Grey (Fifty Shades as Told by Christian, #1) Grey question

Anna's or Christian's version?
emily emily Aug 11, 2015 02:15PM
For me Christian's version of the fifty shades story is better than Anna's version. It answers a lot of questions about what is going on in his head about Anna, his state of mind and a different prospective on situations. It was not as graphic as I thought it would be.

So I think E.L. James should write the other two books from Christian's side.
Am I the only one?

iliked ana's better : christian seemed so cocky and presumptuous in his way , i kinda hated that about him

I think Christian's story wouldn't be as interesting as it is if we didn't see it from Ana's perspective first. That being said, I'm glad the entire story was told in one perspective and now shifts to another. Most books now days are alternating perspectives per chapters and while I don't mind it, it can get a bit overwhelming.

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Unnati Kansal i agree
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I much prefer Christian's version, if only because there's no highly irritating 'my inner goddess did this' or 'my subconscious did that' crap!!!

Daphne Genato lol exactly.
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I liked Christian's Version better. And apparently E.L. James will write his POV in the last two books. That;d just what I read online in multiple articles. *Fingers Crossed*

while reading it from Ana's perspective there were many things that remain uncleared about christian's behavior. and now when the focus is christian, you get what he did and why he did it. i also found his stalking tendencies quite cute. i hope the next two parts are not disappointing.

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i likes this one more in terms of the fact the delusional readers who thought christian is some super confident, control maniac who used his sob story to reel ana, image got shattered and emerged the true partner who needed the clarity this relationship brought in his life.e l james gave the eponymous character the title in this series for a reason folks. ana might emerge as a newly matured persona but it is christian who faced his demon and emerged a winner.but this book also reduced Eliot as a cliché cardboard character go knows why and anastasia is also reduced in the background because of e l james shoddy writing skills.sigh!

I like having both points of view. I liked knowing what each was thinking and also the back story.

i feel like you get different things from each. think about it, you have ana's POV which tells us her story going from naive graduate to sexual know it all and then you get christian's past and present. there's something to be said about having the back and forth with christian, seeing what made him into the man that he is, but i feel like sometimes you get lost in the jumps.

regardless - both complete the picture that we need with this couple.

Christian's, it was more intriguing and he did not appear controlling.

I agree with all of you
I like the 2 different POVS but Christians is better

It's really hard for me to decide. Christians' version definitely answers some questions and is hotter in comparison. She should definitely do the other two books.

I did not realize how selfish Christian was till i read Grey. I still love him but he was not too nice to the women.

I think the Grey (Christian's story) really supplements the first trilogy, and yes I hope she finishes the rest in his view. I don't think having only Christians view would be as dramatic as seeing the story with out Anna's version.

emily wrote: "For me Christian's version of the fifty shades story is better than Anna's version. It answers a lot of questions about what is going on in his head about Anna, his state of mind and a different pr..."

I too think the same.........
Christian's point of view was much better than anna's..

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