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Destiny Brown | 155 comments Sci-fi Adventure For Review

Fateful Encounter Book 1 of the Lost Lores series by Leighton Williams
Fateful Encounter
Book 1 of the Lost Lores Series
By Leighton Williams
Genre: Science Fiction Adventure
Formats Available For Review: pdf, ebook

What if I told you something horrible was going to happen to you, would you believe me? How about if I said I read your fate in a book from the future?

A mysterious stowaway could mean trouble for the crew members of the mighty Pearl. How could he possibly know the fate of their ship, and why does he constantly speak of the future? To heed the warning of a stranger seems silly, but ignoring him could cost them their lives.
Fateful Encounter is a science-fiction thriller featuring Dayton, an ordinary man with an extraordinary problem. All he wanted was to get some rest, but instead he awoke to a monstrous problem. In a race against time, Dayton must figure out how to save a group of strangers from the past that do not trust him. A story that combines both time travel and sea voyages as well as inspired by and based on an harrowing account as reported in the London Times of July 4, 1874, Fateful Encounter will draw in readers who crave a classic adventure with a modern twist.

For review copies contact:

Leighton Williams

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Wesley Fox Sounds interesting. I'll see if I can get to it this weekend and put a review up.

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