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Lena Carter Name: Novella Izanna Darlem
Nicknames: Nova or Ella
Age: 17
Year at camp: 8
Godly parent: Hades
Claimed? yes

Clothing Style: (view spoiler)

Written description: Novella has long black hair and dark brown eyes. She has her lip pierced and belly button pierced.. Novella is about 5'3" weighs about 98 pounds. She usually wears dark eye-shadow and red lipstick. She is very pale in skin tone. Novella has 3 tattoos.(view spoiler)

History: Novella's mom was really young, only 17, when she had Novella. Novella and her mom lived in Miami for 5 years after she was born, but moved to New York when Novella's mom became really sick so they could live with her mom's parents. After two years of living in New York, it was discovered that Novella's mom had Cancer, but it had been discovered too late and her mom died when Novella was 8 years old. Novella lived with her grandparents for a year before she got discovered by a satyr and brought to camp. She's basically a year round camper, but she visits her grandparents for holidays and birthdays.

Mom: Sandra Darlem, Deceased.
Sandra was very outgoing and kind. She was never strict and was always smiling

Grandmother: Patricia Darlem, 59 years old
Patricia is a kind woman. She can be strict and doesn't like rule breakers, but is mostly happy and smiling.

Grandfather: William Darlem, 62 years old
William is very outgoing. He's always happy and loves to talk.

Personality: Novella is not very like her mother. She's not very outgoing and people tend to stay away from her, probably because of her dad, which she doesn't have a problem with. She likes to keep to herself, not because she's shy, but because she prefers the quietness of being alone. Even though she prefers to be alone, Novella isn't hard to get close to or get to know. She opens up to people really easily and can be way too trusting.

Weapon of choice: Sword or Dagger

Fatal flaw: too trusting


-hand to hand combat
-sword fighting

Other: Novella is anorexic.

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