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Jacob's powers

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Sarah I've only just started the book, but I've been wondering something after finishing the first one.

Is there more to Jacob's power than being able to see/sense Hollows? Because since the Hollows were something created and not natural, it just seems odd that there would be a specific peculiarity related just to detecting them.

Is this ever brought up later in the book?

Amirah I. Yes, there's more to Jacob's power than just sensing Hollows, which you'll see at the end of book two!

Sarah Awesome!
That's all I needed to know. There was something about the idea of his powers being Hollow-specific that just kinda bugged me.
Thanks for replying.

Amirah I. Sure thing! :)

Chloe YES THERE IS! and it's awesome! UGH! I'm trying REALLY hard not to spoil it!

Ayana His is probably the coolest power ever! I am so excited that the newest book just came out! it's called "Library of Souls."

Amirah I. IS IT OUT??
I thought it's out on 22th?

message 8: by Tom (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tom Amirah I. wrote: "IS IT OUT??
I thought it's out on 22th?"

I'm seeing Sept 22nd on Amazon. (Same day as S3 of Arrow and S1 of The Flash get released on blu-ray *sigh*.)

Ayana oops! i was to excited to read it clearly. lol! 16 more days!!!!

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