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Dudathewanderer (msduda) | 9 comments Mod
Your Name

Introduce yourself in 1-2 PARAGRAPHS. Please check for spelling and grammar errors.

If you are stuck:
Who are you?
What do you like to do?
Do you have pets?
How do you best learn?
Where have you traveled?
What is your favorite.......?

message 2: by Miguel (new)

Miguel | 9 comments Walk Two Moons: By Sharon Creech

This story starts when Salamanca the main character starts describing her. She has lived 13 years in Bybanks ,Kentucky . ( “Gramps says that I am a country girl at heart, and that is true.” Pag.13 ) She starts telling the stories that were happening to her. Also, that she moved to Euclid, Ohio. Where she met her new best friend Phoebe. After she got there, she went with her grandparents to visit her mom, her mother was divorced with Sal´s father. The day that they got the news that Sal´s mother left, the father started harming the wall they painted and he founded a fire room. They were going to visit her because it was her birthday. They got trap six days in a car with her grandparents. Her grandparents began telling stories that happened to them. Some of them were awesome. They moved with Margaret Cadaver , they were going to live in a tiny house. She describes the house with tiny, small, pocket size. (“We walk through the tiny living room into the miniature kitchen and upstairs into my father`s pintsized bedroom and my pocket-size bedroom” pag.37) She did not like her new house. Three days later she started school. Phoebe was in her class when she entered, she described the all of her class mates the same way. She had the most particular class in the school. One of school they were talking about bravery, Sal said she was not brave that she was scared of a lot of things. But she wasn’t scared of spiders, snakes etc.… That same day a black spider was on her desk she picks up the insect and put it the window and then all the class started laughing. A few days later Phoebe started talking to her and Phoebe and her where having a lot of adventures. Then she liked a little bit her new home That´s what I read this weak this a summary of a hundred and seventy pages of this awesome book.

message 3: by Carlos (new)

Carlos L | 6 comments Hi, my name is Carlos and I am 10 years old. I came to live here when I was 5 years old. I will be eleven on September. I live in Cayala. I have a dog named Cooper, and a sister named Daniela. We are a very United family.

I was born in San Antonio TX. I really liked going to sea world when I lived there. I started gymnastics there. Then I stopped 3 years, and know I have doing 3 years here in Guatemala. My hobbies are sports, reading, and school.

message 4: by Nina (new)

Nina C | 5 comments Hi my name is nina cao, I am 11 years old. I was born dicember 26 2003. I hace 2 bigerr brothers one of them is 24 years old and the Other one is 19 years old. I have one dog named coco. I like Reading, Science, history and gymnastics. My favorite food is creps of nutella and ice cream. I love going to disney,universal,miami and canada

I like doing many many frinds. i like having to move around ply and do flips i am very hiperactive but i just have to wait to go my house and run around. I am a animal lover there is just one animal i really really don't like cats. I hate tomatoes i don't like ketchup and i don't like onions . That is who i am.

message 5: by Annika (new)

Annika GS | 8 comments Me
My name is Annika Garcia Salas I´m 11 years old I was born September 11 of 2003 in Guatemala. I have a family of six my parents Fernando and Michelle, 2 sisters Sofia Garcia Salas and Adriana Garcia Salas last 1 brother Pedro Garcia Salas. My great-grandmother is from Germany and my great-grandfather is from Italy. I have blond and wavy hair, green eyes and I’m tall. I love to play soccer, gymnastics, run, read, play with puppies, travel and my life dancing. My favorite color is light blue and my favorite animal are dogs. Last year I was bullied but now I have the best friends ever in the whole world that are: Natalia Vela, Alessandra Contreras, Paulina Torres, Cristina Eggenberger and Emma Vico.

I hate the dentist, spiders, hospital, ketchup, doctor, dark chocolate, and my list can keep on going. I am very shy, sensitive, intelligent, sympathetic, caring, respectful, responsible etc. I love playing outside in nature and knowing new things about nature. When I grow up I want to help street dogs by taking care of them, feeding them, playing with them, and bathing them. And also I want to be a lots of things that I haven´t figured out what I really want to do. One of my goals is for the first try to be in Principal Honor Roll. My favorite travel was to Washington D.C because you learn new things about history. I had 3 dogs named Susy, Pucky and Mia; now I have 2 dogs Ternura and Hoppy.

message 6: by Santi (new)

Santi L | 8 comments My name is Santiago Llarena. I was born the 31rst of July in 2004, in Guatemala City.
I am eleven years old, two weeks ago I started Middle School. I love to play soccer, soccer is my favorite sport. I love to go fishing, I love to feel the pull that the fishes make, I love to fight with the fish until I see it in the boat. Also I love to go bird watching, I love to see those colorful birds flying, or being steady at a tree. I also love to to practice the sport of athletics, I like to feel my legs hot, after running a large distance.

During my life I have overcome many obstacles, like when my dad got leucemia and finally after some months of treatments in the United States he got cured. Because of that my sister and I couldn't see my parents for one month, and because of that my sister and I had our grades go down. But after some months we got better and our grades bacame like they were before. Two years after that we were like before, three weeks ago me and my family came back from Europe. Going to Europe was a unforgettable trip, the most important thing was that we were together happy of being alive and for having the opportunity for me and my sister to get to know Europe.

message 7: by Ana (new)

Ana H | 1 comments Hi my name is Ana and i am 11 years old and I have one brother that is 8 years old.
I live with my mom my dad and my 3 pets. My favorite sports are swimming and horse back riding. I lived in Durango and then Mexico City for 6 years then I moved to China (Shanghai) for 2 years then I moved here and I will stay here for 5 years. My favorite foods are pasta, pizza, and ice cream. I was born on November 1 of 2003 in the U.S.A.
Then after 3 years my brother was born June 9 2007 and then we moved to Durango for only 1 year because we did not like it and my brother was only 7 weeks old.

My favorite vacations we're going to the Maldives,Thailand, Hong Kong ( for a swim meet) and North Carolina with my cousins and my uncles and aunties and grandparents. We rented a big Beach house right on the beach. In the Maldives we stayed in a beach house too and we went banana boating and snorkeling with friends that we got to know there and when we went snorkeling I took a picture of a sea turtle with a under water camera that we bought before we went there, it was fun. I never stayed in one place for a long time and my brother never lived in the U.S.A. He was born and then we left.

I speak 3 languages which are Spanish English and Chinese. My mom was adopted from Colombia and my dad is from LA. My dad was my lower school principal in Mexico and the high school principal in China and one he is the general director in Guatemala. That's all about me.

message 8: by Sam (new)

Sam | 8 comments Hello my name is Samuel Corredor Pinillos i live in Guatemala city and i was also born here in Guatemala city. I have only have one brother i go to the school Colegio Interamericano i am in 6 grade my teacher is Mrs.Jenn i have been almost all my life in this school since pre-kinder to 6 grade. I love playing with my dog, i really hate homework, i like math, and i also like playing tennis. some of my goals in life is to be a succesfull person, and in school my goals are to be in honor roll, be responsible, and maybe to try to work harder than other years, i really wish i dont fail 6 grade. My favorites foods could be maybe pizza, chocolate, cake, hamburgers, hot dogs and candy. Lots of my dislikes are fish, tomatoes, olives, sushi and shrimps.

My favorite country can probably be the United States or maybe the beach, the beach of Cancun is my favorite beach. i love planes but when i was like 6 or 8 years old i was in the plane and the captain said that there was going to be a little of turbulence because we were going to pass through a cloud and the the plane started falling down and everyone started screaming and yelling and a woman hit so strong that she opened her nose, so since rhen i dont have a very good expirience in planes but i still love flying in them. I also really really like cruises i just went ones in a cruise but it was awsome i was like 3 or 4 so i dont remember everithing but until i remember it was awsome.

message 9: by Sebas (new)

Sebas B | 3 comments Hello my name is Sebastian Bandi I am eleven years old. I was born in Guatemala on December day eleven. I have a brother that is in High School he has 14 years old and my sister has 13 years old and she is in 8 grade in middle school. My father is from California and my mom is from Guatemala. My school name is Interamericano is in the city of Guatemala it is in zone 16.

My best friends of class are Miguel, Sebas Romano, Manuel, Santiago, and Ofir and that are my best friends of class. Middle School is the best we feel free when we get out of class and it is fun and silent at the same time. I like to play soccer my position of soccer is goalkeeper I like to keep safe the goal so thats why I like to be a goalkeeper. I play for a team that it is call Mini INT we always go to Europe to play tournaments or leagues we go in June one month. This is my introduction of my self.

Right now I am in the bautismo of Matias today was a big day that god blessed Matias and that now he is blessed to by Father Michael.

message 10: by Miguel (new)

Miguel | 9 comments Hello my name is Miguel ,I am 11years. I was born in Guatemala then ,I moved to Spain santander . I have two brothers and a sister.They are colled Marcos Vidal and Lupe . Marcos is 14 going to 15 in some months Vidal has 9 and Lupe has 9 two. My favorite foods are pizza ,paella and rabas . The rabas and paella are tipical foods from Spain.

After living six years in Spain ,I moved to Guatemala . I entered colegio Interamericano.In Spain ,I just finished second grade ,so I started here therd grade .I got here a lot of new friends. The yaers past and I continue making new friends . Each year in vacation , I go to Spain. To see my friends and my family. I love plaing soccer with my friends .I played in campo marte the team is called Mini INT.

I love to travel , have travel to a lot of places like Mexico.I 've been in Florida , Mexico, Spain in Spain I've been in Madrid and Toledo, in Mexico Mexico DF,and Londres.✈️

message 11: by Michal (new)

Michal | 7 comments My name Michal Sudai and i am 11 years old . I like to play piano and my clsses of piano are on wensdays for an houer .I like my classes of riligion on Monday and on thersdays for 2 houers . I take tutoris on tuesdays for an houer. I do karaty at tusdays and on Wensdays for an houer .

And I have art on Fiday I go to art with my friends and we go for 2 houers .I like to do sleep overs with my friends and I love to spend time with them. I go on Saturdays to Macabi is like a camp with all of the guish people.I love to laf and to smile . I love to paint and fridays and weekends spesialy vacations . I love also holidays because i get to selebreat with my family and friends this is all about me.

message 12: by Jime (new)

Jime | 8 comments My name is Jimena Ordóñez. I'm 11 years old. I amo in Middle School. I like to draw and read. My favorite meals are sushi, meat, seafood and a lot more.

I love mystery, fiction and biography books. My birthday is the 8 of June of 2004. My favorite classes are Science, L.A., Ancient Civilitations, Spanish. I don't like Math class or Social Studies . I have a little brother a mom and a dad.

message 13: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa | 7 comments My name is Vanessa.I am 11 years old, I was born on Guatemala the 26 of octuber of the year 2003. I´ve always liked to help others and I also like to work hard.
When I grow up I would like to be a pharmaceutic or a lawyer.My favorite sports are basketball and football and I play really good in both.

My favorite subjects are math and science.
My least favorite subjects are P.E. and prod.
I have a small family, my mom Lama, my dad Antoun and my grandma Bediia, I have no brothers or sisters,but I would like to have a big brother to defend me.My best friends are Andrea, Andrew,Renan and Coco.I would do whatever for my friends I really like them alot .

message 14: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel P | 6 comments My full name is Gabriel Andres Perdomo Melendez. I have a little family integrated by my dad and mom, and my brother. I have 11 year old, and I was born in Guatemala on December 29,2003. In these summer vacations I went to Roatan in the hotel fantasy island. My favorite sport is tennis and I go for roger Federer.

My favorite color is green and blue. My favorite book is the hobbit and my favorite is the diary of the wimpy kid. My favorite food is the pizza. I have brown hair and brown eyes. One of my hobbies is building Legos.

message 15: by Rodrigo (new)

Rodrigo Monte | 6 comments All about me

My name is Rodrigo I like Basketball,football and kick ball.My favorite animal is dogs I like to play in my iPad I like to play with my friends.My favorite book is Percy Jackson and I want to read trone of Fire.My favorite food is pizza,shimp,fish, and langosta. My favorite.My favorite class is P.E. Because I like to run.

My family is funny I am the little of my family. Y have two dogs one is call Mia and the other is call toffy.My sister name Nathalia and my mom name is Monica and my dad name is Byron.My dad work mechanical engineer.My mom work is to sell movies.My sister is going to graduate of school this year and I am happy for her his going to the university.

message 16: by Ali (new)

Ali | 9 comments Hello my name is Ali i like to play soccer. I also like to play golf tenis and basketball. My favorite food is pizza pasta and ravioles. I was born in Guatemala but my family is from pakistan. My dislikes are brocoli writing sumarries and doing my homework i also dont like reading. My hobbies are playing soccer tenis golf and basketball another of my hobbies are playing video games and playing board games With my family espacially With my dad.

I lived in Amsterdam for a week then i went to live in Madrid for a week
and in pakistan for 2 years. I also like to eat pakistaní sweets and spicy pakistaní food. I have siblings in Canadá América london and pakistan. One of the other food a i like is humus. Another is potatoes and curry.

message 17: by Manuel (new)

Manuel | 8 comments Hello, my Name is Manuel, and I'm going to tell you about my life... I am 11 years old, my family is very little, I only have my parents and my sister living with me. I have 2 dogs. 1 is called Kira, and the other one is called Peppa Pug... But my favourite is Kira... My favourite sports are Basketball, Soccer, and American Futbol. I also like running a lot. My favourite place in the world is Chicago, my favourite part of Chicago is the Millenium Park! Everything is so cool! Also my favorited food is pizza. My mom makes a delicious pizza! That is one of my favourites. I am trying to join to STUCO!

message 18: by Xime (new)

Xime | 8 comments I have 10 years old I was born in Guatemala on november 8th in 2004. I have light brown hair, I have short legs and brown eyes. I like to dance and to play tenis. I dance in a academy called Unidanza. I love to cook and to swim. I have 1 sister and my mom. I like to do cheerleading and gimnastics. My favorite food is pizza and tamales.

I have family in U.S.A, in Mexico, in Spain and in France. I like going to Miami and to Spain. I have really, really, really nice friends and family. I like music and P.E. I also like math and language arts. I like music so much and i learned to play guittar and violin and to sing.

message 19: by Cristi (new)

Cristi | 8 comments Introduction About Me

My name is Ana Cristina Eggenberger Flores. I am 10 years old and I'm in 6th grade. My birthday is on October 8th an my familiy has an amount of 6 members. My parents names are Juan Carlos Eggenberger Hernandez and Ana Lucía Flores Wurmser. I have 2 older brothers named Juan Andres Eggenberger Flores and Juan Carlos Eggenberger Flores. Finally, I have a younger sister named Ana Sofía Eggenberger Flores. I have 1 dog named Zinedine Zidane but we call him Zizou.

I am curly, brunette, small, skiny, I have freckles, brown eyes, black and short, hair and I wear glasses. I love to run, play soccer, sing, style hair, design clothes, do makeup, do crafts, play piano, babysit, take care of dogs, but most importantly, ballet and dancing. My favorite color is mint green, my favorite animals are dogs and monkeys, and my favorite food is corn. My favorite songs are When I Was Your Man, Ponele Corazon, and La Gozadera.

I don't like the hospital, chocolate, most candy, junk food, busses,etc. I am hiles the nanny 2015shy, funny, smart, sympathetic, sensitive, caring, respectful, responsible, empathetic,etc. My goal for this year is to get into Principal or Honor Roll. When i grow up I want to be lots of things but most importantly, do a business with my friend Annike to save street dogs and take care of them.

message 20: by Maria Jose (new)

Maria Jose Gonzalez | 7 comments My name is Maria Jose. I am 11 years old. In September 2003 I was born. My favorite color is green. I like to watch movies. My favorite food is pasta. My family is my dad, my mom, my brother and me. I like school, and reading. I do not like playing video games. This was a little bit about me.

message 21: by Fatima (new)

Fatima | 9 comments My name is Fatima Ximena Granillo Gutierrez. I am in 6th grade. I am 10 years old and my favorite food is pizza. I like to sing and play the piano. My favorite book is the book thief and the princess diaries. I have 1 brother his name is Hugo Eduardo Jose Granillo Gutierrez and he is in 8th grade. I have 1 dog called Chiquitin and he is a French Puddle. My favorite class is mat science and language arts, and i love school.

message 22: by Lorrene (new)

Lorrene | 1 comments Im lorrene I'm 11years old I'm from Israel and I have lived in 3 countries : Mexico ,peru , and Guatemala . I have 4cousins and in 2 months I will have another cousin. My family lives in Bulgaria .

message 23: by Diego (new)

Diego P | 5 comments Hello I am Diego and I love seafood. I am 11 years old my birthday is in July 21st. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. My favorite food are crab legs and lobster. I'm from Minnesota st. Paul and lived there for 9 years.

I'm in 6B interamericano. I love my new school and I've Made alought of new friends. I love my new life here in Guatemala. I've gotten to have so many awesome experiences here. I love Guatemala.

message 24: by Sebas (new)

Sebas | 6 comments Hi my name is sebas Romano and these are stuff I love and hate.I love playing tennis.Im addicted to dinosaurs.I hate homework.I am 11 years old and I'm in middle school.I was born on April 30th 2004.

I have two sisters.One is named Olivia and the other one is Francesca.My parents are Sergio and Thelma.I am in interamericano school.

message 25: by Mariel (new)

Mariel | 7 comments Introduction

My name is Mariel. I really like dogs and im obssesed with chocolate.
I have two brothers named Eteban and Felipe. My favorite color is spearmint.
My favorite movies are Harry Potter all series and all series of Starwars
in my opinion those are the best movies ever.

My Family is spread throw 3 parts of the world. 3 of my cousin who iv never knowned are in Costa Rica. The other part is in the USA. many are in los Angeles an 1 is in New York. I consider also my two dogs Pinky and Pooky part of my family.

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