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here we go..............................................................................................................................................................................

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Number 1 or number 3.

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Okay thats fine.

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Ill be girl on both. In less you wanna be the girl on one

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Okay that will be a bit hard for me to oull off. But i can figure it out

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No its fine. You be the girl im good with it.

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Yep its good.

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Elizabeth (Lizzy or Liz) Taylor

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Anything else for the characters?

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Okay i did thos on my phone,

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Okay cool

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Can you

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Jake walked over to the bar seeing a red head."hey."he said ordering a beer.

Lizzy sook her head. "Nope Lizzy. Theresa said i could sleep in here. My parents are in the middle of fighting and i didn't want to be there so your parents said i could stay jere." She said sitting up.

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Jake chuckeld.

"Shes in her room." She hugged him back. "And yeah its been forever." She said.

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"That's fine. Im Jake by the way." He said putting out his hand.

"I didnt want to sleep on the floor. " she said pulling her hair back in a high pony tail.

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"Bue." He said chuckleing.

"Yeah and hared." She laughed. "So what are you doing jere?" She asked.

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"Yeah." He took her hand and lead her to the dance floor. He saw his friends smirking at him.

"Yeah sorry i can het up if you want?" She asked pushing off the covers. She was only whereing a pair of short sleep shorts and a fall off the shoulder croped sweeter that said, 'yeah i woke up like this'.

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Jakes friends where grinning and smirking at him. Jake just shook his head and danced with her.

"You can sleep in the bed with me if you want." She said to him.

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"Okay" he walked with her.

"Its fine this bed is big enough for the both of us." She said scooting closer to the wall.

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((Yeah sure.))

"Nah its fine." She said and put her head on his chest since he was taking the pillow.

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She giggled. "Yeah i do." She said smiling. "I missed it." She said.

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She giggled more. "Stop.... your... sister... asleep" she said.

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She gigggled and pulled his hands away feom her and sat on his lap and hugged him, but kept his hands down. "I missed you Mark." She wispered.

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She smiled at him and looked up into his eyes.

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Lizzy rolled off him and smiled.

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Lizzy cuddled up next to him pulling the blanket higher.

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Lizzy put her head on his chest and fell asleep.

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Lizzy woke uo and saw Mark walk out she got up quitely and followed him to the kitchen.

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"Hey." She said and hiped up on the counter.

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"Nothing much."!she shrugged

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"Nope. Mine dumped me last week. Why?" She asked him.

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"Ah." She nodded. "How bout you?" She asked.

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"Ah." She nodded taking her hair out of its ponytail and shaking her head and running her hand through it.

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She laighed. "Yea?" She asked. Lizzy liked him as more then a friend. But he probably saw her as a little sister. Which sucked.

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She shook her head. "Okay." She said.

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She rolled her eyes laughing. "Wow."

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"I bet." She said.

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"Yeah not the little gorl you once knew. Am i?" She asked playing with her blonde hair.

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She hugged him nack and turned her head and brushed lips with him on accident. "Sorry. " she said.

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She smiled. "It wasn't a kiss i just brushed lips with you on accident it didnt mean any thing." She said. To him. He still thought of jer as his little sister it kinda mad he a bit sad but she didn't show it.

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"Sure." She said and hopped off the counter and sat in the seet next to him.

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"You can." She saod.

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"But im not a lady to you im ypir little sister remember" she said

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"Uh huh." She said.

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She looked at him and glaried and picked a movie.

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"Grown-ups." She said amd put it in and sat back down.

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"Yep." She nodded.

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Lizzy looked up at him and rasied an eyebrow

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"Nothing." She shook her jead amd looked back at the TV.

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