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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > A Girl's life after her brother drowns [s]

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Rabbott | 2 comments A girl has a brother, I think his name is Cam, who drowns. She used to be on a swim team and now she can not even touch he water. She goes to a party that her dead brother started a few years ago, sees her ex best friend named steffi ( i think that is her name) and she gets drunk and goes to steffis cousin's house. The girl then later hooks up with the guy, goes to his best friends house, accidently cheats on him, gets back together and does a lot more shit that would take to long to explain. She then saves steffi after she gets drunk, goes for a swim and get caught in the current. It is the first time she has gone in the water for like half a year. She saves her and they live happily ever after.

The cover is of a girl with black hair. She is half under water and the title is black. I think the title has something sky im it.

Sorry if this is to vague or a mix between to books

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Rabbott | 2 comments Dont worry I found what it was called and I definitely recommend it to you if you like a bit of young adult.

It's called Pieces of Sky

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David Brown (r2drivenimpala) | 70 comments For the link: Pieces of Sky

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