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The Cossacks
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Henry Sturcke | 427 comments The description of this book is in English for the first edition to come up under this link, but when I marked the Penguin ed. as the one I read (Rosemary Edmonds translation), the description changed to a script I don't read (Persian?). Would it be good to have the description in the same language as the translation? Here is the description from the back cover of my copy: The Cossacks describes a restless young Russian's noble attempt and failure to return to Nature amid the grandeur of the Causcasian mountains and their peoples. It was called by Turgenev 'the finest and most perfect production of Russian literature'. Tolstoy completed this story in 1862 just before he began War and Peace.
In The Death of Ivan Ilyich a fatal illness shows a successful man that his life has been morally worthless. And Happy Ever After is a study - with definite autobiographical traces - of the shifting psychological balance in the marriage of a young girl and her guardian.

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6798 comments Fixed - thanks for reporting!

Henry Sturcke | 427 comments You're welcome, Elizabeth.

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