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Hey! :)

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Yeah! I did so are we gonna do all four of them? So would it be like doubles or just one couple with the other two people thrown in occasionally

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 209 comments I think we should each play two of the teenagers and take turns playing the Evil one while she is present?

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Okay! Yeah that sounds good! So we are each a girl and a boy?

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Okay! So how old do you want them to be? Like what are you expectations for the characters and stuff

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 209 comments Not much, your forms can be as long or short as you want, mine wont be long. They need to be from 15-19, girls have the better abilities and yeah I think that's it.

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Okay! Sounds great! Do you mind posting the examples of powers again? Just so hey are easy to see

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 209 comments I'll just post the whole thing for reference.

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Okay sweet! :) I'll have my characters up today

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❝I don't need you. I don't need anyone. I can do it myself. I work alone.❞
Zoe Jane Childs



Date of Birth
⤷January 10
⤷Monday Morning
⤷ 8:00 a.m.
⤷ Snowy day

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (view spoiler)
Birthstone ✻ Garnet
Birth flower ❃ Carnation

Place Of Birth

● b>Sexuality:


Ability: energy control (not as powerful as evil chick though)
Zoe destroys things. Buildings, lives, relationships. She destroys a lot. Mostly matter, but because of the path of destruction that follows her, she ruins the lives of others.
►<A P P E A R A N C E


☞Hair: Blonde with purple and blue in it
☞Eyes: Blue/gray (view spoiler)
☞Height: 5'5
☞Weight: 120
☞Accent: Light texas
☞Scent: Oranges

Distinguished Markings:
She has multiple scars on her stomach and back

"Screw you"


Zoe is very guarded. She doesn't let people in because of her past. She doesn't want to be hurt anymore, so she just stays away. She's snappy, cold, untrusting, but once you get past those huge walls she has set up, she's just sad and hurt from the things that every one has done to her. And once you get past that, she's very funny and quirky with a hole lot of smiles on the way....she just needs someone to open her up.



● b>Secrets:
She's afraid of the dark
She can’t do anything without her lucky seashell
Has intense anxiety

Pet Peeve(s):
-People telling her what to do
-People interrupting her
-Messy places


✓Being in charge
✓Feeling Safe
✓Everything going according to plan
✓People Listening to Her

✕Being Hurt
✕Her past
✕Feeling useless
✕Being Alone

-Hand to hand combat
-Has great memory recall
-doesn't get attatched
-She can destroy basically anything
-Soaks up information like a sponge

-The Dark
-Her fears
-Little kids
-Her past

Other: None

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Hey! She's done, let me know if she's okay or if there is things you want me to change!

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 209 comments That's awesome, but there's like just a couple things. Where her ability is you need to mention the specific ability (Like energy, fire, water etc. ) but the description is really cool (:

And also, I'm confused on wether this is the Evil girl or not (im pretty sure she could be the 'leader' of the teenagers with how she likes to be in charge). Dont change anything because she would be an awesome leader for the good guys if she is, and im guessing shes not evil because of her age.

And you need to make your second teenager, were each playing a male and female, right?

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Okay!!! I will put um energy over the description right? Because Um if she over worked the energy it would explode and that's how she destroys things?

Yeah she is for the good guys! Um sure she could be the leader XD She would probably be super bossy and annoying in charge but she would love it! Haha

Yeah! I am in the process of making my boy so yeah! Don't you worry!

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 209 comments Yeah, keep the description but put energy too. She can have energy but hers obviously cant be as strong as the oldest girls. And yeah, she sounds good as the leader.

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Yeah, of course! :) I'll have him up soon!!

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❝All the ladies love me..I can’t help it❞

Travis Lee Johnson

Nicknames:☪ Trav, Johnson, Johnny

Age: 20

Date of Birth
⤷September 10
⤷Wednesday Morning
⤷ 11:00
⤷ Windy Day

Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Birthstone ✻ Sapphire
Birth flower ❃ Morning Glory

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Ability: Agility
Travis is fast, strong, and agile. He can scale a wall in the blink of an eye, climb up a rope like its no big deal. And most of all, he can run. And boy can he run. He can run a mile in 3 minutes no big deal. So basically, don't try to outrun him. Travis will always win.

►<A P P E A R A N C E

”The Ocean is my escape.”


☞Hair: Golden brown, curly
☞Eyes: Brown
☞Height: 5'11
☞Weight: 185
☞Accent: Typical American
☞Scent: Calvin Klein’s Reveal

Distinguished Markings:
Three long scars on his back from the abuse he got as a kid

-Smart Alec

Travis is a very interesting character. He enjoys making people laugh and being silly, but he really just worries about himself most of the time. He uses his jokes and sarcasm as a cover up, so he doesn't have to express his feelings at all. He would rather be super funny then super emotional. He doesn't want people to get under his skin. He doesn't want to get close to people because that's ridiculous. People are ridiculous to him. But once you get under his skin, he becomes super protective over you and very gentle. He really is a good guy, once you get to know him.

-His past
-The scars

Pet Peeve(s):
-People whining about their home life
-people popping their knuckles
-People slurping their drinks

✓his mom
✓His friends

X His father
✕his past
X feeling like his father

- Strong
- Speed
- Hand to hand combat
- Brushing things off

- His Mom
- His past
- Girls
- He's oblivious to how others feel
- Can't resist a good party


Dad: Eli Johnson *dead*

Mom: Annalee Spencer

Step dad: Xander Spencer

Step sister: Brielle spencer

Relationship status:

"bleh bleh bleh bleh. I would rather be surfing then with you sweetheart.”

other None

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