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Yes. Her name is Sacajewa. And who's her crush for this RP?

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My OC is FarRah Rina Rahunarah. Her title name is FarRah The Rage. She's married to Kahmunrah The Bloodthirsty. But he's very protective towards her.

Like I said, there's no need to be perfect.

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Thanks. We can start.

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There was a new shipment in the main floor and it was from the Smithsonian. The new shipment was two Pharaohs. Kahmunrah The Bloodthirsty and FarRah The Rage.

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Everyone in the museum wasn't happy about the new Pharaohs. One of the soldiers exhibits broke Sacajewa's glass display.

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Larry Daley paled, "It's Kahmunrah and FarRah." That's when the boxes lids were kicked opened and everyone backed up.

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"Are you saying that you don't remember what happened at the Smithsonian back in 2009?" Larry asked.

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"Are you nuts, Daley!" FarRah asked ragingly.

Larry paled as he turned around and saw FarRah. 'Oh No.' Larry thought as he saw Kahmunrah.

(You can use Kah for Kahmunrah.)

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Larry Daley paled when he heard Kahmunrah's voice. "You're in the Museum of Natural History. In New York."

"In NewYork? Where's that insane younger Pharaoh at? You know that me and Kah have been waiting forever." FarRah said.

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(FarRah is a girl.)


FarRah growled at Ahk's behavior. "Kah, let's go somewhere else in the museum. Where we're more welcomed."

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Ahk growled and stormed off blaming in Egyptian.

FarRah huffed, "Well, he's no longer welcomed in our kingdom."

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"I think we're in it now." FarRah said as she saw Meren(hard name and Ahk & Kah's father) and Shep(hard name and Ahk & Kah's mother) in distance. They were cross.

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"You threatened to kill us! That's what!" Larry snapped.

FarRah slapped Larry hard, "You leave Kah alone!"

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'I think Kah and FarRah are better off back at the Smithsonian with Al Capone, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Ivan The Terrible.' Larry thought to himself. "OW! Why!" Larry asked painfully.

"They didn't call me FarRah The Rage for nothing!" FarRah replied.

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(FarRah is a girl and she's married to Kah)

"Let's show these peasants what respect means." FarRah said in a threatening tone.

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(It's ok.)

"Starting with Larry and then Ahkmenrah." FarRah said.

Larry paled, "RUN GUYS!" Larry took off running.

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"CHARGE!" FarRah yelled as she ran with Kah.

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All the exhibits ran in all directions, trying to get away from Kah and FarRah.

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FarRah ran after Ahkmenrah and Larry. Larry was screaming bloody murderer.

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The museum went into CHAOS.

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One of the dummies grabbed FarRah and pinned her against the wall.

FarRah screamed bloody murderer on the top of her lungs.

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"Those idiots tried to hurt me!" FarRah raged.

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The dummies snuck off to plan a new way to get rid of the Pharaohs.

"It was just like those bullies did to me before I met you years ago." FarRah said.

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FarRah nodded and followed Kah.

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FarRah did too.

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FarRah followed Kah. 'As long as there's no idiots trying to kill us.' FarRsh thought to herself.

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The stable was abandoned and empty. "Of course it'll do. I always loved abandoned places." FarRah said.

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FarRah though for a moment. 'I wonder if there's a big closet somewhere in this place.' FarRah thought.

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There were unused blankets in the closet.

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"Those creepy dummies. Those idiots think that they're smarter than us. We'll show them." FarRah muttered.

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"There's that Kahmunrah The BloodThristy and FarRah The Rage." FarRah said.

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FarRah held Kah close and laid her head on his chest. "Ok."

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FarRah nodded, "Mhm." In agreement. Kah was too comfy to let go of.

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FarRah cuddled up next to Kah.

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FarRah fell asleep in Kah's protective arms.

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FarRah woke up and got up.

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"Yes." FarRah replied.

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FarRah stayed close to Kah as they walked outside. Just in case those dummies were outside.

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"I'm trying not to, Kah. But that scared me so much." FarRah said.

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"Ok." FarRah said.

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FarRah followed Kah as they searched for some food.

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The clerk was a little nervous. He's never seen a Pharaoh and a Pharaoh Queen before. Of course, he didn't dare to ignore this man's question.
"Here's our new menu for Egyptian Foods." He said kindly.

(Egyptian Food: )

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(I know. I've done Egyptian History for my school.)

"Torly." FaRah replied

(Torly: A tray of baked squash, potatoes, carrots, onions, and tomato sauce.)

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The clerk nodded and told the cook to make the food.

The clerk poured out the cold water and handed it to the Pharaohs.

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"How about you and I cuddle when we get back." FarRah replied.

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Their food arrived on time and FarRah smiled.

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FarRah smiled at Kah's playful complaint and then she started eating her food.

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So did FarRah.

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FarRah finished her food and drank her water.

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