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Shima | 322 comments Van sat on one of the stumps that lined the entrance. He was carving a spear from wood with his knife. Doing this had always given him peace of mind and he certainly needed it right now.

His phone bleeped notifying him he had a text. Van quickly put down his spear and reached for it in his pocket. It was his friend Danny from back home. Apparently he was in big trouble with his father for sneaking out late, and he said he wished he'd came to camp with him. That wasn't a surprise to Van, Danny was always getting himself in trouble. He put away his phone and went back to carving.

Van then noticed a girl walking towards him. She was about sixteen or seventeen with long red hair. He wished he could just be alone for now, but he knew it would have been inevitable in a big camp like this.

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Alex was walking around the camp when she noticed something shiny reflecting into her eyes, blinding her. She approached the object, shielding her eyes when she realized it was just a knife held by a boy about her age- maybe a bit older. Alex realized she was staring, and began to talk. "Sorry, I didn't know anyone was here. I can leave if you want.. She trailed off, looking over her shoulder then back at the boy. Alex flipped her hair upside down and stuck it quickly in a ponytail, standing up straight again, waiting for an answer.

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Shima | 322 comments "That's okay." Van said. He didn't mind that much, but he wasn't going to try to start up a conversation with her. Van had never been one to make friends. Growing up in the castle he had always been isolated from other children. Danny was his only friend, the only one he'd ever needed. He wished that he could tell him about what he had found out, but that wasn't an option. He couldn't even tell his own sister about it.

Van went backed to carving his spear. Slowly chipping off bits a would with his knife, shaping it into a weapon.

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Alex just sat down where she was standing, in the dirt. She never really minded getting dirty- it was fixable. "You're making a spear. Can you actually use it?" she asked with a smirk on her face. "How long have you been here?" she asked, then her phone rang.

Alex answered it, rolling her eyes. "Yes?" she asked, listening. "Well I don't really give a crap. You lost the opportunity to ask such questions when you shipped me off. Go bother your son," she told her mother, hanging up.

Alex smiled at the boy. "Sorry about that. My mother," she explained, rolling her eyes again. "What's your name?" she asked, noticing she forgot to ask that simple question.

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Shima | 322 comments "I'm Van, and yes I can use it. It's my second week here. What's your name?" Van said. He didn't care if he sounded blunt towards her, that's generally how he was to everybody these days. He was mad, and if people didn't like that then it was too bad. Van had always been made to be nice to people, sweet, and considerate. Maybe he didn't want to be that way anymore. His father had been that way, and he didn't want to be anything his father was.

Van finally finished his spear. He stood up up and aimed it and one of the trees like you do in javelin. It hit right in the heart of the tree he was aiming for, leaving a little stab mark. He quickly ran over and grabbed it, then came back.

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"I'm Alex. I haven't been here long either," Alex said, not really caring. She was naturally straight-forward, not seeing the point in being confusing. Alex watched as Van finished speaking and threw the spear. He went to retrieve it and returned.

Alex stood up and pulled a throwing knife from her boot. She moved her arm quickly, hitting the tree in the exact same place Van did. She grinned. "Good throw," she said genuinely, knowing she wouldn't have been able to do the same. Her battle strategy normally didn't involve spears, as they were unpractical for her to use. They were too large, and Alex knew it wasn't wise for her to use one. "Who'd you learn from?" she wondered aloud.

Alex was grateful that Van wasn't one to be confusing. He was straight to the point, just like herself.

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Shima | 322 comments "My dad." Van said simply. He hated mentioning his father, it brought up to many painful thoughts in his mind. How long had his father been cheating on his mother? Was his whole childhood a lie? And so on.

"Do you fight much?" Van asked Alex. By the good aim of her throw he could tell she had trained before she came to camp. Some of the other kids hear didn't even know how to hold a sword. It was frustrating to have to have to fight with them. Van had been training from a young age, and was very experienced. Now that he thought of it had he ever really liked fighting. It had never been a question if that was what he wanted back home, since he was going to be a king, but now it was.

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"My uncle and aunt taught me," she said simply, feeling a pang of sadness and homesickness. She missed her extended family. That was the most enjoyable thing about home- her aunts, uncles, and grandparents. But she left, and nothing could change it.

Alex snorted. "Do I fight much? Since I was a small child. My relatives thought it would be best if I could defend myself from an early age. I started physical combat at three, archery at four, and sword and close combat at five. Then came battle strategy, and so on," Alex explained. "But my family is intense. They focus and master certain skills, but they taught me practically all they know. Well, the important things, anyways. My aunt is the expert of love," Alex said, making a face and sticking her tongue out, showing her disgust and boredom on the subject. "Not useful or practical at all."

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Shima | 322 comments "No it isn't very useful, and it doesn't last for long." Van said to Alex. He had once believed that there was true love, he had been such a fool. Sure love was a feeling but it never lasted. He had thought his parents were so happy and in love, but it was all a lie. Everything he had known was lie.

"What weapon do you prefer when you're fighting?" Van asked Alex. Van had always been best at sword fighting, but he would rather use his knowledge then his fighting skills.

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"True," she said simply, agreeing. "I mean sometimes it lasts, but it normally doesn't work out. Like my aunt. She is married, and has a boyfriend. Her husband knows, but they won't get divorced. So my aunt and her boyfriend just sneak around. It's disgusting, but what do you expect from an arranged marriage?" Alex simply shrugged. "Not my problem."

Alex thought about the question for a minute. "Depends on the situation. One on one? Most likely physical combat. Long distance, archery. If there's more than one person though, I can do physical combat, I just prefer sword fighting. It's easier. But then again, I do like a challenge," Alex said with a smirk. "What about you?" she asked.

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Shima | 322 comments "I guess it would have to be sword fighting. I don't really like physical combat." Van told Alex. He had never really enjoyed training in physical combat. It was often that he did, since he was training to be a knight, but when he had to he complained a lot.

"So other then fighting what are your interests?" Van asked

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Alex grinned. "Well I look forward to fight sometime," she said. "I like physical combat because all you need is your limbs. There's no weapons, but you can do some real damage."

Alex thought about his question. "I love to swim, run, read, and listen to music," she told him. "What about you?"

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Shima | 322 comments "I like to read and run too. Back home I didn't really have much time for other interests, I mostly just trained." Van told Alex. The more that he thought about it the more realistic it became. He had only really focused on becoming the king, he'd never had a chance just to be a normal kid. Van vowed in his mind that this summer he would try new things.

"I never learned how to swim, is it nice?" Van asked Alex

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Alex smiled. "I didn't either. My relatives normally trained, so I did too. My Uncle P taught me how to swim, my Aunt Thena taught me how to read, and my Uncle Herm taught me how to run." Alex smiled at the memory.

"You've never learned how to swim?" she said, shocked. "Thank the gods you know me. You are going to go swimming sometime whether you want to or not. I'm the safest person to swim with too, so.." she trailed off. "It's the best! I love the water. It's just.. amazing."

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"Thanks." Van said in reply to Alex telling him she would take out swimming. He smiled, he was going to learn how to swim. "I've never lived anywhere near water before, and even if I had my parents it would have been to much of a risk for a future king..." Van slipped up. He hadn't wanted to tell anybody he was inline for a throne, a throne he might not want anyways. And now he had screwed up.

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"Your welcome," she said brightly. "When do you want to go? Now?" she asked, a bit excited. "That's unfortunate that you never lived anywhere with water. I think it's kind of stupid that you never were allowed to learn." Alex shrugged. She honestly didn't care that he was a future king. She could tell by the look on his face that he didn't mean to say it. "Oh, your secret's safe with me. Very few people know who my parents are, so I understand why you don't want anyone to know. I'd rather people not know who they are."

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Shima | 322 comments "Thanks. I hope that you and my sister are only ones who know about it." Van said. People always got strange around him when he told them. He didn't want to be Snow White and Prince Charming, or the future king, he just wanted to be Van here. It would be his only chance before he had to grow up.

"I'm not really to swim right know, but maybe later." Van told Alex.

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"Your welcome. I hope so too. And I hope she's not a blabber mouth," Alex added. "It's perfectly fine. Just don't expect the royal treatment from me, as I refuse to do so," Alex told him bluntly, laughing a little.

"Okay, we can go later," she agreed. "Do you even own a swimsuit though?" she asked, laughing.

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Shima | 322 comments "I have some shorts, those should be fine. And don't worry I don't expect the royal treatment, it's actually a relief not to treated that way." Van said. He liked the way Alex talked to him, not like a prince, but as someone just like her. He didn't know who her parents were, and he didn't care.

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Alex grinned. "Okay," she said calmly. "You don't like the royal treatment?" she asked with a mischievous smile, an eyebrow raised. Alex heard him say that it was a relief, and she proceeded to flick him in the head. "You said you don't like the royal treatment," she defended. "So, I'll treat you like any other person." Alex gave an innocent smile.

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Shima | 322 comments "That's good." Van said punching her playfully in the stomach to get her back. He was lucky to make friends with someone like her. She acted real around him, unlike some of the other girls he had met. "So do you even own a swim suit?" He said jokingly towards he earlier question.

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Alex deflected it and punched him in the shoulder, pretty hard. She snorted. "Do I even own a swimsuit? No, I just go swimming in my underwear," she said sarcastically. "You better stay near me though, when we go swimming. Or you'll drown," she teased.

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Shima | 322 comments "And you'll be responsible." Van added to Alex's jab. Her punch really hadn't hurt that much, but he fined a fatal injury as to mock her. Van was looking forward to learning how to swim, but most of all he was looking forward to doing something his dad would be angry about.

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Alex laughed. "Oh like I'd let you drown," she said. "Besides, why would I? You seem like the best person here, but that's not saying much as I don't really like the people here." She laughed again. "We should go swimming," she said, pulling him up using her super strength and practically dragging him there. "It's gonna be fun!" She said, not realizing she had a death grip on his arm.

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