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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Here we go

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Hai :3

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ok i was think like
Best freind x Best friend
Collage roommate x Collage roommate
Gamer x Gamer
or if you got any ideas throw out

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments the collage roommate one sounds good

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ok! so wanna make the characters now?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Yeah how detailed do you want them to be?

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Not really that detailed like name age and appearance and a small bio

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Okay works witj me. You wanna make yours first?

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name: Felix Gates
Age: 18
Appearance: http://data.whicdn.com/images/3346163...

Small bio: Felix was abandon at an orphanage when he was a baby, at the age of 13 a couple adopted him and moved to a farm.
Felix is very brave and a daredevil and will always stick up for people and whats right, he is very smart and loves animals, he loves his music and art and always loves making people smile and laugh. at times Felix is pretty shy but he is actaully really outgoing. but sometimes Felix regrets a lot of things he has done and feel broken and unwanted.

Other: he has a pet kitten named Waffles, and he has depression but he hids it. (used to self-harm, doesnt do it as much anymore)

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Name: Daniel 'Danny' Russell
Age: 18
Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

Bio: Daniel grew up with both of his parents. Well until he was about 10 at lwast. His mother had died in a house fire while him and his dad were out of town on a father son vacation. After her death his dad had started to drink and eventually lost his job. So Danny took up two obs to keep there house and food and everything while managing to keep his grades up. He got a scholarship to collage and was glad to finally leave. He plans on taking classes to become a science teacher.

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ooh! he sounds cool!
So are there any rp rules that we wanna make?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Not that I can really think of. How detailed are you usually? I usually post up to 3-4 lines

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i try to do a couple lines but sometimes its just 1
also what about cussing and mature parts? sould we just ** the cuss words out and fade on mature parts?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Sure sounds good to me

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ok! so who starts?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments I can start

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ok :)

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Wait where are we starting at? Them moving into their dorm?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Okay

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Daniel threw his backpack over his shoulder and grabbed his other two bags. He started his trip up the stairs and towards his dorm room. He grabbed out the key and unlocked the door. He walked into the room and looked around the place.

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Felix sighed carrying his 2 bags and cat carrier on his shoulder, He looked down at his cat waffle in the carrier who was still asleep. "collage waffles!" he smiled getting out his key but noticed the door was opened, "knock knock" felix said knocking on the door

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Daniel jumped and dropped one of his bags and just about tripped over. He steady himself and turned around to look at who just came in. "oh, hello." He said with a small smile. He set down his oyher bags.

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"oh sorry, i didnt mean to scare you" Felix said putting his bags down by a bed, "Im Felix" he smiled and waffles meowed drunkly waking up finally the sleeping meds wearing off from the flight on the plane

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Its quite alright." He smiled and shook his hnd. "im daniel." He told him then looked around. "What side of the room do you want?" He asked him. He pushed his glasses up on his face and looked down at his cat with a smile. "He's cute."

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"thats waffles, him and i have never been to the city so this is all new for us farm homeschoolers" Felix exsplained "im fine with eather side of the room" he added

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Waffles? Thats an interesting name" He smiled and laughed a little bit. "You lived on a farm?" He asked. From the guys appearance he was kind of surprised. "Ill take this side then." He said carrying his bags over to the right side of the room.

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"Yeah wanted him to have a unique name" he put the carrier down "yeah i lived on a farm for 5 years...it doesnt look like im a farm boy tho, but i am" he said closing the dorm door and letting Waffles out of his carrier

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments He smiled and nodded as he started to unpack his stuff. "Im use to the city. Actuallu I domt live that far from here. Maybe one hour to two hours."He shrugged and turned to face him. "What are you going to school for?"

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"my dad says i should work with animals, but i wanna be a musician" Felix answered and started unpack also, Waffles struggled drunkly to get out of his carrier, "i guess they havent worn off have they?" Felix chuckled picking up waffles and setting him on the floor

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments " really? Thats cool. I can kind of sing but im not too good at it." He watched him as he picked up Waffles and set him on the floor. He laughed a little bit. He unpacked his clothes and put them into the dresser then started to unpack his bathroom stuff and his books.

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Felix finishedunpacking a little while after Daniel finished, he sat down on his bed watching waffles tetter around the room, "it looks like he had to much to drink" he joked and laughed a little.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Daniel sat down on his own bed after he put thesheetsand stuff on it. He looked at the catand laughed. "Thats exactly what my dad looks like whem he comes home everynight." He laughed a little bitas sat there.

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"oh" Felix said bitting his lip, carful not to bit to hard on his lip piercings. Waffles walked over to Daniel and meowed purring, waffles purred rubbing agenst Daniel's legs, Felix smiled watching "He likes you" he commented

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "I like him too. He's cute." He smiled and picked up waffles and set him on his lap and pet him. He glanced up at Felix with a bright smile, then back down at the cat. "I have never had a single pet in my whole life."

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"really? i didnt have a pet intell i was 13 then i had horses and dogs and cats, many other farm animals" Felix smiled as Waffles curled up purring loudly

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "yeah. Ive had a few goldfish but they died." He shrugged as he pet waffles. "I know this is completely random but do you have plans later? Since we are roommates I was thinking maybewe cpuld go get something to eat or something. Unless you have plans already." Heshrugged again.

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Felix smiled "nope i dont have any plans, i actaully dont know this city very good seince Waffles and i took a plane from Ohio to here" He said rubbing his arm watching them. Waffles meowed purring

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Daniel smiled and nodded. "Ive only been here once and that was about 10 years ago. But I think I saw a small little restaurant around the corner when I was driving here." He told him. He was glad he was making friends with his roommate.

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"sounds cool" Felix smiled happy to be making a friend, he bit his lip thinking

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Daniel smiled and leaned back on his hands. "thia is going to be great." He said and looked back at him. He lightly picked up waffles and set him down on yhe ground. "I need to shower. Its been a long a nd I feel the need to wash up." He went over to his drawers and grabbed a yowel oiy he had brought with.

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Felix nodded "ok" he said getting out his art journal and put his earbuds in and listened to music while drawing, Waffles purring sitting on the floor

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Daniel smiled and finished getting his stuff together before he went into the bathroom. He turned the water in, stripped down and hoped in.

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As felix listened to his music and drew, he light bit down on his lip and tasted blood, Felix gagged not really liking the taste. Waffles meowed and licked felix's hand. "Im ok Waffles" he smiled slighty wipping blood from the corner of his mouth

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Daniel finished up showering within the next 10 minutes. He got and dried himself off. He slipped on a pair of boxers and walked out of the bathroom and towards his dresser.

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Felix's lip had stopped bleeding, he glanced up for a second and then quickly looked back down at his art, his face slightly red embarrassed. Waffles purred laying in Felix's lap

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Daniel wasn't really paying attention. He slipped on a pair of jeans and a black avengers t-shirt. Half of the shorts he brought were superhero shirts. He ran a hand through his wet hair and sighed. He sat back down on his bed and looked over at Felix.

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Felix shaded in his drawing of a sleeping tiger, Waffles placed his paw making Felix slightly smile, he didnt notice Daniel watching him as he kept drawing while listening to music

(le drawing: http://images.fineartamerica.com/imag... )

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