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message 1: by Joey (new)

Joey (mostlyjoe) | 6 comments One of the biggest issues I have is my local group doesn't want to experiment much with newer games/systems. I want to do more with Numenera/Cypher system or FATE, but local crew is d20 based only and that's typically D&D flavor only. (I offered Stars Without Number).

I'm curious who on here likes to experiment with new systems and settings frequently?

message 2: by ~Geektastic~, half-elf rogue (new)

 ~Geektastic~ (atroskity) | 19 comments Mod
While I'm most familiar with the D20 based systems, my group (who no longer really has time for D&D lately) played Dread, which uses- I kid you not- a Jenga tower instead of dice. It was fun!

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