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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Sewell (nic0lesewell) | 27 comments Hi!
I'm looking for a second round of FREE beta readers for my 64K word YA ghost story.
I've been querying agents but I feel like something's wrong. Like maybe I don't have it categorized properly, or maybe the story just isn't as compelling as it could be.
I'm not looking for a line-by-line critique. Just general impressions.
Turn-around time is preferably 30 days or less.

Message me if you're interested or want more info.

Madi ~☆TheBookNerdDiaries☆~ (thebooknerddiariesblog) Could you post a summary?

Madi ~☆TheBookNerdDiaries☆~ (thebooknerddiariesblog) Could you post a summary?

message 4: by Vivien (new)

Vivien Reis | 3 comments Agreed, a summary might be useful to attract more readers :)

message 5: by Rae (new)

Rae Else (raeelse) | 6 comments Hi Nicole,

I'd be happy to have a read. My email is

I'm also seeking Beta readers for my YA Urban Fantasy novella (31k) at a similar stage to you, I think - approached a few agents, but need more of a general look and probably redrafting! Let me know if you'd have time/be up for taking a look at the first chapters/novella.
Best, Rae

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Sewell (nic0lesewell) | 27 comments Here's the summary.

Seventeen-year-old Jordyn Bentley lives in a trailer park with her overworked mother and slacker older brother. Like any trailer park, Emerson Hills is full of drama usually reserved for daytime talk shows. But things get serious when local pageant princess and park resident Emmy Roper goes missing after shoving Jordyn in front of a truck.
All eyes are on Jordyn, who has been Emmy's worst enemy for years and has every reason to want revenge. To make matters worse, Jordyn is being haunted by Emmy's annoyingly cryptic spirit.
With accusations flying and an irritating ghost on the loose, Jordyn sets out to prove her innocence and put Emmy to rest with the help of her best friend, Rachel, and Brandon, her brother's hot friend who lives across the road. The cops are breathing down her neck, the clock is ticking, and it just might take help from beyond the grave to clear her name.

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