The Sociopath Next Door The Sociopath Next Door question

future sociopath
Joyce  lundberg Joyce Aug 12, 2015 05:12AM
I think I have a future sociopath living right next door to me! We have kids the same age. Help
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How about this; Worry about your own kid. There are no sociopaths living anywhere. The book is a piece of silly crap that feeds into the movie version of mental illness. If someone doesn't feel emotion, they can't possibly manipulate the emotions of others. That is like saying that color blind people make excellent interior decorators. OK, so the kid doesn't like yours. No problem. Keep them separated. Stop saying ugly and unfounded things about a child. Shame on you. Oh, I forgot, maybe you don't feel any shame… see? How do you like someone thinking absurd stuff about you simply because they don't understand you?

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