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Helen Laycock (helenlaycock) | 129 comments If you're really pushed for time,

Minor Discord is not only a collection of ten-minute short stories, but it is interspersed with flash fiction, too.
With around forty entries, it should keep you entertained for some time...

Minor Discord by Helen Laycock
(Paperback: £5.50 Kindle: £2.27)

Dare to visit the dark places at the edges of the map, places where you will feel unsettled and from where characters will follow you, whether you want them to, or not.
This collection of stories and flash fiction will take you into the shadows.
Don't get left behind...

This is my most recent collection and has met with happy (if slightly traumatised!) readers:

'​...delighted to have purchased this collection of short stories and flash fiction.'​

'​...a gamut of emotion...'​

'The characters and scenery are well presented...allowing the characters to take you on their amazing journey...'​

'​...wonderful twists and turns as in Expectations and Cold Comfort. And then the darker tales, The Last Place and Two's Company, just the thought of that doll, ugh :( and then the brilliant tale, loved this, Taking Flight. These are a few that stuck in my mind.'​

'This book was a page turner for me, and kept me reading for longer than intended into the dark hours'​

'​... quirky, eerie tales that collude with the darker side of story telling.'​

'I have purposefully declined from using the word...twisted, though on the, QT, I think it should be in there somewhere.'​
'This didn't disappoint!'​

'Birds...death as a stalker in his personalised black car, really good story.
Cold Comfort...A spooky love story, enjoyed this & could have read a full book about this.
Soul Control...Lucifer & Gabriel, straight away this was a story for me, it was funny & bizarre right up my street, again, BOOK!
A Stitch in unfinished sampler causes a couple of problems, intriguing story.
Drop Dead Gorgeous...A really creepy story, skin crawling & freaky!'​

'​...all well written & so easy to get into.'​

'​...reading the many stories that make up Minor Discord was a challenge, and it is one that I have enjoyed.'​

'Helen Laycock's creative talent shines through...; her skills and creativity are to be admired.'​

'​...there were times when... I had to pause and re-read simply for the enjoyment of the imagery they conjured (e.g. White Light).'​

'I cannot say which was my favourite - there were too many!'

Helen Laycock (helenlaycock) | 129 comments If you would like to read a story from Minor Discord, you can find it here:

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