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Intro thread for you, love, don't forget to have fun and be active! <3

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Ruth | 171 comments Okay I'm finally around a computer, so I can do something in this folder!

Hello guys! I'm Ruth Erskine, and my dream in life is to be a novelist or screenwriter. My favorite genres to write and read are very broad, spanning from high fantasy, sci-fi, romance, drama, and basically everything except supernatural and horror.
For as long as I can remember, writing was my passion. I have a memory of being three years old and coloring pictures for a story I was writing with crayons.
At age five I had a series of stories I was writing about a prince named Monder and his older brother Echinda.
I completed my very first story at age eight, called "The Youngest Knight." It was about John, a little boy who goes to "boot camp" and becomes a knight when he was only ten.
As I grew older my plotlines became more complex. I had dreams of sagas in different worlds- a series much like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones about a girl named Brea taken into the world Eolaria, and she discovers that she is their long lost savior. The series would span over several books and years, and delve into histories of the world etc.
However lately I've started to realize the beauty in just ordinary life and I've noticed that you don't have to have fantasy aspects, or fairies and elves for life to be amazing. Every simple life, whether you do something spectacular or not, is amazing, and now my passion is to write stories that show that.

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Ramla Zareen Ahmad | 61 comments Hi Ruth, nice to 'meet' you :-) Looking forward to checking out your works soon!

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