice her but their are times when she'll do stuff to annoy people without meaning to. Like bringing a dead mouse into a restaurant for example. But she doesnt mean to upset people, she just acts like a cat, its in her nature for her to hunt.
She's very sweet but she can be stubborn at times. She's short for her age, making her resemble a child even more. Well.. Technically she is, since she's like 13 years old.. But still. She doesnt like being called a child and she rarely shows people her shipping wall, due to the fact that they might be on it, even if they've never met her before. However, she doesnt seem to have herself on the shipping wall for some reason.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
*May ship random people together, even if they really arent together
*May look cute and short but is a badass when it comes to fighting
*Has fingerless gloves she wears where metal claws come out threw the knuckles for her to use to fight


*Her loneliness
*Her shipping addiction
*Too much like a cat (Curious, etc.)
*Too cute for her own good
*Cat flexibility
*Her fighting skills
*Her cheerful-ish attitude
*Her climbing abilities


[Favorite Things:]
*Cat nip
*Shipping people together
[History:] Nepeta had a pretty lonely life, though that started later on. She was born in a troll town called Alturnia. In fact, this was the only place you could find any trolls. Though it wasnt that safe. The royals, such as the princesses, princes, kings, queens, etc. were the Fuchsia bloods, where as the lowest of the blood line, aka the ones who were always hunted down, were the Burgundy bloods. However, they werent the only lowbloods hunted down. The other ones were bronze, yellow, Lime and Olive colored in that order. However, no lime bloods were ever found. Though their was Red Candy, which were mutants who were technically lime bloods but they had a mutant thing about them that made their blood bright red and made it taste, and smell, like candy. Nepeta, however, was an olive blood. Nepeta didnt know her parents. Trolls dont really have parents. They're born from eggs and called Grubs. However, Nepeta did have an older sister, Meulin, though her sister didnt hang around long. When Nepeta was 3, her sister was killed trying to protect her and so was their ancestor. However, a slightly higher blood, an indigo blood (Which was 5 blood lines higher then Nepeta) took Nepeta in and cared for her as his own. This troll was called Equius. He was a few years older then Nepeta and technically it was his ancestor who took care of them both, but him and Nepeta were always unseperable. He always cared for her no matter how old they were and they treated each other like brother and sister. Though when Nepeta was 6, him and his ancestor were killed and taken from her. She was able to escape, however. Due to them being her only family, Nepeta shrunk into the darkness and started becoming more and more alone. She started hunting animals and using their meat for food, fur for clothing and blood to make art on the walls of her small house where they all used to live together. Nepeta still smiles around others, but Aradia, despite not knowing much about her, thinks that her 'Shipping Wall' was created due to Nepeta being lonely. Nepeta never admits it though, she still acts like she's a happy cat and will care for anyone who allows her to.


{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 5/10 (10 being the worst)
[Interesting Facts:]
*Its hinted by Aradia that she ships people together due to her being lonely
*Loves hunting animals
*Uses animal blood to draw on her shipping wall
*Attached to Tavros despite him being allergic to her
[Friends:] Open
*Older brother, Equius (He was actually her friend but they acted like siblings and grew up together), Dead (Seen in some of her pics)
*Ancestor, The Disciple (No one knows her real name) (view spoiler)
*Older sister, Meulin, Dead (view spoiler)
[Weapon:] Clawkind


Spadez (or Kadyn) | 5 comments {Identity}


[Name:] Tavros Nitram
[Online Name:] adiosToreador (AT for short)
[Blood Color:] Brown
[Star Sign:] Taurus
[Date of Birth:] May 1st
[Favorite Color:] Orange
[Title:] Page of Breath
[Theme Song:] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA_bu...



[Gender:] Male
[Sexuality:] Bi
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Crush:} Open
[Race:] Trollian
[Species:] Troll

{Appearance:} https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

[Hair:] Black, Mohawk
[Eyes:] Brown
[Weight:] 111 lbs
[Height:] 5'4
[Scent:] Usually smells good?
[Scarring or Markings:] N/A
[Clothing Style:] A black shirt with his Taurus sign on it in orange, black pants and black shoes


[Description:] Tavros is a troll who has low confidence, yet when he does get it, its a living nightmare. He stutters alot and due to his shy personality, soft spoken words and his low self confidence, he doesnt do alot of the opportunities that show up for him. He's quite easy to bully and is not someone you'd notice since he doesnt speak up with his opinions very much. Although he's like this, he isnt one to follow anyones orders and is a bit of a loner when it comes to most things. However, if he somehow gains confidence, all hell will break lose. When he has confidence, he's very strict, demanding, somewhat violent/rough and will say anything that comes to mind, though this is a very rare occasion. Other then that, Tavros doesnt like killing and finds it impossible to hate anyone. He understands people the way no one else does, which often leads to alot of people liking him and possibly even loving him. But if his friends are ever hurt, he'll try to defend them. Though he usually dies in the process. Due to having been in a wheel chair in the past, he has incredible arm strength, even if he doesnt look like he does. This allows his to win any fist fights or even arm wrestles.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
*Tavros cant hate people for too long
*He has BIG self esteem issues
*Doesnt get mad easily but when he does, you're screwed
*May look whimpy but most of his life he was in a wheel chair so he can win any fist to fist combat and pick up anything heavy


*His self esteem issues
*His 'cat allergies'
*His quietness
*His nervousness
*His arm strength
*His fighting abilities
*His understanding of people
*His cuteness?


[Favorite Things:]
*Talking to friends online (Such as Gamzee, Aradia and sometimes Nepeta)
*The color orange
[History:] Tavros grew up in a troll town called Alturnia with his friends Aradia, Sollux and Kankri. Oh, and Nepeta too. This was the only town you could find trolls. Tavros was born a bronze blood, which was one step higher then the lowest blood on the grid which was the burgundy blood. He never complained though. He was always a cheerful young boy and when little he seemed to have alot of confidence. He was raised by his now dead ancestor, Rufioh. Tavros always tried making his friends think positive no matter how bad life got. It wasnt until he was 13 when something changed in him to make him less confident. No one really knew what happened, but when he returned, he was less confident, more shy and often soft spoken. Within due time it made people often talk over him or ignore him, though he grew quite used to it. When he returned from where ever he had been that made him like that, his ancestor was murdered. The killer was never found but it was stated that the killer was looking for him. He had no where to live so he tried switching houses. He tried living with Aradia and Sollux but he couldnt handle Sollux's attitude and how Aradia helped him with EVERYTHING, even with undressing. He tried living with Nepeta but he got nervous around her and developed an allergy against cat trolls. So, he stuck with living with Kankri. Sure Kankri talked alot, but he could handle it more then most people could.

When Tavros was 15, another incident happened. A girl liked him but since he didnt like her back, she somehow convinced him to jump off a bridge, saying he wasnt able to do it and survive. Well.. He survived alright. However, he became paralyzed from the waist down permanently. He had to use a wheel chair to get around. Its even said he went up and down his home stairs in that wheel chair, which is what made his arms so strong in the first place. When 16, while he was asleep, another girl cut off his legs and put robotic legs on him. Of course, he couldnt feel his legs anyways so he didnt wake up during it and found out about it the next morning. He was upset about it at first, but since he was able to walk around again after so long, he adapted to it.

He stopped aging at the age of 18 due to when he was with his boyfriend, his boyfriend cut off his head. It was strange, he always fell for the psycho men. Though after that happened, Aradia brought him back to life before she died as well.


{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 6/10 (10 being the worst)
[Interesting Facts:]
*Tavros suffers from a cat allergy. However it appears that his allergy of cats is all in his head, as Aradia was able to temporarily cure him of his allergies just by feeding him a normal button as a placebo cure. His supposed allergy returned when he met Nepeta, who is simply a troll that resembles a cat. As Tavros and Nepeta role-played many times in the past, it is possible he adopted a fake allergy to cover for his nervousness, and he 'believed so much in something fake, it became slightly more real' to him.
*In fact, Tavros's shyness, low self-esteem, and low confidence levels might be mirrored in his quirk - reversing the capitalization of every letter in his sentences.
*Tavros once dated Gamzee but broke it off due to always being insecure. Gamzee still loves Tavros, but its undetermined if Tavros still loves him back
*Nepeta (Sort of. He considers her a friend but due to getting nervous and 'believing' he's allergic to her, he refuses to talk to her unless its over the internet)
[Enemies:] Open
*Ancestor, The Summoner, often called Rufioh, Dead (view spoiler)

[Weapon:] Lancekind

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Mod

First Name: Killua
Middle Name: --None--
Last Name:Zoldyck
Nick Name:All characters in the series including his close best friend Gon call him Killua. His older brother and mother call him Kil.
Meaning of Name:--Unknown--
Gender: Male

Birthday:July 7
Birth Time:--Unknown--
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Theme Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-zJg... and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJVdC...
Age: 12 (12 at beginning of anime, currently he's 14, but i'm making him 12)

Height:5'2 (158 cm)
Weight:49 Kg (107 lbs)
Stature:Killua is fairly lean at the start of the series, due to constant training and tortures he received when he was young. As time passes, he becomes more muscular and toned. His height is average.

History: Killua was born as the middle child to a family of known assassins, the Zoldycks. His father immediately handpicked him as the next heir to the family, believing him to have more potential than the others. Showing great promise from birth, Killua followed the traditional Zoldyck training. He had already mastered many killing techniques at a tender age, and was set to be one of the best assassins the family has ever produced. At the age of three, he started his training on tailing other people. He was forced to battle in the Heavens Arena martial arts tournament at the age of 6, in which he took two years to get to the 199th floor (even though he was accepted to the 200th floor, he bailed out). Killua divulges that ever since his birth, he has been in constant training for the occupation of a professional assassin. Killua had spent years trying to perfect unique skills that assassins portray and possess.
Bored and tired of killing and also not wanting to become the next heir to the family, Killua unexpectedly rebelled against his family, injuring both his mother and second brother, and ran away from home to take the Hunter Exam for fun. He meets Gon during the first portion of the Hunter Exam and they become the best of friends. He thinks being with Gon is exciting and adventurous.
Hometown:Republic Of Padokia, Kukuroo Mountain.
Personality: Killua is cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous ideas. He is also one of the quickest-thinking characters in the series and often analyzes a situation with great ease and accuracy. He is confident in his own abilities, often being humble about it; but when somebody compliments him, especially Gon, he gets easily embarrassed. Killua is also known for having a sweet tooth; he loves everything sweet, as he spent almost 200 million Jenny on snacks when he was at the Heavens Arena. His favorite snack is chocolate, specifically Chocolate Balls. However, when he switches into his assassin mode, he has a completely different personality, deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. He's extremely rude and cocky when dealing with elders, and can't deal with them at all. He cares dearly for his friends, especially Gon, and would easily and effortlessly put their lives before his. He could easily risk his life for his friends, and he shows little concern for his own life.
Dressing Style: Killua typically wears baggy clothing, with his usual attire consisting of long-sleeved and dark-colored shirts. Most of his clothes have a turtleneck. Killua wears long, baggy shorts with short ankle length boots, colored brown and black. Other than that, he usually wears casual clothes, though mostly he wears an undershirt with shorts.

Family: Maha Zoldyck (Great-great grandfather, status unknown, believed to be dead), Zeno Zoldyck (Grandfather, alive) Silva Zoldyck (Father, alive), Kikyo Zoldyck (mother, alive), Illumi Zoldyck (oldest son, alive) Milluki Zoldyck (2nd oldest, alive), Kalluto Zoldyck (younger brother, alive) Alluka Zoldyck (younger sister, alive)
Pets:None of his own. There is Miike, the family dog, though he stays at home.
Friends:People he met in the hunter exam: Gon Freecs (his number 1 best friend), Kurapika Kurta, Leorio Paradinight, as well as other participants. People he met during the Greed Island game: Biscuit Krueger (their mentor), as well as other game participants. Kite's team and chimera ants: Kite (a friend of Gon's father), and other team members. He also became friends with Ikalgo, an octopus chimera ant.
Enemies:Almost everyone other than his friends. Mainly chimera ants, hunter exam participants, greed island players, and others.
Crush: None.

Rank:Hunter, Assassin.
Type: Pro hunter, nen type: Transmution

Weapons: Killua usually uses 2 identical yoyo's he keeps in his pocket. Each of them is colored blue with a star on the front and back of each one. They both weigh around 50 kilograms, so it's quite heavy and strong. It's capable of injuring a human and breaking an entire tree down with just one swing. However, because of their heavy weight, not everyone would be able to handle them as easily as Killua. (sorry, couldnt find a better one XP yoyo: http://blog-imgs-24-origin.fc2.com/u/...)
Abilities/powers:Killua is extremely strong despite his appearance and young age, and he is capable of opening a 64 ton door without much difficulty. Killua is tremendously fast. He can move so fast that his opponents may lose sight of him, and kill a target without them realizing until the fatal blow has been dealt. His reactions are also first-class: Killua can react to the slightest amount of danger instantly, allegedly even gunshots fired at near point-blank range.Killua's astonishing mobility allows him to attack from every position, move in the enemy's blind spot, and fight on any kind of terrain. In terms of defense, Killua takes full advantage of his agility to fall back quickly, dodge the enemy's attacks and react immediately after being hit. He has an excellent sense of balance, as seen when he was shown standing with nonchalance on the back of a horse. Killua is immune against poison, making it impossible to kill him with it. Electricity was one of his childhood tortures as a kid, so he it doesn't affect him either. He can turn his nails into razor sharp knife-like claws that can pierce through anything. He also has amazing healing abilities. He's also a pro skater and can skateboard perfectly. Other than all this, he has the following attacks:
+The Snake Awakens: Killua whips his arms with incredible fluidity and speed, tearing anything that comes in contact with them.
+Rhythm Echo: Killua is able to create clones of himself. He walks in a set rhythm slowly around his oppenent, creating after images of himself and making it seem as if there are clones of him.
+Thunder Palm: Killua coats his hand with electricity, and is able to shock and stun any opponent with elctricity just bu toughing them.
+Thunder Bolt: Killua is able to project a large lightning bolt by jumping into the air and is capable of sending it down so he strikes an opponent. It is as deadly as a real thunder bolt.
+Godspeed: With his hair, hands and feet changed into electric type aura, Killua's godspeed ability allows him to react and move his body at speeds that would normally be impossible for him. This ability changes Killua's aura into a field capable of transmitting all electrical impulses from his brain in a straight line directly to the part of the body he wants to use, completely bypassing his nervous system. He can run at 1200 miles per hour, nearly mach 2!

~Chocolate (especially chocolate robots and balls)
~Being with Gon
~Quizzes or tests/studying
~Old ladies
~People who breaks promises
~Killing/being an assassin
-Gon Freecs
-Has no confidence
-Always imagines worst case scenario
-old ladies
-Hand to hand combat

Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:
- He's an assassin, been trained since he was born. He's also pretty famous, and alot of people know him and thats hes an assassin since his family doesnt keep it a secret. His whole family are assassins.
- Immune to poison
- Electricity and other harmful things dont usually work against him.
- Best friends with Gon
- Always imagines the worst possible sitaution, and because of that, he gives up in alot of fights.
- Gives up too fast.
- Can't control his feelings well
- Easy to manipulate

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