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1 More week!!!
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☆ ¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)Beg For Mercy~ A Dark Conclusion
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Mercy woke abruptly, sitting up in bed, feeling like she’d forgotten something important. Like she wasn’t supposed to have fallen asleep maybe.
Panic shot her out of the bed and to her closet, looking for a robe to throw on. Where was he? Oh God, he’d broken down with her. As good as it was for that to happen, she knew what came after that. A new level of isolation and distance. She couldn’t let that happen. She’d give him time and space but only so much. He’d broken with her in such a way that was dangerous. The kind of break that leaves you open to very bad things. She needed to be there to protect him, help guide him through that place he wanted to keep her out of, to protect her from, so she didn’t get hurt, didn’t get infected by his disease. As amazing and perfect as that was coming from a sadist, it wasn’t fucking happening. She was here for him for a reason. She was in his life for a reason. His life. And this was it. To help him see that he deserved this. Love, life. Mercy.
Flying downstairs she nearly ran over Sade’s mom.
He’s on the beach. Go to him.”
Mercy didn’t wait to ask what was wrong, she just hurried out, trying not to panic. What did his mother know? What happened? Why did she sound so distraught? Mercy had managed to get him to lay in bed with her after his meltdown and he’d fallen asleep. Everything seemed fine.
Opening the screen door, she blocked the sun with a hand, hurrying down the steps while searching the beach for signs of him. She spotted a black dot and looked both ways before heading toward it. Had to be him. She forced herself to walk, but allowed herself a brisk pace. The air was warm already, promising a blistering day. Took her a while to realize the person was walking away from her, not towards.
“Sade!” Three yells later, the form stopped and seemed to turn.
She waved at him and held her breath, waiting. A hand raised and she gasped out a laugh of relief, her eyes flooding with tears. She couldn’t bear him not wanting to be around her even if it wasn’t his or her fault.
She hurried towards him and when only ten feet separated them, he stopped and faced the ocean. She slowed her steps and crossed her arms over her chest, suddenly feeling like a desperate lover, running after him in a night robe. She gazed out at the ocean. “Beautiful morning for a walk,” she gasped, trying to not sound as winded as she was.
He nodded. “Sure is.”
She came to stand a few feet by him, respecting his unspoken need for space.
“You sleep okay? Man, I slept like a log.”
An awkward silence followed with Mercy struggling for something to lighten the mood with. She remembered about their trip to the neighboring island they were supposed to take, They were scheduled to leave at noon and return in a few days. They were going to make a little fun vacation out of it—swim, fish, scuba dive maybe. Just the idea of being with Sade in one spot gave her butterflies. He’d been very evasive with her, always seeming to need to do something else the second she came around. Something that involved being away from her. “Ready to hook a shark?”
He continued studying the horizon to the right. “I’m not going,” he said.
Pain slammed her and she fought to think around it. Wait…. She didn’t have to go either. “Oh, okay. I’m honestly not that keen about deep sea fishing, either,” she admitted truthfully.
“You should go,” he said.
That pain returned, worse than before at hearing he wanted her to, wanted to not be with her. “Ralph might go,” she said, grasping for something that would incite his possessive side. Where had that gone? But even angry jealousy was better than this, this cold distance.
“The more reason for you to go, he seems like a nice guy.”
Oh my God. Agony from his words hit her like a sledge hammer, making her gasp. She fought to swallow but the rock in her throat strangled the oxygen from her. This was… so fucking ridiculous, was he really going to pass her off to another man? Like she was just disposable to him? Like what they shared meant nothing to him?
She fought to get a hold of her emotions—to think logically. Maybe he was testing her. Well in that case, maybe she’d teach him not to fucking test her in such a way. “He’s very nice, yes. A good fisherman from what I hear.” When he didn’t respond, her stomach burned. “And cook. He’s supposed to teach me how to fillet.”
Her heart shot into her throat when he turned to her, his silver eyes pensive for a very missed soul mesh. “I’m sure you’ll do great. In anything you ever choose to do.”
She gasped a laugh, mostly to hide her sob. What the fuck was that supposed to mean, anything she does, like in future as well? “I’m sure,” she nodded, swallowing. “Well, I’m gonna go get ready. Pick out what I’m wearing. I’ll see you around.”
She spun and left, holding her breath long enough to not allow that sob to burst out. She broke out in a jog, wanting to get as far from him as she could, ignoring the therapist in her that screamed she was failing her patient. But what about her? Fuck him! He was failing her, she didn’t deserve this!
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7 days left to find out if Sade and Mercy will finally get their happily ever after. Can't wait for this book!!

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