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message 1: by 00mongoose (new)

00mongoose | 5 comments Hello all! I haven’t seen any updates in a while, so I hope this is still an active group. Anyways, my names Chris, and I'm in Hampton Roads. New to the site, so it's taking time to get my profile updated, pics uploaded, and all my books added. I'm hoping there are still some active people here to exchange book ideas and debates.

message 2: by Whitney (new)

Whitney | 5 comments Welcome aboard Chris!

message 3: by 00mongoose (new)

00mongoose | 5 comments Thank you Whitney!! Sorry for the slow responce, been a busy couple weeks. I feel lame saying this, but this is my book club, online/offline.

message 4: by JessicaMarie (new)

JessicaMarie (jessicadoten) Nice to see some activity here. Welcome Chris :)

message 5: by 00mongoose (new)

00mongoose | 5 comments Thank you Jessica! So what is everyone reading right now?

message 6: by Janice (new)

Janice | 11 comments Hi, There isn't a lot of action here unless I have missed all the updates. I really would love it to be though. I read all the time.
HI all.

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