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Gumi's Side
Kaito's Side

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments ((Thanks. :D))

Kaito walked back into his own dorm on campus as he went and jumped on his bed as he took one of the knives he had in his pocket and started admiring it.

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Gumi stood infront of an easel with a spray paint can making art piece. She had a slight drop of red paint on her cheek. She smiled at the paintings she examined her work.

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "How is the art going?." He asks looking up and upside down at her.

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She looks over the canvas with a big grin and a thumbs up "Awesomely" she said as she picked up the ease and moved it to the side of the room before sitting in her bed and removing her paint covered smock "How was your little adventure? Did you find another person to bother?" she joked as she fixed her goggles on her head and adjusted her skirt and top. She checked for any stray paint.

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Yeah, Pissed off the teach and then went to get icecream with a friend." He says as he looks at her and just touches his cheek as he had noticed the red paint o her face.

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Gumi looks at him with a quizzical look as he touched his cheek. She touched her own looked at her red fingers. Her green eyes widened in alarm "Am I bleeding? I'm fucking beading" she said as she wiped her cheek again, only spreading the blood "How did I end up bleeding?"

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Its paint Gumi." he says as he got up and walked to her with a raised brow with a cloth he had.

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Gumi sniffed her red fingers, to see if they smelt like paint, before sheepishly taking the cloth "Shut up, I knew that" she mumbled as she wiped it from her face

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Was just saying." He says as he goes to walk back to his bed.

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Gumi lay on her bed and looked over at Kaito sideways "You happen to have a carrot by any chance?" she asked with a hopeful smile. Her mood just went from pissed to happy in the blink of an eye. Like always

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Probably got a few in my mini fridge over there." he points to a small fridge under his desk.

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Gumi got up and kelt down to get the carrots "Thanks" she smiled as she reached in and rumaged around

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "No problem Gumi. The only reason i get em anyway." He says as he lays down on his bed as he puts his hands behind his head and relaxes a bit as he flicked on his stereo as he listens to some electronic music.

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Gumi sits on the end of his bed with a carrot in her mouth and listens to his music "Nice jam" she said between crunching her carrot

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Thanks. Its just some music i listen to when im not bothering people." He pauses for a minute then chuckles. "Well that and when im bothering you." He smirks as he opens one eye and looks at her.

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Gumi raised an eyebrow and smiled "You try to bother me? Well you don't do a very good job" she joked as she threw the carrot butt at the bin across the room and getting it in "I don't feel the lest bit bothered by you. Quite the opposite actually" she replied with a smile as she drank some water from a bottle attached to her spray paint belt

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "What is your opposite of bothered?" He smirks as he looks at her with both eyes open now.

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She smirked back "Company, hot shot. Don't get too far ahead of yourself" she replied with a smiling tone.

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "I can get as far ahead of myself if I want to." He smirks as he shuts his eyes once more.

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"You made that pretty obvious a loooooong time ago" she laughed as she stretched herself out.

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Tell me gumi have you ever actually kissed a guy." He asks with a smirk as he doesn't even open his eyes.

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Gumi blushed beet red "Why the hell do you want to know that?!" she said immediately flinching away from him "And the answer to that question is no, thank you very much!"

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Kinda sad. Even for a freshmen." He says as he puts one leg over the other.

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She crossed her arms and huffed, still blushing slightly "Shut up. Mo one's interested in me and I couldn't care less. I don't need a relationship to define who I am"

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Haven't kissed a guy and completely oblivious." He chuckles as he sighs in comfort from how he was relaxing.

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"A kiss with no emotion is pointless"she retorted

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "You still don't get it do you." He chuckles.

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She relaxed a bit and crossed her legs "No I don't. Care to explain?"

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "The guy with the red hair and probably is the worst student for attendance in the entire school, he likes you." He smirks as he was his usual calm even saying this.

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Gumi blushed sightly and looked at him "Really" she asked curiously with a tone of doubt.

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Yeah, why can't I." He says as he yawns a bit. "Green and red go well together." He says with a chuckle. "That is if the green actually likes the red."

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Gumi looked across the room "And what if the answer was yes?"

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Then red would be happy to be with green." He says with a smirk. "Hell green might even get to have a boyfriend for once."

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She looked at him and answered plainly "The green says yes, on one condition. That red doesn't emphasise green's lack of relationships"

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Sure." He just replies as he turns off the music and kneels down beside his bed. Reaching under it.

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Gumi looks a him curiously. She had never seen him hide anything there. So what was he trying to get?

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments He pulls out a long box that had locked clips on it as he pulled a key from his pocket and when to undo the clips.

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"What is that?" she asked as she stares at the long box

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Its where i keep my torture tools." He looks at her with a grin before laughing and saying. "Its where i keep a couple of my favourite things." He says as he opens the top to reveal a massive collection of knives.

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Gumi scooted over near the collection with big green eyes full of wonder "Sweeeeet blades!!!" she said out aloud as she picked up a katana

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Careful I keep it razor sharp." He says as he then lifted it out to reveal another latch. "This is where i keep my pride and joy." he says as he lifts the latch to reveal his custom red electric guitar.

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Gumi looked at the electric guitar "You're awesome rating just went up by 100"

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "Best part. Its not just a show piece." He smirks as he takes it out an holds it.

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"Really?" she asked. She wanted to touch those awesome flames so badly

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments "If you want i can hook it up to an amp i keep in the closet and play a bit for yah." He says as he looks at her with a smirk. Waiting for her reaction to him being able to play it.

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Gumi Widened her eyes happily and punched the air enthusiastically "Alright! You do that!"

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 384 comments He goes over to the closet and pulls out the amp and plugs it into the wall. Then plugging it into his guitar as he tunes it a bit and checks the sound.

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Gumi sits down and crosses her legs, excitedly waiting for him to rip out an awesome tune

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