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Seeking reviews for YA/Romance

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message 1: by Isabelle (new)

Isabelle Connors | 2 comments Hello,

I am seeking reviews for my debut novella The Introduction in the Undying Love series. If you are interested you can comment here or send me a message. Thanks in advance.


Love is a gift, and not everyone is lucky enough to find it. Or maybe the lucky ones are those who never find it. This is not your average love story, this is a life story. Your teenage years aren't supposed to be complicated. But, sometimes they are. What happens when you're attracted to the new stranger in town. Do you just fall in love and live happily-ever-after? Do you follow through on your feelings, even though you know you shouldn't?

From the very first night, Arianna meets Skylar she experiences this indescribable deep connection that she's never felt before. She's terrified and excited all at the same time. She wants to act on these feelings, but she can't, no matter how much she wants to. Things are just too complicated!

Moving from a big city to a small town is never easy, especially for a teenager who had it all. So when Skylar's family has to leave New York for Gulfport Florida, he's not very happy. But maybe things aren't going to be so bad?! Skylar has never been in love before, but he thinks he just may have fallen in love with the girl who caught his eye on his very first night in his new hometown. Even though he's sure she feels the same connection, she keeps resisting because of her misplaced loyalty.

Will love conquer all? Or is that just another fabricated lie that people tell you as a child?

message 2: by Jayat (new)

Jayat Gonzalez I'd love to read and review your book! Preferably a physical copy, but I also accept PDF's. I can also review it in my new BookTube channel ( if you'd like!

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily  (alwaysopinionatedgirl) I would also be interested in reviewing this book. It sounds really good and like the sort of book I normally enjoy. A review would be placed on my blog as well on Goodreads. Thanks.

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